Thursday, August 19, 2010

My life and Facebook


Social networking and me: Since I began this blog more than 14 months ago (on May 30, 2009) I’ve been occasionally asked to join various social networking sites. I’m appreciative that readers would like me to be their friend on facebook, MySpace, Hi Five, Groupie, Twitter etc but as you can see from the list and it goes on and on I do have to limit my time on-line. I decided early on that this blog, my YIM account and my email are all I can reasonably cover in the time I have available.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone by not replying to their friends request but I have to draw the line somewhere and leaving an account in this blog of what is going on in my life in Vegas (where it can be searched and indexed by Google and other search engines) gives me the biggest bang for my buck, so to speak and just may be less invasive of my privacy than Facebook etc. Thank you again Eric! If readers want to comment on a post and will leave an email address I will do my best to reply as time permits.

Right now is an especially busy time for me as we are working on the new fall program for my casino’s ballet company, we are performing Miss Julie again this season which was a favorite last year. In addition my commitment to the Gyn clinic and St Lucy’s in teaching young women to appreciate the power of the female body and to get the most from it by honing their physical skills is profound. I think there is nothing more important that passing on to young women the skills and lessons that I have learned over my twenty year career as a dancer.

My blog: Jill’s World, has given me a forum to write about and publish - uninhibited by social mores - what is really happening in Vegas and elsewhere for which I’m especially grateful. Someone accused me of writing ‘Slit-Lit’ which he defined as erotic stories for and about women. For anyone who hasn’t realized it yet Las Vegas is not Disneyland! If my writing is of interest to anyone I’m glad. I just want to record what happens in one dancer’s life in a city that caters to human lust, greed and risk of all kinds the 95% of the time when I’m not performing before an audience, to show that life in the entertainment industry can be very rough, sometimes violent and amazingly hard work, not all parties and pleasure.

Be a follower: And, for those readers who want to stay current with my activities; my latest stallion, dive-sex encounter, clean up project for the city fathers, discipline training at Adolph’s and who’s pregnant at St Lucy’s, had an abortion or what I think about the new EC ella for example, you can become a follower of my blog. I hope you will. A performer loves an audience! Following me is free…some sites charge to read about the sorts of things that happen to me! Go figure! So if you are interested in the things I do I’d love it if you would be a follower. Ok?


  1. Jill, I love to be a daily reader. :-)

  2. I've been a follower from day one, carrying over from the old Yahoo 360 blog. I don't think it's all "slit-lit." I consider what you write to be a mix of entertainment and education. I think I remember the title of a show from the student-run campus radio station at the University of Iowa: "Edumational Infotainment," or something like that. That's what I think of your blog. Between the escapades of you and your crew and the news updates from the worlds of dance, health and Vegas, I find this a must-read of my daily trips around the Internet.

  3. I too enjoy your Blog, Jill. You're an interesting person :) Would love to see you dance as it's something I enjoy also...



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