Friday, August 14, 2009

My new death rubber

A House of Harlot latex enclosure suit similar to the one I peeled off a dead rubber-chick

Desert rubber-chicks: It's very hot (105° F +) here in the desert in the summer and one thing a rubber-chick must avoid out here is getting caught in the sun for prolonged intervals while encased in rubber. Last week we found a rubber-chick who was suited up in black latex and left in black a car left in the sun. The temperature inside must have been 150°s if it was a degree and there was no sign of a struggle so she had probably been given a sedative of some sort. Taryn and I found her off Route 95 toward Indian Springs when we were on the way to the ranch. The girl must have died of heatstroke in less than an hour. She had recently had sex – with her killer? She was still draining semen as I peeled her suit off. The dead girl’s zippers were tightly closed and when I opened them to strip her in addition to the sweaty latex odor there must have been 2 quarts of sweat that poured out. Of course she had stopped sweating before she died as her body shut down. When I checked her protection she had a well used 65mm Ortho coil spring diaphragm inserted but was wearing it dry (no spermicide in the dome) so she was probably wearing it as a sports shield. I kept her 65mm coil as part of the set but it is much too small for me to wear for protection as I take an 80mm in a diaphragm though we are about the same size, except for our pelvic anatomy.

A hit or fatal S&M play: After I pulled off her gasmask (she wasn’t using a rebreather bag) I couldn't tell at first from the look on her face if she was smiling or if she had been terrified. I think she may have been very scared at the end if she was aware that her body was overheating. I wonder if she was dreaming or paralyzed and was aware of what was happening but was unable to help herself. I didn’t recognize her and I’m familiar with most rubber-chicks who circulate in the local clubs so she must have been new in town. The SUV she was found in was a rental that had been stolen. It doesn’t look like a Family hit but it could have been by an outside contractor or perhaps it was an S&M game that got a bit too intense and went bad and she was left to die alone. There may have been two people involved in leaving her because someone had to drive the car to where it was found, it was unlocked and the keys were on the driver’s seat, and someone had to pick up the driver. There was someone’s DNA from the semen sample but I’m betting there wouldn’t have been a match. Once I decided to strip her for her suit I couldn’t leave her to be found so we took her to the old tannery and after I took what I wanted she went into the quicklime pond. I tossed her ballet boots in too since they were poor quality and not my size.

My new ‘death rubber’: Returning readers know I collect rubber fetishwear in which women have died while having sex, hence the name ‘death rubber’ when the suits are made of latex or neoprene. My friends think I'm a bit strange but that’s the way I’m kinked. I love wearing a dead woman’s latex skin because I believe that I can sense what the person was like (not always a pleasant experience but still a thrill) and can feed on some of their energy that is still embedded in the rubber of the suit if I can harvest it fairly soon after her death. The dead woman’s essence lingering in her clothing is the case for death-leathers as well but in my experience seemingly not to the same extent as the spirit of the dead woman left in latex even if I can remove the leathers from her body within 24 hours after she died. This rubber-chick whose fetish-rubber I’m wearing was fully encased in the zippered suit, ballet boots, heavy rubber gloves, mask/helmet and gasmask but no rebreather bag, which for a fully kitted out rubber-chick is unusual. I wonder if she lost her rebreather bag when she was loaded in to the car. I'm wearing most of it now except for the gloves so I can type, her ballet boots (not my size) so I’m wearing my own Gepettos custom pointe boots and my own Mestel SGE 400 gas mask while her mask is being fumigated.

Her suit really is a wonderful addition to my collection. It’s a lovely vintage House of Harlot rubber encasement suit of wonderfully stretchy heavy black latex with full zipper crotch and breast access with helmet/mask and gloves. It is a Polymorphe design but an up-market knockoff made for heavy use. Even being a knock-off the latex is high quality, the seams smoothly and fully welded and the zippers good quality so it’s an excellent addition to my collection. I'm wearing it as I type this entry and Pirate has already ‘christened’ it taking me from behind not more than 2 hours ago as I balanced en pointe in an old comfy pair of Freeds. So now I’m still draining his seed. One of the nice things about House of Harlot suits is that their zippers are waterproof so I’m sitting a puddle of Pirate’s semen that has pooled in my crotch. Another thing about this suit is that it was custom made for a chick my size with C-cup breasts so I can wear it comfortably even when my breasts are engorged and I need to be milked. I have a large Pyrex dildo inserted – since I’m CD15 and ovulated yesterday and still in need of sexual release.- so I can play with myself as I compose this entry. Also, the A/C is turned up so I don't melt in this wonderful suit while I’m fucking myself.


  1. I sort of doubt that the woman had a hit on her. I'm sort of wondering if she got caught up in the heat of the moment (literally) and tried to wear the latex in the desert. I'm of the opinion it could be an S&M episode gone bad, like you said, and the man could've panicked. I wonder if you'll ever get a match.

  2. I have no interest in matching the guys DNA. He thought he was making it look like it was a case of Vegas Values in action, but Taryn and I found her first. The girl wasn’t an angel but she got screwed in every sense of the word.


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