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Immorality and temple garments

Mormon Temple Garments

Mormon ritual clothing: The temple garments in the image above (formally the Garment of the Holy Priesthood or informally, the garment or garments) symbolizes the "coats of skins" which Jehovah made for Adam and Eve before casting them out of the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3:21).

Latter-day Saints who have been endowed in the temple are expected to wear the garment under their clothes every day, as a reminder of special promises or covenants to God. On a practical level, it also serves as a guide to modest dressing — a woman could hardly wear a tank top and a miniskirt while wearing the temple garment, nor could a man go publicly shirtless.

Spiritually, the garment is believed to be a "shield and protection" against the powers of evil (and sometimes against physical harm, according to some Latter-Day Saints).
Latter-Day Saints are commonly clothed in the temple garment and the outer temple clothing when they are buried.

Men and withdrawal: Early last week I had Taryn help with a small private get-together for two Mormon men in town on business. They were scouting UNLV for potential wives for a polygamous sect that live in southern Utah. They had booked a little R&R away from their search for ‘pure’ and subservient women and they intended to slake their male appetites for sex with some of the more exciting delights of the flesh that can be had in this town. It was the first time that Taryn had stripped ‘temple garments’ off a man which she thought was great fun as temple garments are a visible sign of a practicing Mormon’s mental protection from immodesty, immorality and sin. I rather thought of it as peeling them out of their consciences! It’s not often I’ve seen a man’s good intentions in a pile on the floor!

Mormon women are, in my opinion, second class citizens as far as the Latter-Day Saints teachings are concerned because they are expected to be subservient to their husbands and working outside the home is frowned on in strict LDS families. The men practice withdrawal not as a form of contraception but as an indication of their god given ability to be in complete control of their bodies. Well, that’s what the senior of the two told me before Taryn and I joined them for one-on one demonstrations of a Mormon man’s amazing ability to control the planting of his seed, or so they thought. The younger of the two was about 25 and the older appeared to be in his mid thirties and both claimed to have very high sperm counts and produce high quality sperm. Neither mattered! We had no intention of getting preggers since Taryn is protected by a GyneFix IUD and I was CD26 and had an Oves cap sucking on my cervix.

I had asked Taryn to participate because I’ve found that Mormon men like very young tight sex partners and with her exquisite dancer’s body she is a man’s sex fantasy. In addition I wanted Taryn to experience for herself the feeling of being so much meat as the men demonstrated their control by working right up to the edge of orgasm before withdrawing and ejaculating in her face or splattering her breasts with long strands of molten pearl. Owning one of the worlds largest adult media empires it’s important that Taryn experience for herself attitudes of the men in one of the largest remaining under served markets of potential clients in the U.S. for her products. That way she has an insight into the potential client’s mental attitude toward women so she can appeal to that set of values. These guys seem normal enough when you are talking to them with other gentiles around, but if they think a woman they have an intimate relationship with is alone with them or they are in the presence of other Mormon men they can be unbelievably arrogant and demean her. I was along to make sure nothing happened to Taryn, not that I thought it would since Anya and I had entertained a similar pair earlier this year, and to offer a choice if either or both men wanted to test themselves with someone with more than twenty years experience in getting a man to come when he thought he was in total control.

I was perfectly ok with taking seconds, which I was sure they would ask for. Taryn easily took both of them the first time with five minutes in between each to douche to flush out her previous partner’s lube and she let them both demonstrate their control and successfully withdraw before shooting their wads. The younger splattered her breasts, the older hit her in her eyes. Fortunately she was prepared and wearing a splatter mask – clear oversized contact lenses – so very little semen got in her eyes. I could see the disappointment in the man’s expression when she didn’t flinch, scream or try to wipe the semen out of her eyes. I liked being second because a man getting off a third time in quick succession has a higher chance of being fully in control since he has already gotten relief so even when he is using a performance enhancer his sensitivity is somewhat lessened so he should – in theory - have better control over his ejaculation, thus giving me more of a challenge.

