Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sounds and scents of rubber sex

Interspiro FFM showing adaptor plate, beneath ONU, where twin-hose reg is mounted

The Neo-Queens of neoprene: We are offering a two day course for escorts on SCUBA wearing for surface sex and the first eight classes are fully booked. It’s sort of a reverse strip in rubber and among the rubber fetish community it is becoming increasingly popular. We are teaching the girls how to get the most sound and scent from their equipment. Neoprene and latex - while both rubbery materials - sound and smell differently and have different stretchiness depending on thickness and purity of the materials. By far the most common rubber suits are the ubiquitous neoprene wetsuits. Latex wetsuits are far rarer and far more costly and are sold as fetishwear rather than sports equipment because there is almost no thermal protection when wearing latex vs. neoprene. We teach the girls how to tease by lingering over the pulling on of neoprene tights and then working the toes and feet into rubber booties and pulling the stretchy bootie shafts over the ankle cuffs of the tights with the creak and squeal of friction from dry tight rubber surfaces rubbing and the snap of contracting rubber-on-rubber when the seals close as the booties and gloves are pulled on. And, for the couples really into rubber lust the woman will wear a ripe Reflexions latex gas guard so her lover can smell its musky stench and watch her insert it.

New fetish booties: Gepetto has designed optional footwear for women in the rubber fetish community who can wear pointe shoes. It is the pool-pointe bootie, a pool-pointe with a bootie top. Returning readers remember that pool-pointes are silicone rubber pointe shoes with a blocked toe-box and unbreakable carbon fiber shank and Velcro closures on the ribbons. And, lead weights can be added on the platforms to hold the wearer on the bottom of a pool. The inside of the toe-box is heavily padded so no taping or padding is needed so they can be worn out of the water. Once the toes are seated in the toe-box the wearer points her foot, puts weight on the platform and pulls the stretchy bootie shaft over the ankle cuff of the neoprene or latex tights. Grippers on the inside of the bootie shafts hold the tension on the toe-box holding it securely on the foot. Putting on the hood with its long shoulder skirt is another opportunity to tease putting up our long hair, pulling the hood over the head, pushing loose strands of hair back under the hood and adjusting the skirt over the shoulders and tops of swelling breasts. Then pulling on the zip front jacket with the double-ended zip pulls, so the client/lover can get to the girls breasts and crotch, and zipping up the wrist and ankle seals. We recommend using Interspiro FFMs [shown in the image accompanying this entry] modified to take a Mistral twin hose regulators so the couple can get close face-to-face w/o having single hose regs sticking so far out front. Twin-hose regs are also handy in case the encounter leads to dive-sex since the exhaled air is vented out of the reg housing on the top of the tank leaving visibility excellent between the girl and her lover.

Sensual attraction: Both men and women seem to be attracted by the sounds and scents of sex in rubber both while on the surface and during dive-sex. The hiss of air being sucked through the demand valve and again on exhaling (this is especially true when using a twin-hose reg), and the burble of bubbles as the air from exhalations rushes toward the surface. On the surface the creak of neoprene as weight is shifted from one leg to the other and air tanks are adjusted and the creak of the pool-pointes as the woman’s weight shifts while en pointe flexing the shanks. I love the compression, the zip and creak of the straps on my five strap spider FFM head-harness as they are tightened seating the seal against my cheeks clamping my nose and mouth in the rubbery scented oral-nasal unit of my Interspiro FFM, used with a Mistral twin-hose. And the ever present scent of my own estrogenic sweat as I pull on my rubber suit teasing my lover into arousal and then sweating, panting and mewing into my ONU during my own arousal and the marvelous escape to an exquisite explosive vaginal orgasm. It’s a sensuous bouquet of scents, sights and sounds guaranteed to arouse the most jaded rubber Dom.

My alibi for missing Astor Courts - continued: I keep forgetting that readers don’t follow my cycle to know when I’m menstrual. Well, except the reader (You know who you are!) who charts my cycle as closely as I do, but on his own calendar. I think that’s so sweet! Go figure! I was CD2 on July 31st, when Chelsea and Marc were married and if I had been traveling then I would have been traveling with a Milex Omniflex inserted for flow control. No big thing, but I prefer to travel with an Oves sucking on my cervix. I think that’s a psychological hang-up, a holdover from when I flew commercial and had to go through scanners that picked up the metal spring rim of my diaphragms and I had to explain that to the TSA agents. Sigh!

I know I would have tried to be on my best behavior while wearing a diaphragm at the wedding, but it could have been a bit touchy. That’s because I could have met someone who was really happy to see me and while the dome collects flow amazingly well the dynamics of a thrusting penis against the dome will cause the rim to flex, which it should. But what that means is that when the rim flexes it leaves a thin coating of blood on the vaginal wall that will coat a partner’s shaft. So, if he isn’t very careful a partner could get a little blood on his trousers. Even if he was wearing a root boot he would need to take care stripping it off afterward. That would have really been a bummer if he was a member of the wedding party, especially if his wife found a stain. Well, it didn’t happen! I’m told that everything went very well for the entire weekend at Rhinebeck. Chelsea was very smart not to have invited me.

Dive-sex collateral damage: We are starting to see cases of teens wearing their Mom’s diaphragms dry (with no spermicide) for dive-sex. That’s good news and bad news. It’s good that teens recognize they need to use a gas guard, but it’s bad to use someone else’s GG without being fitted so you know the device is the correct size. That’s a problem because with a gas guard that is too small a partner can push his way under the rim and leave semen in the dome. If that happens and she conceives the unintended pregnancy can be taken care of relatively easily. However, with a penis thrusting under the dome the gas guard is no longer protecting her from the possibly fatal side effects from penetration of the upper reproductive by air bubbles or pool water caused by the hydraulics of her partners thrusting. That can cause an embolism from gas bubbles or infection from pool bacteria. I keep stressing to my students the need to wear a correctly fitted gas guard, preferably a Reflexions flat spring diaphragm or a cervical cap during dive-sex to be as safe as possible.

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