Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rubber Lust and gas guards

The Reflexions deep-dive latex gas guard

Our Ballet SI and Ginny’s new gig: I had hoped it wouldn’t happen, but one of our SI students has come down with case of rubber lust. Rubber Lust is the name given to a strong psychological attachment to latex, especially fetishwear, and my psychiatrist says it occurs primarily in men. Only 3% of the cases are women and they seem to be more profoundly affected than men.

The SI ended Friday (07/09/2010) with most of the students going home, but Ginny, the 19 y/o student with rubber lust, will be staying in town for a week or so and she said she intended to hit as many of the latex fetish clubs as possible. Her uncle is her closest relative and he has given permission for her to stay on. At 19 she is legal as far as consent is concerned and has her own money so she’s (at least theoretically) on her own. Having introduced her to Reflexions latex diaphragms used as gas guards during deep dive sex at SI training I felt a certain responsibility for her safety. I’ve found a place she can stay where my friends can keep her entertained and not roaming around town unescorted where she could be grabbed.

Abi, Adolph’s Pool-Assistant and latex arm-candy is unable to be sexually active for the next week or so while she is being treated for a major vaginal yeast infection caused by the change in ph when Adolph filled her vagina with chocolate syrup and sucked it out of her during a Hershey’s cunnilingus encounter. He is in need of a temp to replace Abi and Ginny seemed an ideal choice because she isn’t afraid to try anything. She was a good student at the SI and her rubber lust and gamy latex gas guard made her an excellent candidate for Adolph’s vacancy. They should get along well since he is deep into rubber lust and is a connoisseur of ripe latex gas guards. Ginny should be safe enough since I know where she is and who she is with and Adolph has agreed to treat her ‘gently’. With Adolph ‘gently’ covers a range of intensities, but I think she will be far safer and learn a lot more about the fetish community and it’s appetites from staying a week with Adolph than roaming alone around Vegas where I don’t think she would last a day before someone took her.

Rubber Lust as a disorder: The most benign occurrences of rubber lust in women are typically manifested by a strong attachment to their rubber contraceptive diaphragms or cervical caps. We are seeing a major and sustained increase in cases of female rubber lust which I think is because of the growing importance of dive-sex in recreational opportunities for young singles and the need for effective protection from infection and embolisms during underwater penetration. The fact that continuous wearing of a gag guard is becoming the most popular wearing regimen has just magnified the increase. With continuous wearing – which is what I do with my Oves - a woman is far less likely to be caught unprepared so she can immediately take advantage of any opportunity and underwater sex can be far more spontaneous.

I am among the women with an advanced case of rubber lust, but it hasn’t reached the point of being a disorder for me. For it to be a disorder that would mean it impairs my functioning in the business world and in my social life. Actually, I see my rubber lust as enhancing my desirability in the fetish community and in certain key business circles. Returning readers will remember my love for wearing latex and my finding that the Reflexions latex diaphragm with its flat spring rim is effective as a gas guard down to at least 130 feet. Since then Adolph and I have tested Reflexions seven times at a depth of two hundred and five feet, just off the bottom of his training facility, and the rim doesn’t distort or leak which I’m very pleased about. I was confident that if it worked well at 130 feet it would still be effective at 200 feet, but it’s always good to have assumptions confirmed. That took a bit of preparation with spare sets of twin 130 HP tanks on the bottom for breathing Trimix19/30 and 100% oxygen pre-positioned for the last deco stop on our ascent. I don’t think many women will be trying dive-sex at 130 feet much less 200, because there are so few heated training facilities that deep and the low temperature of open water at those depths has the effect of decreasing a male partner’s ability to perform. Still I’m pleased that I can offer women training at Adolph’s facility an effective way to protect their upper reproductive tracts during a deep-dive-sex encounter.

Latex Vs silicone Gas Guards: Another nice thing about Reflexions is that is made of natural rubber latex. Although that means it can be harmed by oily meds and lubricants, will discolor more quickly and won’t last as long as a silicone gas guard (one year vs. two) it is the only flat spring rim diaphragm made and a flat spring is the only style that is safe to use at water depths below 33 feet, or 10 meters. The good thing about a latex gas guard is that the dome is stretchier than silicone and latex has much better heat transfer characteristics so it’s a more springy natural feeling when a partner thrusts into the dome. And very experienced male partners prefer latex gas guards for those reasons as well.

Rubber lust and ripe latex gas guards: Another characteristic of latex gas guards is that they are far more likely to develop a strong musky latex odor after being worn continuously for a day or two. For women interested only in the contraceptive effectiveness of a diaphragm an odor can be a major distraction. The odor can be gotten rid of by soaking the D in a 50/50 vinegar/water solution for 20 minutes and reoccurrences minimized by applying a few drops of liquid chlorophyll in the dome before insertion. The odor develops because the latex is porous to a slight degree and acidic vaginal fluids penetrate the surface and interact with the rubber strengthening the natural musk of the vagina and the scent of latex.

The musky latex scent of a ripe natural rubber gas guard is highly prized by any male in rubber lust. It’s rather like the bouquet of Roquefort cheese to a epicure. For women in rubber lust relationships they will switch from a clean Reflexions to one already pre-ripened with a strong musky/latex scent when they are to meet their rubber lust partners. The scent and discoloration of the latex dome has no effect on the safety and effectiveness of the barrier.

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