Of course before it happened neither of the mind-over-matter-men had any idea what being ripple gripped was or how helpless he would be in controlling his ejaculation when he was deep inside a woman as highly skilled in pelvic pleasures as Taryn or I. The last four times each man tried - three times each with me and once again with Taryn - he couldn’t control when he came and they spewed inside us every time. Fortunately both were able to put aside the false premise of mental invincibility – we told them what marvelous lovers they were - and so in denial managed to save themselves from destruction of their self esteem by two gentile women who were much better at controlling our bodies than the LDS supermen were at controlling theirs. Afterward both men lay gasping and quickly entered a deep dreamless sleep. Being emptied six times each I’ll admit they both had marvelous stamina. However, I think their belief in mental invincibility during sexual arousal will never be the same. I watched their faces the last few times as they struggled to withdraw while locked in our embrace while we manipulated the heads of their penises with our vaginal muscles and as they shuddered, gasped and filled us with sperm they moaned in ecstasy rather than frustration.

Taryn gives me a scare: Did you know that pointes are easier to run in than ballet flats? Of course you can step out of flats but that doesn't help when you are running across coarse gravel. Not that I make a habit of running across course gravel but under the circumstances that was the best alternative and I was glad I was wearing pointes because I was confronted by an attacker before I could get into my car. I ran across the parking lot to get to a firm surface rather than fight on the rough gravel. Once I got to the road I stopped and turned and the guy didn't expect that. I kicked him in the face as his momentum drove him into the platform of my shoe. It was a text-book perfect kick and as he fell past me he spun me around, landed on his knees and as I completed my turn I kicked him in the head and he toppled over on his side. He had been drinking in a sleazy fetish bar I went into while looking for Taryn. I saw him staring at me as I asked the bar girl if she had seen Taryn which she hadn’t and as I left the guy followed me out.

He didn’t move as I cut off his belt with the buck knife I removed from a holster at his waist and pulled down his jeans then did my best to crush his genitals in the cup of his Speedo. There was a lot of blood as his manhood was pulped by repeated kicks with the platforms of my pointes. That place is not a club we normally frequent but I hadn't been able to find Taryn in our regular haunts and I was looking for her because while she is usually quite capable of taking care of herself she's only 18. That makes her legal to hunt but not allowed to drink so I thought she might have gone to one of the places I knew that routinely serve underage girls where even a capable woman can’t be confident of being safe. And, being of an age to be legally hunted but an under age drinker is a combination that sometimes causes girls in her position to be hunted by packs of men. As it turned out she was quite safe in a dorm at UNLV organizing an orgy. I was so proud of her taking the time and initiative to reach out to an under served community!


  1. It sounds like the two Mormon men you hosted might've been from the FLDS Church that Warren Jeffs used to run until his arrest a couple years ago, but one cannot be too sure. I'm also reminded of the encounter you and Anya had with two Mormon missionaries, when you both fought those boys using pointe boots against steel-toe boots and kicked their asses! If I remember your account, those guys had tried to kill themselves on a freeway overpass. Anything come of these two guys?

    Jill, you seem to be a target for every horny guy wanting to make a conquest, due to your petite stature and seemingly-frail bodytype. But as they say, looks can be deceiving, and those guys learn a hard lesson at the end of the pointe shoe. It almost as if you lure them in by running. I also have to wonder about that UNLV orgy that you found Taryn to be at. Also, shouldn't you have scoulded her about not letting you know where she is, as she is your responsibilty?

  2. The suicide of the Mormon missionary was hushed up. That was a while ago and I’ve heard no more about it.

    I don’t think I’m any more of a target that any other small attractive woman. That club is a scary place. Fortunately I can defend myself better than most women can. Taryn usually has the GPS feature on her cell turned on – so I know where she is - when she is out but had it off in the dorm because some guys have been stalking her. I think she and I will be meeting with the stalkers in the near future because she has asked them nicely to stop harassing her and that just made them more intent on getting to her. So the gloves may come off after the meeting. It will be their decision.

  3. Give 'em hell! (Along with the edge of a knife-pointe blade.)


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