Friday, July 16, 2010

Cyndi and transference

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Cyndi and transference: Returning readers know that at 16 Cyndi is precocious and sexually active though I still try to keep her under my wing to an extent. She had been after me to let her sample Freddy and after assuring her that any problem she might have with him would be emotional not biological and getting her assurance she could compartmentalize her feelings I agreed to let him know she was available. He lost no time getting to her and she had several sexual encounters with him last week and now she is afraid she may be preggers! I think her problem is transference since she has been talking with Natasha about how she came to be preggers. It’s a common story; she was taking a course of antibiotics for an infected tooth and the medicine reduced the effectiveness of her birth control pills enough that she had breakthrough ovulation. She was having recreational sex with four of her ballet partners during that time and one got to her egg.

I keep telling Cyndi that her circumstances are quite different. She is super safe with a GyneFix implanted. Its effectiveness can’t be reduced by any meds she may be taking and her partner’s little swimmers get immobilized by the copper ions from her IUD. Then when she ovulates the sperm can’t penetrate her eggs outer surface to fertilize it, so she should just enjoy the orgasms he is giving her guilt free. The way she is obsessing about her pregnancy fantasy you would think she was virgin when they met and Freddy had popped her cherry.

Chris did that for her more than two years ago and impregnated her in the process. Returning readers will remember she nearly bled to death when she miscarried while diving in a cove on Virgin Gorda. That’s when we met and Chuck our male Gyn saved her life. She has been going through First Response Early Results home pregnancy tests (HPTs) with the first urine of the day and they have all been negative. Even if she were to have conceived at this point only 7 days from the first time he ejaculated in her it is far too early for hCG, the pregnancy hormone, to show up. It’s nearly impossible that she could be pregnant, but nothing in contraception is 100% effective so she will be on edge until at least the 29th or 30th when she should get her period.

Gene testing for KP Fighters: Over the last few months we have had some suspicions about the gender of some women wanting to be allowed to fight in the local Knife-Point fighting club. So, just to be certain that the fighters we let compete are all female we have begun physical exams and gene testing to make sure all our KP fighters are biologically women who don’t have a ‘male advantage’. We have found three so far who couldn’t pass the physical or biological tests. Two were intersex (previously called hermaphrodites ) and the third was an attractive blond who was extremely strong for her size with no external indication that she had male genes. There aren’t enough he-shes yet for us to establish a division so they can fight in their own class.

The Afterglow half-slip: I have been asked by several women business associates how I manage to keep my skirls from becoming stained from coitial discharge after sex during breaks at business conference. If I’m having sex during the day and wearing street clothes, well, a skirt and blouse rather than tights and sports top or bikini, I wear a silicone rubber underskirt – which I call an ‘afterglow half-slip’ - to prevent coitial discharge from soaking through my skirts. As much as a girl might Kegel there is always some residual drainage that can last for several days and never touch the crotchless hosiery I wear for chance encounters, so just Kegeling won’t solve the problem and semen stains are very difficult to remove from satin and cashmere. Several of my minis are made especially for working girls and have silicone liners to provide that sort of protection. But with my haute couture items from Chanel, Armani, Versace and others that are only lined with satin I always wear an afterglow skip.

Ripe latex gas guards – Part II: I have received a surprisingly strong favorable response from readers to my comments about the erotic appeal of the strong odor of a continuously worn latex diaphragm. They were posted in my entry for July10, 2010 where I wrote:

“Another characteristic of latex gas guards is that they are far more likely to develop a strong musky latex odor after being worn continuously for a day or two. For women interested only in the contraceptive effectiveness of a diaphragm an odor can be a major distraction. The odor can be gotten rid of by soaking the D in a 50/50 vinegar/water solution for 20 minutes and reoccurrences minimized by applying a few drops of liquid chlorophyll in the dome before insertion. The odor develops because the latex is porous to a slight degree and acidic vaginal fluids penetrate the surface and interact with the rubber strengthening the natural musk of the vagina and the scent of latex.

The musky latex scent of a ripe natural rubber gas guard is highly prized by any male in ‘Rubber Lust’. It’s rather like the bouquet of Roquefort cheese to a epicure. For women in rubber lust relationships they will switch from a clean Reflexions to one already pre-ripened with a strong musky/latex scent when they are to meet their rubber lust partners. The scent and discoloration of the latex dome has no effect on the safety and effectiveness of the barrier.”

From the flood of favorable replies it appears there is far more interest in smelly rubber diaphragms than I thought. Until now it’s a subject that had rarely come up unless women are talking about ways to get rid of the odor. However, now that it’s public knowledge that there are men who enjoy the smell men are writing to say that they find the scent of a ripe latex diaphragm erotic. And women are writing to say that they are relieved to know the enjoyment by their men of a strong vaginally enhanced rubber odor from their gas guards was a common kink in a male rubber fetishist fantasy because, until now, they thought their men weird because they loved the ripe rubbery stench of diaphragms that had been inserted continuously for several days.

Adolph and the World Cup: Old news, but last Sunday Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0 in overtime, to win its first World Cup. Adolph is furious and thinks Germany should have tried harder. He is slowly becoming resigned to Germany’s loss and may eventually accept Germany being third, at least for the next four years. Meanwhile he is muttering about payback.


  1. Reading the first part about Cyndi and being impregnated by Frederich, and you assuring her she's safe with the GyneFix. I have to wonder if she's fretting if the guy's swimmers are Michael-Phelps-like and won't let the copper ions stop them. I don't really know how those IUDs really work, but you always say that no method of contraception is 100% effective. She's just worried that this situation is in the miniscule statistic.

    Now, about the shemale KP fighters: I remember the hubbub about a South African "girl" who ran the 800 meters at last summer's world track championships and the IAAF had to make her undergo genetic testing. If I recall correctly, some media outlet leaked that she had testicles where her ovaries were supposed to be. I think all women's sports needs to have this sort of testing to be sure the women are on an equal playing field. It's the same as steroid and other PED testing in all sports.

    Hey, let Adolph know that in 2014 in Brazil, the Americans are going to be there and ready for history!

  2. As far as a GyneFix failing, there is that possibility, but failures are rare and when they do occur it’s either just after the device has been implanted or as it nears the end of its useful life, in about three years. Now that Natasha is showing carnal interest in Freddy again Cyndi wants him too. Long term she stands no chance against Natasha, but we have kept him away from the other teens in my ballet company so at 16 Cyndi is low hanging fruit.

    Freddy loves YTHP so he has been in her saddle as often as she will let him mount her. She is CD15 and should have ovulated either yesterday or today. She was with Freddy last night while Natasha was performing a series of solo divertissements and was still smiling this morning as his semen soaked through the crotch gusset of her tights during pointe class.

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  4. LOL! Hi guy! Thanks for sharing your Viagra experiences! I know a lot of UNLV students who date St Lucy's girls use Viagra. It helps them minimize the times they go limp right when the girl is starting to squirm and moan. But for the professional escorts I recommend against using chemical enhancers since you can come to depend on the chemical boost and erections become less likely w/o using it.


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