Sunday, July 18, 2010

The trainee

An escort poses during a boot shoot

The Trainee

She’s just 16 in ballet heels,
Her cramping calves elicit squeals.
The booted heels are really like,
The training wheels upon a bike.
For she is used to wearing pointes
And taking boyfriends swollen joints

While balanced on her platforms tip
Satin wet improves the grip
She spreads her lips and calms her mind
She’s entered deeply from behind
He takes her bareback skin-on-skin
And leaves his seed placed deep within

She’s safe because she’s on the pill,
And fucks the guys just for the thrill.
Her skills in acrobatic stunts,
The envy of the other cunts.
Which leaves her draining ropy sperm,
Her client’s pleasure to confirm.

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