Monday, August 23, 2010

Naughty’s and Miss Universe

Miss Universe 2010 contestants

Miss Universe 2010: I’m not a fan of Beauty Pageants, but I won’t have harm come to contestants if I can help it. Last night I had an opportunity to keep three of this years Miss Universe contestants out of trouble and took it.

The pageant is pretty well chaperoned and the countries have a self-interest in keeping their contestant in line as “The Donald” Trump is known for firing people for rules infractions. However, three of the girls conspired to slip their minders and ended up in Naughty Pleasures our Cabaret and with its famous singles bar, Meat Market. A bartender recognized one of them and let security know and we had three of our male escorts pick them up and after a drink and chat where I explained that if they got caught they were in trouble we took them back to the Mandalay Bay. We called ahead and explained the situation and their security was able to sneak them back into the secure area.

The pageant is tonight August 23, 2010. It will be televised on NBC beginning at 9:00 PM in the east and there is a dress rehearsal in the afternoon so it’s a big day for the girls. I don’t mind giving the event publicity because what brings people to Vegas helps us all. I hope you will watch and try to guess which three of the girls spent time chatting up my escorts at Naughty’s. No I’m not going to tell, it’s our secret!


  1. Were they from three different regions of the world?

  2. Well, I would think that neither of the three ladies were in the top 15. I would suspect that they were secretly DQed but allowed to appear on the show last night. I remember during a Miss USA telecast in the late 1980s (when it was still on CBS, sometime after Bob Barker stopped hosting it) a Miss California was shown in her swimsuit in the set-up piece showing all 51 constestants, and then gave their preliminary scores. When she was given her close-up, it said "No Score." I read in the paper the next day, she was DQed for some unspecified rules violation. I would wonder if the three contestants you mention might've had a similar fate.


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