Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sex as a business lubricant

An actor and director negotiating for a role

Business negotiations: For the last five months I’ve been in negotiations with an East Coast industrialist about investing in my gaming corporation. He seems to feel that the gaming industry is in such a slump right now that there are bargains to be had, and he’s right. His problem is that he wants a piece of my organization because it’s well run and profitable in an area where a major percentage of the players are in bankruptcy or on the edge. He thinks I’m asking too much for shares, but while I’d like to have more of a cash cushion to pursue new projects I’m not going to give shares away and I will not relinquish control.

He has recently switched from being strictly business at our meetings to adding a social element to his negotiating strategy. He has a reputation as a master swordsman, at least among the circle in which he moves on the East Coast. At 47 he has been married three times and his latest wife of six months is 24 and is a dancer though I think she plans on retiring from ABT next season. He thinks because I let him in my pants he can get a better deal and I’m letting him believe that’s what will happen. I’m all for using sex as a business lubricant but I’m not about to be mind-fucked in the process. He has some S&M dress-up fetishes which I have in amazing HD color (The dripping red glans of his penis is particularly vivid against the pink latex suit he was wearing) that I can use as leverage if I’m pushed to the wall, but I’d much rather bend him to my will by leading him around by his penis.

Professional services: However, the really interesting thing is that I met his wife, Michelle (Shelly), when I was back in NYC at the first of July when she and her husband were guests at Anya’s cousin’s wedding. Shelly called me several weeks ago about my coaching her in one of my specialties. Anya had told her cousin who told Shelly about my success with men and she asked for, uhhh… lessons in seduction. She is already detecting signs of her husbands waning interest in her and she wants to refocus his sexual attention on her by improving her technique. She is very pretty with a full head of long fine golden hair, incredibly lovely, so it should be just a matter of her learning to tone and control her pelvic muscles and how to manipulate her image as well as his package with her hands when they are in public. He loves the fantasy of being discovered while being intimately fondled in public while wearing a full latex skin under his business clothes.

Fetishes and addiction: I’m going to introduce her to latex fetishwear because she has no idea that he is into latex so it will be ‘her’ idea and be that much more effective when she appears in latex and he is all over her like white on rice. She has a lovely body, long legs and neck, small head and C-cup breasts, a bit busty for a ballerina, but then she isn’t dancing at NYCB. I think I can turn her into someone who can hold her husband’s interest by continually changing how she dresses and comes on to him. He has pretty good sexual stamina as it is but if she is willing to work to get her pelvic muscles in shape like a professional I can have her exhausting him every night and again when his testosterone peaks in the early morning. When I’m finished he will be so addicted to her he won’t be able to be without her for a long weekend. Well, perhaps I shouldn’t have her mind-fuck him quite that badly. Her training start next week while ABT is on vacation and he is in Europe on business.


  1. Looks like you and he have different ideas on how to take your negotiations. I hope you win out in the end. As far as his missus, would you think about the two of you with him at one time, so you could give her a little "hands-on training," as it were, or would you tutor her on one of Pirate's stallions or a pelvic trainer?

  2. I AM winning ‘in the end’ every time he fills me with semen because he gives me my pleasure first! A threesome is a male fantasy and not at all helpful in her situation. A threesome isn’t in the cards with him primarily because she wants his entire attention and another woman, even there ostensibly as an instructor, is a huge distraction to a man like him. The first thing will be to get her fitted with the training aids she will need and determine her current level of performance – using a stallion - so she can concentrate on what needs the most work. She will be using a pelvic trainer sooner or later and she will have periodic stallion rides to judge her progress, but this sort of training – it’s courtesan training at it’s most basic - takes weeks or even months so this is a long term project if she has the determination to see it through.

  3. Well, good luck in getting her to her potential. I'm sure once you get her molded, the guy will be very satisfied with her.


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