Friday, August 13, 2010

Student sexual healthcare and reader’s questions

A Vacusafe aspiration system

Summer Intensive complications: Several weekends ago I was helping out at the clinic and one of the chaperones from the ballet summer intensive being held across town came in with a 14 y/o student who had missed her period and tested positive for pregnancy. The school has a pretty strict dorm policy for students under 16 and she had only been at the SI for a week when her period was late. The fact later emerged that this was the second period she had missed so it’s certain she was impregnated before coming to Vegas for school. Her widowed father had been notified by the school and our Gyn talked with him and had the release forms faxed, signed and faxed back to allow a termination which the student and her father agreed was the best alternative. The Gyn said her father wasn’t mad, just terribly sad and cried wondering how it could have happened because she was on the pill.

The student wanted the fastest possible procedure so she wouldn’t miss any of her classes the following Monday, so it was agreed she would have a vacuum aspiration abortion as the quickest and safest method then be given a course of antibiotics to minimize the likelihood of infection as her uterus repairs itself. Because she was so young her cervix was numbed and dilated to allow easier insertion of the soft cannula. The process of removing her endometrium and the other tissue took about fifteen minutes. The removed uterine contents were examined and the Gyn was satisfied that all the tissue associated with the pregnancy was there (typically an 8 week old fetus is about .5 inches long and weighs about .04oz) so the termination was complete and she spent an hour in post-op recovery to make sure she was ok. I was so proud of how well she handled a difficult situation while away from home and her usual support network.

She was given a pack of pads to wear as she would be spotting for a day or so and two packs of the birth control pill, Yaz, that she is on and condoms and was told not to have intercourse for two weeks and to use condoms while on the antibiotic and until she had taken at least 7 consecutive active pills from a new pack after she had finished the course of antibiotics so she can be sure her hormonal protection is properly reestablished. Fourteen is below the age of consent here so with the schools chaperones I imagine she was safe enough for the rest of the SI.

As to how she could have become preggers while taking her pills consistently, it’s a story we had heard many times before. She had reached menarche only about a year ago and suffered from erratic cycles and painful periods. For the last six months her Gyn had put her on Yaz to stabilize her cycle and lessen the discomfort she was having when menstrual. Then she had been given an antibiotic by her GP to treat a sinus infection. Our Gyn thinks that’s what lessened her protection enough to allow breakthrough ovulation so that taking a partner who wasn’t wearing a condom allowed him to impregnate her. She said he is the only boy she has been intimate with and that she took her pills regularly each morning. Women on hormonal contraceptives do have to be careful about interactions with other meds and some foods as well as vomiting with 4 hours of taking a pill because the hormones may not be fully digested and in the bloodstream until then.

Reader’s questions: A reader asked, “How much do you charge for service?” My reply was: “I teach and am an event planner, I don't charge for personal services. Well, not directly anyway. My fee is distributed over the many services my organization provides.” I’m a brand now and if I were a pharmaceutical the FDA would say my girls are ‘therapeutic equivalents’ of me. I’ve never been for sale so that someone could by a piece of me. Even when I was in school I’ve always been able to choose my partners both male and female and my readers know some of the men as my handsome virile stallions.

During a chat a night or two ago another reader asked if I had ever found someone I wanted to marry. I said I had, but they were married. I said I was confident that I could have seduced him and taken him away from his wife. However, if I did that I would have a man I knew was unfaithful and if he was unfaithful to the woman I took him from he would eventually be unfaithful to me and I don’t need that! I have a wonderful circle of strong talented men for companionship and sexual pleasure and I have plenty of money so I don’t need to be kept; I’m too independent for that anyway. So I’ll be satisfied with the way things are, until Mr. Right comes along.


  1. "So I’ll be satisfied with the way things are, until Mr. Right comes along."

    Do you know what qualities are in your Mr. Right, or is it just one of those things that you know when he arrives?

  2. I think it will almost certainly be a mix of things the proportions of which it’s impossible to know ahead of time. I think the chemistry between two people, their interests, skills, tastes, desires, and physical attractiveness and how they treat each other all will enter into it.


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