Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jihadi women divers

Dead Aryan trainer pulled from pool

How I spent my 4th of July evening: I was called to help with cleanup after what was certainly a professional hit. I was told it was a big job and that I could take Taryn and Beth to help with cleanup and we took the van. They were right, it was a huge mess! There were eight bodies, seven women and a man. Five of the women were young Muslims in drysuits and SCUBA sets (their western street clothes and purses were in a bedroom that they were using as a dressing room) and two were blonde Aryans (trainers) also in drysuits. The man was in street clothes and appeared to be Persian. The five Muslim women and a Caucasian trainer were dead in the swimming pool where it looked to me like they had been training. The student’s drysuits had burst or were punctured and their bodies crushed while their trainer had been shot in the back of her head and then was pushed or had fallen into the pool because her air hadn’t been turned on and her drysuit was still intact so she was floating face up on the surface. I took pics before we began cleanup and Anya, who seems to know a lot about this sort of thing, said it seemed to her that someone had tossed a concussion grenade into the midst of the students while they were clustered around one with a cutting torch who had been cutting through a piece of heavy metal grillwork.

Overpressure shock on divers: She said that a standard US MK3A2 concussion grenade (if that’s what it was) has 8 oz of TNT in it and the explosion created a shockwave in the water that crushed anyone in the pool instantaneously, cracked the pool walls and threw a huge amount of water out of the pool. The pool furniture and everything around the pool was still soaked when we got there. Since water is not compressible the soft tissue of a human body surrounded by water gets pulped when an underwater explosion occurs nearby. The bodies were grotesque. They had lung tissue coming out of their mouths and noses, their faces had been crushed and flattened into their masks, their chests and skulls were crushed and their necks broken by the blast. And since the intestines had burst the pool looked and smelled like a sewer. We had to wear HASMAT drysuits and FFMs to collect the bodies and parts off the bottom. Later, when we cut off their drysuits their uteri and intestines were trailing from their groins. It must have been over very quickly for them, but it was one of the messiest cleanups that I’ve ever been involved with. Anya said concussion grenades are used to clear bunkers w/o much shrapnel since the case is tarred paper and that the MK3A2 has an effective casualty radius in open areas of 2 meters so it is perfect for killing divers in a swimming pool where the water acts as a pressure multiplier. We are guessing the European trainer came in to the pool area just before the grenade was dropped and was popped with a silenced 22 before she could sound the alarm. I always find it amazing how little a small caliber execution shot through the back of the head bleeds.

Jihadi mischief: The other Caucasian trainer and the man were in a bedroom that seemed to have been used as an office of sorts and there was evidence that a computer was missing. The woman had a lovely figure and was nearly out of her drysuit which was in a pile around her legs. She was wearing a bikini top and a rubber hood and had her bikini thong in her hand. She was bent over a table with the outer ring of an FC2 protruding from between her labia. The man had his pants off and was wearing a cock ring which explained why he was still erect after being shot through the back of his head. The woman was dead from a bullet through her rubber hood into her left temple. We think the man and woman in the office were probably shot first with the small caliber gun that killed the trainer in the pool area. A silenced .22 is a great weapon for up-close executions because it makes hardly any noise and the bullet doesn’t come out the other side and make a mess.

Cerazette; fundamentalist protection in a secular world: All the women’s and the man’s ID had been taken and the contents of women’s purses was dumped on the floor. It seems most of the students were using Cerazette, a popular European progestin-only-pill as there were four partial pill-packs on the floor. So I guess they had blended into the Vegas social scene of recreational sex. Cerazette has none of the estrogen side effects: larger, sensitive breasts and the increased possibility of strokes and can be taken up to 12 hours late w/o decreasing its effectiveness, so after sterilization Cerazette may be the pill of choice for female jahadis undercover in our secular society.

The training site was a house in the Spring Mountains west of town and is isolated on thirty acres of land and way back off the road. It had been rented furnished while the owners are traveling overseas. It turned out that the place is owned by the brother of one of the local bosses, which is why the Families got me involved. It was a fresh hit that was found by the driver of a truck delivering full SCUBA tanks to the address. The gas company is owned by a well connected local businessman and he passed the word to a friend in the Family and their dispatcher called me. The Family is steamed because they think that the government hit a terrorist cell and didn’t clean up afterward. I think the word is out now that no Family member is to rent out their home while out of town.

We burned the drysuits in the incinerator used to destroy medical waste from the clinic and rubber products from our escort and ancillary services and waste from Gepettos custom fetishwear shops that can’t be recycled. It’s amazing how much latex is used on a daily basis in the Vegas sex trade. It’s not a good idea for a guy to leave his fresh DNA around in a used condom because someone with a wicked sense of humor could make him a father w/o his having the pleasure of physically knowing the mother of his baby.

Beth comes through: I’m impressed with how well Beth handled her part of the cleanup what with it being a relatively new and extremely messy experience for her. We put Vicks VapoRub in our nostrils and suited up before entering the pool area because there were already a lot of flies attracted by the bloody water that was puddled on the pool surround. Still the stench was oppressive and even Taryn turned a little green, so Beth working like collecting body parts was normal for her was amazing. Over breakfast after the cleanup Beth, Taryn and I wondered what the women were training for. Anya seems to think that they were planning an event at a local dam, the one that has Lake Mead behind it, because she thinks the grillwork that they were learning to cut is similar to what is used to protect the input pipes for the turbines. That sort of thing would be a suicide mission if the turbine inputs were opened while they were working on the grills because the current would be so strong that it would suck the diver against the grill with no possibility of her getting free.

If Sal was still around and this had happened in NYC there would have been a special ingredient added to the sausage in a plant he owned. Here we make do with a wood chipper and a quicklime pit. If this was a sanctioned hit the powers in Vegas wish they would have cleaned up the mess rather than leaving it to get reported in the media. Unless the organization that paid for the hit wanted it reported.


  1. Jill, it is scary to read about these incidents. I am wondering if there are any incidents in your casino too? As far as I know wearing ballet boots is mandatory for all female guest - the girls working there not to mention.

    Does knife-pointe fighting in K-P fighting boots lead to injuries or death sometimes? I do think that less experienced fighters do get into trouble facing pros like you are one? BTW: Is knife-pointe fighting in a ring of in a cage?

    Regards, Joe

  2. “As far as I know wearing ballet boots is mandatory for all female guest - the girls working there not to mention.”

    Not exactly… In the best of all worlds that would be the case. However, as I’ve complained in earlier posts the number of women who can successfully (forget about comfortably) wear ballet boots is limited so we are an “equal-footwear” casino for women. This is such a good topic that I’m going to expand on it in a future entry. Thank you for mentioning it.

    “Does knife-pointe fighting in K-P fighting boots lead to injuries or death sometimes? I do think that less experienced fighters do get into trouble facing pros like you are one?”

    Skill levels of fighters are supposed to be closely matched and there is a referee to stop a fight when one fighter has obviously been beaten. But even when in high quality fighting armor accidents can happen. I know of no deaths directly attributable to KPF injuries, but once, because of her poorly protected groin, I was responsible for causing my opponent to have a hysterectomy. It was a flakey kick that pierced the thin steel outer shell and went straight through her plug and penetrated her cervix with a quad-bladed heel. It was a near thing getting her medical attention before she bled to death. After her recovery she never returned to KP fighting.

    “Is knife-pointe fighting in a ring or in a cage?”

    We have never found it necessary to have a cage. Rings work well and there isn’t the complication of transporting and setting up the cage. The sport is illegal so we try to keep the venues moving around and there is a relatively small group of backers, fighters, fans and support personnel, at least out here, so we are pretty flexible.


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