Sunday, July 11, 2010

Natasha’s decision

The beauty of a hyper extended knee en pointe

Natasha's Menstrual Extraction: I went with Natasha, my Russian guest artist, to have her menstrual extraction Saturday morning, 07-10-2010. It was a no-brainer really. I knew she was going to terminate, she just had to sort through the options on her own. I held her hand through the procedure and it went well. I changed my mind about having her get a GyneFix implant just yet because I have an idea about how I am going to get my money back from her Monte Carlo gambling debts I paid off to get her to come to Vegas and make a sizable profit on the deal. She didn’t want to look at the vacuum jar containing her uterine lining and the fetus that was being sucked out. She was a bit emotional at the end, though it wasn’t because she was having second thoughts, or at least that’s what she said. She was given a ten-day regimen of Ciprofloxacin and told that if she wore her Reflexions gas guard it was safe to have penetrative sex if she felt like it. She is still emotional and doesn’t feel like having sex and was concerned about Freddy, wondering “who will take care of Frederick’s needs” while she was unavailable. She was looking at me as though expecting me to help in that regard and finally came out and asked me to take him into my bed to keep him away from other women and told me he was an amazing sex partner. Can you believe that? She’s in denial about his needs. I could have told her that no single woman is enough for Freddy’s ego, he is a natural cunt hunter, but she was too vulnerable emotionally for me to lay that on her then.

Apparently Freddy hadn’t told her I’d taken him out for a test drive to see how he handled at speed and how much torque there was on his drive-shaft. And, I didn’t tell her that Freddy had already approached me about an interim sexual arrangement while she is recovering. The timing is prefect from my perspective since Jacques is away in Austria impregnating a 30 y/o Austrian Countess who is having trouble conceiving because her 75 y/o husband is shooting blanks. I’m betting it’s his money and the ancestral book and painting collections she is after. Although, for that she wouldn’t have to have a child, she could just fuck him into a coronary and have him die in the saddle.

So I’ll be fucking Freddy while Jacques is away planting seed and Natasha is recovering. She is perfectly fine as a dancer and they are magnificent together in the pas de deux from Manon where she has to project unrelenting despair in her dancing. It’s just that the abortion has put her off sex. Only temporarily I hope because I need that sexual tension between them to get their best performances in the happier roles. Freddy in my bed is a great arrangement for now since his HIV and HSV tests came back negative so all I need to worry about is pregnancy which with me wearing Oves is very unlikely. That’s even though I’m CD10 today and fertile for the next four days so I’m sexually aggressive and need a good hard experienced lover with plenty of stamina.

Egg harvesting: To get my money back from Natasha’s gambling debts I’ve decided to harvest her eggs and sell them to fertility clinics. There are smart beautiful college girls who pay for their college education and setting themselves up in business afterward by selling their eggs for amazing sums to couples who want to try and design their babies. It’s a sellers market so I should be able to get $75,000 to $125,000 USD for one and I plan to get at least eight. I’ll not keep all the money for myself. One third will go to Natasha and I’m sure she will agree or I will tell her parents about her abortion. In the nicest possible way of course with a video of her on the table with her beautiful legs spread and her feet in the stirrups and the collection jar and its contents easily seen as the vacuum sprays bits of her endometrium the fetus against the sides of the container.

Adolph and the World Cup: Germany defeated Uruguay 3-2 for third place finish in the World Cup so Adolph had to settle for that and I think he took out his frustration on Ginny during dive-sex, riding her hard and shutting off her air while they were thirty feet below the surface as he brought her to orgasm and then finished inside her. When they surfaced she seemed to have enjoyed the experience and told me how much more intense her G-spot orgasm was when she couldn’t breathe. So I think I was right leaving her to Adolph’s tender mercies. Even though Ginny isn’t German Adolph is treating her well (by his standards) and they have been seen in several good restaurants together with her wearing Abi’s latex encasement suits as though they were custom made for her.


  1. Jill,

    if Natasha is not happy in her job maybe she is perfect to join the fighting club? Why dont you take her to a training lesson and check her performance? That might be a good job during her recovering.

    Cheers, Jo

  2. Hi Joe, No, Natasha isn’t unhappy as a classical ballet dancer, she’s just a bit put off by sex with a man right now. She had a marvelous mewing, moaning, writhing clitoral orgasm while she was in my bed after her performance the other night so she’s not at all sexually unhappy, just off men for now so I’m hoping as her uterus returns to normal she will get turned on by the physicality of men again.

    As far as having her take KP fight training, she went with me to one of my practice sessions and was amazed at the brutality even when I was just sparing with another KP fighting-chick. When the blade guards come off the adrenaline peaks and you need to want to go for the jugular not hold back or run. She’d get butchered. She doesn’t have the aggressive mentality it would take to succeed as a fighter.


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