Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dive-sex challenges

Instructor in vintage Drager FFM and inverted twin-set

Vintage SCUBA equipment and dive-sex: Escorts specializing in dive sex like the model Drager FFM being worn by the instructor in the image above. That’s because it’s noisy with the hiss of the demand valve as she sucks gas and roar of the wearer’s exhalations as the bubbles race toward the surface. The bubbles are vented to the side so they don’t cloak the wearer’s visibility and there is no oral-nasal unit obscuring the wearer’s face as there is in many of the newer FFMs. The large faceplate lets the wearer’s full facial features be easily seen. That’s important when a customer has paid as much as a dive-sex encounter costs and the escort are as lovely as the dive-sex girls are. And, the large air volume in the mask gives it neutral buoyancy which minimizes diver fatigue during a dive-sex encounter.

Inverted twin-tank training: One of the most difficult equipment configurations for a woman to wear during dive-sex is an inverted twin-tank set like the one shown in the image above. The difficulty is not for her of course, but for her partner who has to penetrate and thrust into her w/o scraping himself against her tanks. At our casino we pride ourselves on having our male escorts experienced with all sorts of vintage as well as new dive gear so as to give our female clients the most mind blowing dive-sex experience it’s possible to have regardless of the dive gear they are using. To do that we train our men for some of the most difficult situations and one way is by having their instructors wear inverted tank sets.

The encounter begins: It starts with the male escort gaining full access to the trainer’s/client’s vagina by sliding her thong to one side or unfastening it and having the woman spread her legs. Then spreading her labia with the fingers of one hand he inserts the first two fingers of the other hand into her vagina feeling for obstructions like a menstrual cup and to see if she is wearing a gas guard which she should have inserted before entering the pool. If she isn’t wearing a gas guard they have to ascent to the surface and have her insert her gas guard. Once he feels that she is wearing a GG he checks its position to make certain the stretchy rubber dome is covering her cervix to protect her upper reproductive tract from an air embolism or infection from pool water. Then he inserts a disposable applicator of DiveGel in her vagina to make certain she is well lubed. In dive-sex there is no such thing as too much lube! What we recommend using is DiveGel which is only a thick lubricating gel, but if the woman wants he can use Semécide which is DiveGel with 4% Nonoxynol-9 added as a powerful spermicide for extra contraceptive protection.

Insertion: Then, with the woman’s legs still spread, he lets her release his erection from his slingshot and with him holding her hips she puts one hand on his shoulder and the other on his shaft to guide him and he carefully lowers her on to the tip of his shaft until she positions his tip at the entrance to her vagina. Then he pushes down on her hips pushing himself inside her. The moment of consummation, when he first enters her, is charged with emotion; him feeling the tight hot grip of the woman’s muscle ringed birth canal and she, feeling the velvet sheathed steel of his shaft pushing past the ring of nerves at the entrance to her vagina. Then slowly he works himself deeper and deeper as she adjusts her hips taking more and more of him. Most of our male escorts are large enough that when he is fully inside a woman the tip of his shaft is against the tip of her cervix even when she is extremely aroused. Most women love feeling the stretchy rubber dome of their gas guard press on her cervix as her partner thrusts into the dome.

Best position: The position that works the best for a woman wearing inverted tanks is for her to wrap her legs around her partner’s waist – he is wearing a shortie tank - and snuggle close to his chest while he holds her against the pool wall as he thrusts into her. Her tank backboard protects her back from the metal and straps of her tank. He can adjust his thrust angle by having her tilt her hips a bit, but too much and the valves and reg on her tanks will hit his legs. If she is small wearing a Drager FFM allows her to be held against his chest and still be able to look up and him to look down to see her expression as she approaches climax since their faceplates are only inches apart. They can hear each other moaning and gasping in delight over the roar of their bubbles as he caresses her G-spot with his rock hard glans taking her to a back arching, toe curling orgasm with the contractions of her strong vaginal muscle pulling him over the edge into ecstasy with her.

Instructor watching student descend in training pool

I love this image: It shows the bubble cloud as she exhales while waiting for her male partner to join her at the bottom of the training pool for his dive-sex lesson. This model vintage Drager is a fave for dive-sex because if both partners wear the same style they can snuggle up faceplate to faceplate to talk or hold each other close while the woman is wearing a low riding tank like the inverted twin-tank set she is wearing for this lesson. The roar of the bubbles and the hiss as she sucks air through her Drager’s demand valve matched with that of her partner when their respiration rate is up during orgasm provides a surrounding wall of sound enclosing the mating couple making them seem alone in their own private space as their attention is focused entirely on each other. The hiss of gas through their demand valves and the roar of their combined bubbles almost masking the man’s grunts and gasps and the woman’s mewing squeals and moans as they reach orgasm together.


  1. I would love to see something like you describe in action. I did see a video where a girl was swimming in an open-faced zentai-style suit and a guy made like he was "raping" her by cutting her suit, but I'd like to see more of the way you describe.

  2. I understand completely! This sort of thing makes a very popular video. We don’t allow any personal electronics in the area where the training is conducted. The official video of our training sessions is very tightly guarded because that sort of thing in digital format often seems to leak out and then the identities of the participants become public or in some cases the techniques can be copied which is bad for business. A student and instructor will block out the action and go through who is to do what when before they get into the pool. But once submerged it’s the real - sometimes messy - thing with max penetration and orgasm for both student and instructor complete with semen transfer. Otherwise the participants are just going through the motions and there is little to be learned without the stress of penetration, the ecstasy of orgasm and the (slight) risk of pregnancy for both the instructor and student.


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