Thursday, July 8, 2010

The guest artist

A marvelously detailed tutu upskirt

A Guest Artist: My ballet company has a Guest Artist this summer. She is a first soloist of Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia and we had been negotiating with her agent for months. Tanaquil closed the deal by buying her Monte Carlo gambling debts on my behalf from our sister casino in the principality. When she got here it also turned out that she was newly preggers and needed an abortion though she is conflicted about whether to go through with it. Like most young and very talented ballerinas she lives to dance and carrying the baby to term will take the better part of a year out of her career when she won’t be able to dance. There is also the fact that she says she doesn’t know who the father is. She has a very active social life and says it could be any of four men. The other side is that she comes from a very religious and conservative family and if they knew they would be opposed to her terminating the pregnancy. Most recently she has been a guest artist with the Frankfurt Ballet and she picked up an admirer one of her partners from the Vienna Opera Ballet who has followed her to Vegas.

She is going to have to decide soon what she is going to do and if she decides to terminate then whether to go with Mifeprex, she still has a few days, or a menstrual extraction. I’ve recommended an ME because it is over with in less than an hour, there are almost no side effects and she can resume sex as soon as she feels able if she is on an antibiotic regimen and wears a gas guard. While on the table she could also have a GyneFix implanted which would make it far less likely that she would ever need another abortion. My Gyn is expert at menstrual extractions and performs a lot of them for young A-List Hollywood actresses who need that sort of help.

Frederick the Great: Our new Russian ballerina’s German lover auditioned for an opening in our ballet company and I hired him as another guest artist even though I know he is a trouble maker. I took him because he can partner her without any training interval and they have amazing chemistry together since their styles complement one another. He is also one of the four men who may be responsible for her current condition. It turns out that Adolph knows of him because he is a distant cousin who has a well deserved bad-boy reputation among European ballet companies. It’s the sort of thing we often see with itinerant male dancers of considerable ability and charm. They are a type who can charm their way into the tights of any dancer they want and leave a string of pregnancies behind as they move from one company to the next. You would think we would know better but our hormones keep getting in the way of prudence. The guys get away with that sort of behavior because there are so few really great male ballet dancers. They will perform Pas de deux from the classics: Don Quixote, La Corsaire, La Bayadere, Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty in our High-Rollers Club.

His name is Frederick and he has a pointe shoe fetish which I find rather endearing. He is almost as good as a woman en pointe but he gets off by smelling women’s sweaty shoes and having the girl wear pairs of pointes in which he comes so she can feel his seed squishing between her toes during a performance or as he fucks her brains out. His fetishes aren’t uniquely kinky coming from an expert swordsman among ballet dancers, but they are ones I find erotically exciting, a condition that is all too common among supposedly sensible ballerinas.

I’ve already talked to my women dancers about sex with Freddy. Not that I care if everyone gets her share, but sex with him is like a three-year old playing with a loaded gun, because his gun is always loaded and he has a very high sperm count. As a capable lover he’s awesome! I’ve already taken him for a test drive - wearing an FC2 because he is still in quarantine for his HIV interval.

He is called ‘The Great’ (behind his back) though I think he knows and is pleased, because of his magnificent package and the skill with which he uses it. He is long, rock hard and amazingly thick! I love a thick shaft as it presses harder on the nerves ringing the entrance to my vagina. I like to think I can get an amazingly tight grip on it when my muscles spasm when I orgasm or if I’m ripple gripping him. And, he has a wonderfully easy going disposition, probably because he can talk almost any woman into doing anything. I’ve cautioned the girls that no one can expect fidelity from him. He isn’t even a serial monogamist. One of my dancers compared him to a bee flitting from flower to flower, “So many girls and so little time”. I just told them to be careful and don’t let him pollinate them. I think most of the girls in my company should be fine physically because they have GyneFix IUD implants, but they might take a hit mentally if they fall for him, even knowing he’s a snake. But he’s such a beautiful one!

Germany and the World Cup: Adolph had a few of us over to watch Germany play Spain in the World Cup on the 7th. As everyone who cares knows by now Spain beat Germany 1-0 to advance to its first World Cup final. To say he was disappointed would be like saying the ocean is wet, but he will probably get over it by Sunday. In Sunday's final, Spain will meet the Netherlands, which also has never won the World Cup. Since the Netherlands is a Teutonic country he expects the Netherlands to win.

Elke and Flibanserin, an update: In my June 17, 2010 entry I mentioned Adolph is having Abigail (Abi) his new Pool-Assistant and arm-candy take Flibanserin so she will show a bit more enthusiasm as a submissive (she’s primarily Domme and isn’t really submissive in any real sense) for her encounters with him rather than trying to dominate him. Abi is Prussian and has such a strong will he needs an edge. Otherwise, he says, he is afraid he will kill her during a sexual encounter while trying to bend her to his will. It has been five weeks now and she seems to be compliant enough with Adolph that she just raises his ardor rather than his temper so he hasn’t tried to beat her. I think if he seriously mistreated her he would wake one morning to find his balls in his mouth. If he’s fortunate it won’t come to that. Abi still thinks its fun tormenting him and he must be very fond of her, in his way, because she seems to be able to get away with it.


  1. It seems your Russian guest artist has a bit of a quandry on her hands. I hope she does what is best for her and her career. Frederick sounds like plenty of the other guys in your stable. It seems you get nothing but guys with large packages and high sperm counts.

  2. Hi Eric, She has through the weekend before it’s too late for Mifeprex so I think she should make a decision soon.

    Freddy is a type and they always seem to be well hung and highly potent, but then that’s what makes them such an attraction! Girls are like moths to their flame… I tell them “fluid transfers can be hazardous to your health.” But it’s something every girl has to find out for herself.

  3. You know, I think you might want to include a post about what many women think about men's "sizes." I ask because Yvette told me I'm big, but I think I'm more average at six inches length and about an inch width.

  4. See my comments on men's sizes in my post "Ballet Boots and hairless pussy"


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