Saturday, August 8, 2009

Outfitting Shelly

Pas De Deux warm-up with Ben Wa balls inserted

Shelly and STIs: Shelly got her last (the third) Gardasil shot yesterday and because this is Vegas and she will be starting an intensive regimen of sexual training she underwent a full panel of STI tests along with her pelvic exam and pap. Research is finding that Gardasil can protect women from HPV caused rectal and throat cancers as well as the cervical kind which is good news since a lot of young women think they are practicing safe sex by having oral or anal sex rather than penile-vaginal intercourse. They have no idea! Pregnancy is a lot easier to deal with than cancer.

Being fitted: I took her out to Gepetto’s to be fitted for a pair of his best custom made ballet boots. She has a pair of off-the shelf ones from a decent maker but Gepetto’s pointe boots are far more supportive and comfortable while being very flattering to the feet and legs. She also had an extensive fitting appointment with Chuck at the clinic for silicone diaphragms and a strapless FemCap. She got a full line of ‘Domme’ cervical barriers in shiny black latex for playing with her rubberstud and was measured for custom a set of Penetrator plugs. Then she had her ParaGard removed and cervix dilated and Chuck implanted a GyneFix IUD which will be far more effective during extremely intense sex than her ParaGard. With all that poking and prodding pelvic activity she was pretty sore so loaded up with ibuprofen and decided to abstain for a day or two to give herself time to recover. Since her husband in on the East Coast on business she shouldn’t have a problem doing that, but then the girl has been known to change her mind, especially if the ibuprofen really kicks in. I’ve had Pirate assign her a training stallion so if she decides to take a man she’s good to go.

Synchronizing cycles: It will be easier to teach Shelly diaphragm use during her period if her period is synched with mine. I’m CD9 and she is CD16 and we both have very regular 28 day cycles. So, to delay her period until I’m CD1 again Chuck, her Gyn, prescribed her nine 5mg tablet of Aygestin (the progestin norethisterone) that will allow her to delay her period. She’ll begin taking one a day two days before her period is supposed to start and will stop taking them when I’m CD28 so we should start bleeding together. I don’t think we well be working as closely as Anya, Taryn, Cyndi and I do so she may not stay in menstrual synchrony with me as they do, but if not we should be close enough for several cycles which will be long enough for me to demonstrate menstrual sex techniques and for her to practice them with a suitable partner.

Domme wear: As a rubber-chick in the making Shelly has really taken to our clinic’s ‘Domme’ line of shiny black latex cervical barriers. She has been using a Diva Cup for flow control during her periods and wasn’t aware that a diaphragm could be used for flow control to allow penetrative menstrual sex w/o much of the attendant mess. Like a lot of other girls who are into rubber she bought several diaphragms so she can give her husband one. Even though she had a IUD inserted he has been after her to be fitted with a latex barrier, but because of the ParaGard’s strings she couldn’t wear one and be confident that she would not inadvertently pull out her IUD, so she refused. Now that she has a frameless GyneFix implanted and there are no more strings she can safely wear any vaginal device she wants. I’m sure he didn’t know shiny black latex Domme diaphragms have recently become available because most standard manufacturers have switched to clear or pink silicone. Rubberstud wanted one of my pink silicone ones as a trophy (he called it a ‘memento’ of our relationship) but I said no because the likelihood of Shelly finding it was too great. That was before I agreed to tutor her in seduction and I’m glad I did refuse because having her give him a diaphragm in her size and made of shiny black latex will be a wonderful gift symbolizing the start of her conversion to a world class rubber-chick. Latex is more likely to develop a funky odor as vaginal fluids permeate the latex over time, but with her rubberstud that’s actually a plus since he loves the musky scent of latex marinated in estrogenic bodily fluids. Even worn continuously a latex diaphragm should last at least a year if she doesn’t use oily meds or lubricants with it.

Performing with pelvic devices: She will learn to work out and perform with her diaphragm or FemCap inserted. There is nothing difficult there since if properly inserted she shouldn’t be able to feel them and will forget they are even inserted. More difficult is learning to perform with a Penetrator plug inserted because it is pressing on the ring of nerves just inside her introitus and on her G-spot. Performing with a Penetrator can cause her to become fully aroused allowing her to become far more sexually needy than she would otherwise appear even for an excellent actress. Of course one of the reasons she switched from a ParaGard to a GyneFix IUD was to be able to safely wear a FemCap for thrust buffering, deep diving over-pressure protection and diaphragm for diving above 10 meters and as a toy for her husband to thrust into and not have to worry about the ParaGard’s ‘strings’ sticking to the rim and being pulled out along with her diaphragm or cap. But first it's necessary that she become proficient with a set of Ben Wa balls for basic pelvic muscle strengthening exercises.


  1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate her early progress in her transition to a Vegas-style ballerina?

  2. Of course it’s far too early to say. However, everything I’ve seen so far, her talent as a classical ballet dancer, her willingness to learn about the kinky side of Vegas, her fascination with latex, ballet boots and related fetishes, her physical attractiveness and ability to wear any protective or fetish device available, especially an Oves cap - which is critical to her protection while allowing her complete freedom to use her pelvic muscles during deep dive sex – means she is off to a very good start. As I said in an earlier post I think she will make an awesome rubber-chick continuing the tradition of the highest possible standards. Even though she will be training to use her skills to keep her husband in thrall to her body and not use them for commercial purposes. Desire is a powerful motivator and she has an unquenchable desire to overcome her unfaithful husband’s lust for other women by use of her own skill and beauty.


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