Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gas masks and St Lucy’s new semester

Mestel SGE 150 gas mask and canister

Gas masks and condoms: We have had a spike in BDSM deaths (well, two in a week) from suffocation. Both were gorgeous and extremely expensive 22 y/o escorts who should have known better than to allow themselves to be fastened to beds with heavy leather restraints. Not that the kind of restraints would have made any difference. Their partner – analysis of his semen found it was the same man – had removed the filter canisters from their standard BDSM gas masks (the Mestel SGE 150 which is less costly than the SGE 400 so is in more common use) and replaced them with an aluminum 40mm fitting extender, then put latex condoms over the extender and fastened the condoms in place with rubber bands so they may have suffocated while he was fucking them. BDSM and especially breathplay is an extremely popular premium service so a girl’s SGE 150 gets a lot of use. The suspect is a man about 6 feet tall, 200 lbs., brown hair, well muscled body, clean shaven and speaks with a French accent. Both girls had a GyneFix implanted and were fertile. None of their clothing seems to have been taken and their slit-kits didn’t seem to be missing anything so we don’t know if he took souvenirs.

We are trying to get the word out to the escort services to be very careful of that sort of request from new clients. Once a client has established a credit history with the service it’s less likely he will turn homicidal especially if he is with a favorite girl, but with BDSM guys sometimes get carried away, so you can never really be sure.

New St Lucy’s girls arrive this week: The pace is picking up again in preparation for the fall semester. Cyndi and Gigi are orientation leaders this year to help the new girls get settled in. New Students have been arriving to be fitted out with the special equipment they will need as are the rising sixth form students who will be taking my Advanced Sexual Techniques course. We had made an exception for Cyndi when she took the AST course when she was fifteen (under the age of consent) but we had permission forms from her mom and her grandmother, the Duchess.

This semester we will have another fifteen y/o Katherine, or Kat, who signed up for AST. She was brought out by her parents from a prestigious girl’s school in NYC and her parents have signed all the requisite permissions for Kat to participate in the sorts of things taught in AST. Actually, she was expelled for repeated inappropriate behavior, but scholastically she is very smart, she’s just adventuresome. The incident for which she was expelled was when she was found enjoying working under one of her gymnastics coaches who was showing her what deep massage therapy felt like and they were really getting it on when her moans brought one of the security guards to investigate. She had her ball-gag in her gym bag and if she had just worn it she wouldn’t have been sent into exile from Manhattan. She was taking gymnastics because the school didn’t have a good dance department so she is switching back to ballet. She had kept up her ballet training with private classes so from her audition video performance she should be able to participate fully at her age level. She seems the sort of high spirited girl who will do well at St Lucy’s. She tested negative for pregnancy (we always check a new student’s urine specimen) so she will start here with a clean record and a creative mind. And she has completed the regimen of Gardasil shots so her vaccinations are all current.

AST Pelvic exam: All St Lucy’s students get a pelvic exam at the start of the school year, but the pelvic given to the students who will be taking the AST course is particularly thorough. That’s because the women’s cervical health and vaginal muscle tone as well as any anatomical irregularities that might interfere with a strenuous regimen of pelvic training, including frequent sexual intercourse, needs to be corrected before classes start or the student must withdraw from the course and reapply after the condition is corrected.

Most of the returning girls had had an AST pelvic before they went home for the summer so they knew if they needed a corrective procedure of one sort or another – often a hymenectomy - and could have it taken care of during vacation. So the second pelvic, upon returning to school, was routine, except for the hCG test of course. HCG tests are never routine with teens on birth control pills since you can never be certain that they have been taking their pills correctly. Then there were the transfer students who had been given a pelvic by their Gyns, but needed the more thorough AST pelvic along with a full physical before starting the course. We also recommend that the student take the schools health insurance through student health which will cover any eventuality including contraceptives, child birth and abortion.

AST course kitting out: A requirement for taking AST is to be a PADI (or equivalent) qualified diver. The AST students arrive several days early to be measured for their latex encasement suits at Gepettos as well as pleasure boots. And for a girl who hasn't already been fitted for a Penetrator plug she is fitted during her pelvic. For a girl getting her first Penetrator is as much a rite of passage as is her first pair of pointe shoes. Many students have already been fitted for diaphragms, but for AST they all get a latex Reflexions flat spring as a gas guard for protection during deep dive-sex which can be used at any time during the woman’s entire cycle. If a student is allergic to latex then she is fitted for a silicone cervical cap which she can wear when she is not menstrual. A cap is harder for teens to insert correctly and can’t be used while menstrual but a cap can be worn safely at any depth.

A single student’s equipment for AST is more than $7,500 and that’s just for the specialty equipment like pleasure boots, rubber encasement suits, a gag set, a selection of dildos and a Sybian. Her SCUBA set, wetsuit, training plug, Penetrator plug, gas guards, splatter mask and other necessary feminine safety equipment aren’t included in the course equipment fees.

An AST off-campus caution: Most AST students are permitted to enroll in teen auxiliaries of local adult fetish clubs. But there needs to be some caution on the student’s part. In theory adult fetish club members aren’t allowed to date St Lucy’s students, but some girls (like Kat) enjoy ignoring the rules. A cervical barrier alone is not enough protection for students venturing into local rubber fetish society. That’s because local men in the rubbers fetish community have been hooking up with very young girls by trolling their teen rubber fetish clubs and taking advantage of new members. One of their fave ways to take advantage of a girl protecting herself by using a rubber contraceptive diaphragm – almost always swimmers or ballet students who are taking a dive-sex course and like to wear their gas guards all the time - is to get her into a compromising position then pull her diaphragm out, stuff it in her mouth as a gag and then penetrate her and finish inside her while she is unprotected. That’s something we try to avoid, but it happens once or twice each year.

So, this year we are requiring all the AST students to be on another effective method of birth control in addition to using a barrier - the pill or a GyneFix are the two most popular ones. That way they can safely attract attention when they are in fetish clubs. Because dazzling young males by their sleek looks while clad in shiny black latex encasement suits and their skill in walking confidently and dancing in a pair of Gepetto’s Pleasure boots is part of their AST training. We call it mind-fucking the locals. With an IUD or on the pill there should be no concern about a possible pregnancy from an encounter where a student has her diaphragm pulled out before she is penetrated. That way the student can pretend to be unprotected and afraid – that’s wonderful drama training - and still be quite safe, when a rubber fetishist pumps semen into her. We have chaperones with the girls, but they can’t be everywhere at once and the girls do need an occasional opportunity to feel they are being naughty. This is Vegas after all!


  1. "A single student’s equipment for AST is more than $7,500..."

    Wow, that's quite an investment made by the parents of those students! Of course, I do know that most of those parents are well-to-do. Still, things are very expensive. I take it that cost includes made-to-order items. I would doubt Gepetto has stock-sized boots and suits.

  2. Hi Eric, You’re right. Most of our student’s families are very wealthy. There is some financial assistance for a few girls who have particular skill sets and potential who we can shepherd along and place strategically with mentors in society, but those are very few. All of the equipment from Gepetto’s shops, the encasement suits, and pleasure boots etc are custom made. There are no stock items as such, though he will make several of a particular item to a wearer’s specs if the wearer is a heavy user and might need a replacement immediately. Even the training plugs, Penetrators and other specialized gynecological equipment is custom made for the individual student’s anatomy.


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