Friday, July 30, 2010

Cyndi’s cycle

5 minute results serum pregnancy test

Cyndi’s cycle: Well, it’s Friday July 30th and cycle day one (CD1) for me and most of my circle whose cycles are synched to mine. Returning readers may remember that almost all the women who train with me and who are cycling naturally found that their menstrual cycles almost always are synched to mine because of the pheromones from training and sweating in close proximity to each other so much of the time.

You remember that because Cyndi became infatuated with Freddy, (the Austrian dancer who was one of Natasha’s lovers and who I hired to partner Natasha while she is dancing at the High-rollers club) she thinks he impregnated her as he had so many of the dancers he was intimate with in various European ballet companies. The fact that Cyndi has a GyneFix IUD inserted so it is nearly impossible for her to become pregnant didn’t lessen the certainty of her belief that she would miss her period this cycle and test positive for the pregnancy hormone, hCG.

I took her to the clinic the first of this week for a serum pregnancy test which is far more sensitive than the First Response HPTs she had been using and there was no trace of hCG, but she was still skeptical. She could have gone alone, but I wanted to show my support whichever way the test went. At this point I’m not sure if she really wanted to be carrying Freddy’s baby or if she is laying a guilt trip on herself. She had been feeling pre-menstrual for the last several days with the normal accumulation of fluid prior to the start of menstrual bleeding and she interpreted that as very early signs of pregnancy, which would be extremely rare.

As I mentioned earlier the women in my circle who are cycling naturally are in synchrony with my cycle and nearly all of us (including Cyndi) started spotting yesterday and switched to wearing diaphragms/gas guards or menstrual cups for flow control. Cyndi began flowing normally last night so she is definitely not preggers and now seems to have accepted that fact and I think she is happy with that outcome.

Menstrual sex and gas guards: A lot of our men (especially European and Asian clients) love it when we are menstrual because they like to play in our bloody discharge. You’ll remember that when menstrual the only effective upper reproductive tract protection from embolisms and infection from pool water during deep dive sex - at depths below 10 meters - while menstruating is the Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragm. When not menstrual an Oves cap is the best gas guard (if a women can be correctly fitted with it) because of its small size, but an Oves or FemCap can’t be worn when menstrual because the flow would float the cap off the cervix and allow gas bubbles or pool water to pass into the uterus. So when menstrual we all use Reflexions latex gas guards to make things simpler; if a girl has an opportunity to dive deeper that ten meters she doesn’t have to switch from an arcing or coils spring rim to a flat spring Reflexions to be fully protected. Women who have GyneFix IUDs inserted or have cycles of 28 days or longer (so there is no chance of ovulating while menstrual) can safely remove their gas guards while menstrual if not planning to have sex underwater. That is such a popular option – to go with the flow - for escorts or courtesans since so many of our lovers enjoy the scent, taste, feel and look of bloody discharge during menstrual sex.

A reader asks: “Can you pump pure oxygen into the uterus?” OMG! Yes, you can, but why would you? Gas in the uterus will kill the woman! And it doesn’t have to be done with pure oxygen, any gas will do. We recently found that was used to off a Russian courtesan who specialized in dive sex while she was visiting friends in town. It’s a popular option for a professional hit since it is a fast and clean way to snuff a chick during a dive. You don’t even have to remove her gas guard- unless she has an Oves sucking on her cervix because Oves is the only gas guard that will protect the upper reproductive tract while being bubble fucked -.just insert a bubble-fuck reg and depress the purge button. I think the snuff video purists like to see the girl spasm during a heart attack. With a stroke there is usually a lot less action because the woman is paralyzed and drowns or suffocates quickly. So the videos of the heart attack victims writhing in pain in dive gear are much more eagerly sought after. For more about bubble-fucking see my entry for August 16, 2009

If a bubble-fuck regulator isn’t available you can make a surface apparatus by rigging up a cannula to a demand valve on one end and menstrual cup on the other. The Menstrual cup (A Diva or a Moon Cup) is inserted in the woman’s vagina and fitted over her cervix. Pressure from the cannula holds the cup in place. The purge button on the reg is depressed sending a surge of compressed gas into the wearer’s uterus where it will enter the bloodstream and cause an embolism that will cause a massive stroke or heart attack just as though she was underwater. Compressed air inserted in the uterus leaves no external marks on the body so at first it appears the woman died of natural causes.


  1. I have to wonder why Cyndi would have been fretting about being pregnant when every test showed up negative! Maybe she heard all the stories about the late Freddie and felt he could bypass copper IUDs. That would be unlikely.

  2. Yeah, really unlikely! Which is what I'd been telling her for the last several weeks! But then what do I know about that sort of thing! Sigh! Well, the good thing is that she seems to have put the experience behind her.


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