Monday, July 19, 2010

Chastity belts – the French connection

Silicone rubber and stainless steel belt with an integral vaginal plug.

Freddy and the Chastity belt: Frederick, the Austrian ballet dancer who is a guest artist with my company this summer had an unfortunate encounter, apparently with a femme fatale on a mission. Returning readers remember he is the pussy-hound and all around bad-boy who left a trail of pregnancies all across Europe in ballet companies for which he danced. Freddy had been on his own several nights this past week when Beth and I were at Adolph’s to help Abi, his Pool assistant and Lorelei in residence, learn how to get into some new latex encasement suits he had bought for her. He had seen me wearing mine and liked it so much he bought several for Abi.

So Freddy was out prowling at the Meat Market where he can run a tab. He was chatting up a beautiful blond in her mid 20s. She was pretty enough and dressed conservatively but provocatively enough that the bar-girls remembered her, which tells me she must have been stunning. We do have some frames of her on the security videos but I’m told they don’t do her justice. We first thought she was at the Meat Market, the pick-up bar at Naughty’s, to have an evening’s fun teasing men, but I changed my mind after studying the videos because she turned away three admirers before Freddy approached her. .

She was in a flowing skirt and they became friendly enough over drinks that he found she was locked securely into a modern penetrating chastity belt, similar to the one in the pic at the top of this entry. We know because she went to the ladies lounge to relieve herself and we have her on video with her skirt up unlocking the device and hanging it on the purse hook while she peed. The device covers the wearer’s labia, clitoris and clitoral shaft as well as having an integral vaginal plug deeply inserted so it can’t be pushed to one side even enough to get fingers inside her.

Freddy took her pelvis being under lock and key as a personal challenge and he jokingly threatened to drill the lock on her chastity belt. Her reply was that if he was that determined to have her they should go back to her place. That much was picked up by the directional mike of the minder assigned to him to prevent him getting in too much trouble. She was followed as she drove him into the hills west of town to a large villa she had rented. There were no other cars at the house and when the minder reported in she was told to watch the house. In the very early morning the blonde seemed to leave alone and the minder was told to keep watching the house.

Later that morning the minder was told to approach the house and see what she could find. The front door was unlocked and when she entered she could smell the metallic scent of blood. She found Freddy's nude bound spread-eagle on the bed in the master suite lying in a pool of dried blood. His genitals had been cut off and packed into the toe of one of his leather ballet slippers and the slipper had been stuffed in his mouth and his throat slit. There were Taser barb marks on his back so that’s almost certainly how she took control then tied him up while he was stunned.

The French connection: The security cams at McCarran didn’t show anything, but there was a private jet that took off about two hours after the chastity-chick left the house. The flight plan said Mexico City (MEX) but our contact said it didn’t land there. The tail ID traced back to a rental company in Spain and the passenger was a young blonde woman. The rental was paid for by a shell company, the same one that paid for the house rental. The shell is thought to belong to French intelligence. At this point Tanaquil and I are considering our options. I really hate the fact that apparently there was a sanctioned hit by someone in the French government on someone in my employ.

On the other hand everyone knows Freddy was a trouble maker and almost certainly got what he deserved. I’m thinking I’ve been dissed by a foreign government, but if one of the chicks he knocked up had been my daughter or ward, I would probably have castrated him myself. Tanaquil said three of the dancers he impregnated were French and one, the daughter of a government official, committed suicide so I think it’s a good bet that her death was the trigger for the hit. Tanaquil, who has slept with at least half of the men in the upper levels of French government, is counseling restraint because if I contracted for the assassin to be taken out (assuming she could be found) it would start a war with the French Government that I couldn’t win. Certainly she’s right. I don’t like it but, I’m choosing my battles wisely. Freddy is not a hill I’m willing to die on.


  1. OMG! I guess Freddy's dick really got him into trouble! This almost reminds me of the first entry I saw on your old blog, about that group that stretched up a girl spread eagle or something to that effect, but was killed.

    I hope you find out about that femme fatale.

  2. Yes, that was sad. As I recall she was left hanging in a split by a cult... that's the incident, right? We are assuming that the French agent is in Europe so Tanaquil is conducting the search. I'm not sure what we would do if we find her... Buy her a drink perhaps.

    I really don’t like vendettas, unless the incident is extremely personal and, to me, Freddy doesn’t come close, though he was an employee. On the other hand, if I don’t take some positive action I will appear to my adversaries as unwilling to protect my people. Then my enemies would become emboldened.


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