Monday, August 17, 2009

Vegas Values

Go around not through vault doors

Latex Vs silicone as a diaphragm material: Recently, on another forum on which I post, there has been a discussion of the advantages of silicone over latex as a material for contraceptive diaphragms and cervical caps. I think that Silicone is preferable for many reasons, some of them are:

It is far less porous, and thus less likely to stain and develop an odor from extended continuous use.
It is less likely to contribute to vaginal infections
It is less likely to be damaged by oily medicines and lubricants.
It will last at least three times as long as a latex device because the synthetic
rubber is not nearly as sensitive to drying out, hardening and cracking due to age.

There is only one area in which latex may be superior to silicone when used for diaphragms and that is body heat transfer. Far more experienced men prefer thrusting into the dome of a latex diaphragm than a silicone one because they say it feels more natural. I’ll take their word because unlike women their most sensitive part is continually thrusting into the dome of a diaphragm so they should know.

Of course silicone is the only material used for cervical caps now. There was the Prentif cap approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. in 1988 but the manufacturer in the UK stopped making it several years ago so as the Prentif caps still in use need to be replaced FemCap is the only alternative in a cap. I wear Oves which is much smaller than Prentif or FemCap. Our clinic has an arrangement with Veos, the maker of Oves and our clinic is participating in a clinical trial of Oves with the hope that it will be approved for sale in the U.S. so currently Oves has very limited availability.

Karen: I’ve been sweating almost daily in my newest death rubber since I harvested it, luxuriating in the feel of being totally encased in tight black latex. [For details of that harvesting see my entry for 8-14-09.] The last time I wore it was the other night when Pirate played with me into the early morning hours. I had intended to strip and shower but after he left I was wound so tight I lay down to read a few paged in a new novel, The Girl Who Played With Fire, by Stieg Larsson, - It’s a wonderful read - and must have dosed off. I woke the next morning to find I had slept through the night in it. While I was asleep my subconscious was interacting with the dead woman’s essence that still lingers in the suit. Her name was Karen and she was immobilized but awake when she died so she knew what was happening. I can’t see the face nor do I know the name of the man who paralyzed her with a powder she saw him put in her rebreather bag (he told her it was blow) and who filled her with semen put her in the car and left her in the broiling sun to die. I guess her rebreather being contaminated with the toxic powder explains why her partner removed it so he wouldn’t be overcome by the effects of the powder with her in the SUV.

As I lay there the next morning her emotions filtered up from my subconscious. Her terror during the last minutes of her life was the strongest and it sent my pulse rate soaring and I was soaked in sweat as I struggled to deal with the adrenaline overload, but after that peak there was an overwhelming sense of betrayal. After I realized my body wasn’t being paralyzed I was able to sort out some of the details of her last few days and learned her death was because she became a ‘loose end’ while running to avoid capture after embezzling a lot of money from a division of a huge international company.

A nice girl: Karen thought of herself as a ‘nice girl’ attractive, college educated with a degree in accounting, her only deviant behavior being a kinky interest in rubber fetishwear. She had been employed by a large corporation and worked herself into a responsible position where at her boyfriends urging for the last three years she had been tampering with the books diverting a bit of the profit into an offshore account. A few weeks ago things began to unravel when the IRS suddenly appeared in the company’s offices for an audit because of some deductions the company had taken years before she began working there. Then she found she was 8 weeks pregnant and she wanted to keep the baby. Fearing her embezzling would be uncovered in the audit they decided to run. They flew to Vegas and her boyfriend killed her after having her dress in her best fetish rubber and having sex with her. He told her as he was loading her into the SUV that he intended her death to look like a Vegas killing in a turf war. She was devastated to find the father of her unborn child didn’t love her and intended to kill her to simplify his escape.

Bingo! One bit of information that was amazingly clear from her essence still inhabiting the suit was the bank, account number and password of the account where she had parked the money. It didn’t seem likely that the money would still be there a week or more after her death, but hey, give it a try, right? I tried searching for the bank and after a few false starts found it. I entered the required information and there it was! Jesus! Go figure! I suppose the guy thought she was the only other person who knew and she wasn’t going to tell anyone. I transferred the entire amount into an account elsewhere.

Now I’m in a position that I don’t have worry about playing nice with Shelly’s husband as I have more than enough funds to go ahead with my discretionary projects. I don’t want to make an enemy of him I just want to pull back a bit and have an arms length business relationship with him. That also resolves any appearance of conflict of interest I might have had by having intimate relationships with them both. I thought I was using business morality (Vegas Values) and doing well, but having Karen’s money simplifies my relationship with Shelly. I don’t think her husband will be a problem. I have half a dozen HD videos of him. Really fun things like him strutting around in ballet boots (he’s actually rather good at that) with a massive erection while wearing a lovely pink latex nurse’s uniform, or a schoolgirl outfit; knee socks, Mary Jane’s a plaid mini and a sports bra with pushup pads. Or him astride me spewing semen all over my face while I was wearing my black latex Polymorphe helmet/mask. You get the idea. He gave me an excuse and I took it. I caught him polling Anya! Not that he and I were an item, I was careful to keep kept our affair under the radar, but I used jealousy as my excuse when I cut him off. No more of my ass for ‘Mr. Shelly’ and if he bucks I’ll destroy him and he knows it. A copy of the videos to his conservative buds back East and he’d be toast. So I’m sure he will back off. Besides, I think he’s transferred his interest to Anya and since she handled Deiter she can certainly handle him.


  1. I never knew that you could extract someone's account information through their essence after dying. Of course, many of your posts do seem rather far-fetched, but they are believable due to where you live.

    Has that guy been making any further negotiations into your company?

  2. He’s still interested but he will have to meet my price. In one way I’d like him to buy in so Shelly will be able to keep a place here and dance with my company. She really is good and I’d like to keep her as a friend.


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