Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sybian, rebreather bags and readers questions

The iPod Nano

The Sybian Vs a man: I’ve been asked how sex with a man compares with sex with a Sybian. Encounters with both can be marvelous or the pits depending on any number of factors; the mood and skill of the man, where the encounter occurs, where the woman is in her cycle and her mood. There are differences between a machine and a male of course. The machine has no stamina problems so can eventually wear a woman out no matter how needy she may be and can damage her terribly if she slips or becomes dry and has a bad ride. There is no wonderful male scent or sweat to luxuriate in with a Sybian or arms to crush me to him and feel his heart pounding and his respiration increase as he reaches orgasm and pumps semen into me. And there’s no cuddling afterward while we both nap enjoying the afterglow.

On the other hand a Sybian is the best possible partner when you are horny and crave release, but want solitude w/o having to put on makeup or care for another person’s sensibility. Then I can have an amazing screaming orgasm w/o having to wear a ball-gag, just clip my iPod to my bra put in the ear buds and listen to classics: Sinatra or Tony Bennett with their lushly orchestrated arrangements or the score from La Bayadère, Don Quixote, Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty while the machine fucks my brains out.

Rubber rebreather bags and diving: As I mentioned in an early entry we are continuing to see an increase in rebreather bag accidents in the fetish community and some of them involve trying to use a one-atmosphere rebreather bag while diving. If the rebreather is connected to a port on a FFM similar to an Ocean Reef and the diver has an air cutoff that s/he can reach then s/he should be good to go for some breathplay fun with pressurized air from a demand valve.

On the other hand, and this is where most of the accidents have been occuring, if the diver is trying to use a one-atmosphere (surface) soft rubber gasmask with a rebreather bag underwater there can be serious consequences. That’s because the pressure of the water can make water leak around the face seal and, if the rebreather bag is inflated at one ATA before submerging the water pressure will cause the rebreather to deflate and the air to escape around the masks face seal so as to develop a vacuum in the mask - if the mask doesn’t flood. The best way to try to use a surface mask underwater is for the wearer to lie on his (or her) back so the air in the mask forms a bubble to minimize flooding - at very shallow depths. Even that can be dangerous if the wearer doesn’t have an effective plan to recover from a flooded mask of that sort, which means getting to the surface immediately.

A reader asks: Can a vibrator dislodge a Mirena? The answer is, possibly. I think it is very unlikely if the Mirena was inserted correctly but if the vibrator causes such an intense orgasm that there is uterine cramping then it is possible that the ‘arms’ of the IUD frame could bend rather than slide along the surface of the endometrium and if the arms bend the likelihood of expulsion is much greater. As I have mentioned in earlier posts dive-sex with a Mirena or ParaGard IUD inserted is not a good idea. That’s because a framed IUD can be pulled out while removing a gas guard because the strings can adhere to the rim or dome of the GG and get tugged on.

Feet Numb in pointe shoes: A reader writes, “My pointe shoes make my feet feel numb”

That can be a problem if the shoes have been broken in and your toes still feel numb when you are standing flat. If that’s what’s occurring, then you should consider getting a slightly larger shoe or using less padding. If numb toes occur when en pointe for long intervals that is quite normal and – up to a point, which will vary from wearer to wearer - works as a protective mechanism to allow pointe and ballet boot fetishists to remain en pointe for extended intervals. I think you should talk to your pointe teacher and see what she recommends.

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