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Ballet boots at an “equal-footwear” casino

Ballet-Boot encounters

A reader’s query: “As far as I know wearing ballet boots is mandatory for all female guest - the girls working there not to mention.”

This was such a good question I thought it deserved a more detailed answer in a place where more interested readers could see it: I wrote in my reply:

“Not exactly… In the best of all worlds that would be the case. However, as I’ve complained in earlier posts the number of women who can successfully (forget about comfortably) wear ballet boots is limited so we are an “equal-footwear” casino for women.”

Ballet boots and other shoe fetishes at the casino:

Now, the rest of the story: We are interested attracting the fetish community and since in addition to ballet boots slippers, stilettos, gladiators and pointes all have their fetish following as well we want as many women through the door as possible, because they attract men who are the big spenders. The only thing we don’t allow anywhere in the casino is KP Fighting boots because alcohol and fighting boots are a dangerous combination.

Footwear for female employees with customer contact varies depending on the venue. Some work in ballet boots (primarily the girls at Naughty’s) others are in toe-shoes, pool pointes, ballet slippers or stilettos or pony boots. In Naughty Pleasures our up-market cabaret all the girls are in ballet boots. In “Tease”, our Slipper Club they work in Latex, kid skin, canvas or Lycra slippers and pointe shoes. And Hose is our stockings bar where the girls wear Wolford as their primary costume, but will wear special order hosiery on request.

Tease: I haven’t mentioned Tease before because it’s relatively new and we are still experimenting with footwear, up-close-and –personal which we are using as a form of foreplay with customers to interest them in something more expensive. At Tease a hostess will perform a private twenty minute barre routine and then let her customer remove her perspiration soaked shoes and smell them, suck her sweaty toes and wash her feet while she masturbates for him. At our slipper shop a customer can buy a pair of slippers (we stock them in our dancers sizes) for his dancer to wear while doing her barre routine so he can take them home as a sweat soaked souvenir. A client can cum in the slippers but only after she takes them off, not before she wears them because of the possibility of STIs from walk-in customers. Penetrative sex isn’t a menu item at Tease, but having a barre encounter there often leads to a customer moving on to our more intimate offerings at Naughty’s.

Naughty Pleasures: At Naughty Pleasures our full-service cabaret the customers often bring their own sexual partner, though escorts are available, and it’s a place to watch the Doms parade with their latex or leather arm-candy. All footwear is allowed (except KP fighting boots) but prowling women almost always wear the highest heels they can to attract men. And arm-candy is almost always in satin or leather ballet-boots and we are beginning to see a few pairs of latex BBs which fit like a second skin and are extremely hot to wear. Naughty’s singles bar, the Meat Market, is a fave meeting place for adventuresome young hardbodys and women customers there wear their best pairs of fuck-me heels. We make a profit on the alcohol, bar food and ancillary services for Naughty’s customers. Things like live sperm to hot-load a girl’s syringe plug, a selection of male & female condoms and spermicide for spur of the moment encounters, and an extremely popular cobbler shop.

The cobbler at Naughty’s: The cobbler shop repairs broken stiletto heels, sandal straps and ballet boot laces and heels that break, bend or fall off. You wouldn’t believe the number of pairs of ballet boots that fail in one way or another while the wearer is at Naughty’s. We pride ourselves in having a turn-around interval of 20 minutes or less in the cobbler shop. We also have a small Boot Bar in the cobbler shop if a woman would like to try on a pair of Gepettos ballet boots. Since his boots are all custom they can’t be purchased on site but the boot bar sends a lot of prospects his way. However, his prices are extreme and there is a waiting list. The hassle to get a pair of Gepettos is like trying to get a Birkin bag, but way more erotic!


  1. Jill,

    this world is too small. I read about the Naughty´s at but the editor did not mention the footwear to be worn there. What a pitty - I did not come in. But I will next time I am in town.

    Being there I hope to see a girl wearing bladed balletboots. KP fighting boots is not allowed to any person but you? So it will be easy to spot you. Maybe you can show me the craft of Gepetto and all the little details that make them that unique.

    Dancing shoes have a limited life so I expect the Gepettos balletboots also to have a limited life? How many different pairs do you have? You don´t wear the same pair of boots every day, ey?

    Cheers, Joe

  2. Hi Again Joe,

    “I read about the Naughty’s at but the editor did not mention the footwear to be worn there.”

    I understand, but given that we allow any footwear, other than KP Fighting boots, I think our policy is in line with other casinos in Vegas since everyone wants to get as many young women through their entertainment venue doors as possible. In the best of all worlds I would opt for limiting women’s footwear to pointe shoes or ballet boots, worn by girls trained and confident in performing in them. However, even I recognize that as lovely as that fantasy is and as much as I wish it to be financially viable it’s not. So women in more traditional feminine footwear are not only welcome they are necessary.

    I’m going to answer your other two questions in a later post where I and discuss them in some detail because I think they are of interest to other readers as well.

  3. Jill, is where a way i can get the address of the cobbler that you talked about my GF has some pointe's she really likes that she is needs to get fixed.

  4. Hi WS, thanks for writing... I understand about having a fave pair of pointes... I've had hundreds... Sigh!

    Unfortunately our cobbler doesn't do repair for mail order or even walk-in traffic it's just for club patrons. You might try asking a local ballet company in your area if they have a cobbler who modifies or repairs pointes who she could go to.

  5. Jill, I don' know is you reply to any postings this old, but you have My curiosity engaged...

    You mention "Things like live sperm to hot-load a girl’s syringe plug, ". Please describe that further, as to device and usage. Sounds very sexy!

    Sincerely yours,
    Master Paul

    1. Hi Master Paul,

      I'm going to publish a post about Hot-loading as the subject is too important for just a comment.


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