Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quarrels in ballet boots

Wait, I know, but just look at her boots, ok?

About this image: I put this image up not for the corset, hood or punitive cervical collar and not for the zippered crotch which this rubber-chick’s suit also has. I put it up for the ballet boots she is wearing. So go ahead and stare at her improbable silicone enhanced boobs (or more likely they’re an air-rack) but then look at her pointe boots, ok? Her boots are a mid-price patent leather example of typical ballet boots that really aren’t made for walking in, because so few purchasers can do much more than pose in them on their backs with their booted legs in the air. The shaft-locks are a nice bondage touch to prevent the boots from being removed during training, or when going to parties to make it seem as though the sweet girl who works at a terminal in a customer service center is really into bondage training. Or you’re if out to buff your hunky guy’s image by making him seem crueler than he really is. The locks also come in handy when a girl has had too much to drink, snort or smoke and gets rolled. One of the first things stolen out here (other than her cell) is a girl’s ballet boots because they can be easily sold for cash or bartered for a stash of weed, or if they are high quality maybe a little snow. The tips of the heels are 1/8th in diameter and can take heel guards to be worn when walking on ceramic, stone or concrete surfaces to prevent slipping or on wooden floors and carpets to prevent punching holes in them. You can tell this pic-chick isn’t wearing heel guards.

One nice thing about ballet boots, as opposed to pointe shoes, is that it’s difficult to lace them incorrectly and still be able to walk in them so proper lacing is the norm even in porn videos. I haven’t seen any porn poses where a boot-chick has gotten creative with her boot laces as ‘ballerina’s’ often do when porn-posing with their pointe shoe ribbons wound up their calves and tied with bows. OMG that’s gruesome! Well, actually, there was the time several months ago where a boot-chick was hung from a real estate sign with her own boot laces, but that wasn’t her fault, other than her being somewhere where she shouldn’t have been and she got grabbed, raped and hung. When I teach a pointe class at St Lucy’s (I substitute occasionally) if a girl doesn’t have her ribbons tied correctly and the ends tucked in I expel her from class. That’s only happened twice, to the same girl, and everyone got the message. All the students can now change shoes in less than thirty seconds and have their ribbons tied perfectly!

A stiletto through the instep: There was an unfortunate confrontation in Naughty’s bar, the Meat Market, the other night. Both women were in up-market commercial ballet boots and one sustained a puncture wound when her rival for a man drove the 1/8th in diameter tip of her 7 inch stiletto boot heel several inches into her instep. The heel pierced the tongue of the victims boot and barely missed the small bones in her instep. Our physician on call gave her a tetanus booster shot and put her on antibiotics and told to keep her foot elevated and iced for a few days. Gepetto’s boot designer foresaw this problem and included a strip of stainless steel mesh in the tongues of all his ballet boots that aren’t armored, as puncture protection to prevent an accidental puncture of a friend’s instep. This occurs more often than one might think mostly during a rushed exiting of cars.

Etiquette mixers: Our casino has mixers for fetish couples where we try and cover as nicely as possible some of the more egregious etiquette mistakes that both men and women new to fetishwear tend to make in public. Things like standing too close to a person and knocking the drink out of his or her hand with their breasts. This usually happens to a woman who has recently had a breast augmentation and isn’t used to the additional space her enlarged rack requires. Or, more likely a girl is wearing a latex suit with very large inflatable breasts (an air-rack) so they are like 40 DDDs or larger and since they are so light she doesn’t realize she can clear a table by just turning to one side or the other. Or someone with a lighted cigarette gets too close to a woman’s air-rack and bursts it. The pop usually causes a lot of spilled drinks and the woman whose ‘figure’ was diminished retreats in embarrassment. That sort of thing can be aggravating if the person responsible doesn’t pay for the spilled food, drink and costume. At fetishwear parties there usually aren’t any cleaning bills, unless the food or drink was spilled on a leather freak, since rubber can be washed off, but cigar or cigarette burns can ruin a costume not to mention the acrid stench of burning rubber so the smoker is responsible for paying for replacement fetishwear.

Another problem is women getting their ballet heels caught in one another’s laces. This often happens under tiny tables as women try to stretch their legs and flex their ankles as much as possible while straight-laced into pointe boots. This is particularly the case with relatively new boot wearers who have worn them around home enough to have worked up the courage to try them out in public. That sort of outing can be fraught with minor perils as the girls often find they tire and long to take their boots off about ninety minutes into a four hour club crawl and their Dom has the key to their shaft locks.

Then there is hair pulling and plunging sharp items ( think hors d'oeuvre spears) into a adversary’s bust that may lead to a deflation of her breasts, from a punctured breast implant, or far less serious a deflated air-rack, or, with an under-thrust pierce an inexpensive groin protector. One reason latex hoods are so popular with rubber-chicks is that it is a lot harder to grab an opponents hood than it is to get a grip on a handful of her hair and experienced rubber-sluts will lube the outside of their latex suits and hoods so it’s nearly impossible to get a secure grip on them with a hand unless you are wearing gloves with gripper palms.


  1. I don't know how I'd handle myself around a rubber chick. I know I'd go gaga over a spandex cutie, though.

  2. Jill - I am a little irritated about all the aggression in Vegas you are quoting. Is it a girl-thing fighting for Mr Rich? Is it alcohol/drugs or is it a balletboot-thing?

    Cheers, Joe

  3. Hi Joe... I think its alcohol and the assertiveness that draws a chick to ballet-boots that seems to bring aggression to the surface, especially if there is competition for men.


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