Monday, August 16, 2010

Going away to school

Confident in a Balanchine body

Taryn’s friends and confidence: Most of the girls in Taryn’s class will be going off to college this fall as will Taryn. In preparation they have all come by the clinic for a fit check of their gas guards and to get a spare as backup in case something happens to their primary diaphragm. I’m fitting them with Reflexions latex flat spring rim diaphragms for flow control, menstrual sex and most importantly upper reproductive tract protection during dive-sex. Returning readers know that while a latex diaphragm won’t last as long (typically about 18 months) as a silicone one the flat spring rim – which is only available in latex – is the only diaphragm that is effective for deep dive-sex, below 30 feet. Two of the women needed a larger size, just one size, an additional 5 mm up, to 70mm, and they all got two twenty-four tube packs of prefilled applicators of dive-gel. I think the girls are all looking forward not only to the intellectual challenge of college, but to new sexual partners as well.

Penetrator Plugs: In my January 22, 2010 entry entitled Training plugs I cover the uses of vaginal plugs for electro-stimulation. And I’ve mentioned from time to time how useful Penetrator plugs are for giving a woman confidence that her groin is protected when worn in a room full of men with groping hands while appearing to wear nothing under her thong. This is particularly important for students starting a new school where she has no support system. All the graduating St Lucy’s girls had their Penetrators checked for correct fit and wear and a few needed larger ones or the discoloration was so severe a new clean one was appropriate.

When I recommended Ginny to fill in for Abi until her YI clears up I had her measured for a Penetrator and she came away from the fitting visit wearing a students temporary plug with which she could practice until her bespoke Penetrator could be made by Gepettos custom shop. I went with her one morning last week to get the custom made one and have it inserted to make certain that it fit exactly and that she could insert and remove it easily. It was a good thing she had been practicing with the student plug as the vacuum fit of the custom one still took a bit of trial and error before she learned to break the seal so she could get it out. She has the new version that allows urination w/o having to remove the plug which is a huge improvement over the original design.

Teen confidence building: As confident as Taryn is I thought her friends were probably as outgoing, sophisticated and confident as she is, and most of them are, but there is one who Taryn thought needed an added boost so I suggested a brief series of sensual encounters to boost her confidence in the power she can have over men with her exquisite body. Her name is Anne and she had been in my advanced sexual techniques class, but I don’t think she had practiced any of the skills I taught. She did not select anyone from the choices of screened male partners offered for stress relief and now has come to regret not participating. Her family lives in Vegas and she is going East to attend SAB. She just finished their SI and came back to see her family and pack and has been telling Taryn about all the terrific men at SAB. I hope that isn’t an indication that she is losing focus on her ballet training now that she needs all her artistic skills to compete with other SAB students. Taryn says she needs to polish her bedroom skills as drama training and I agree. Seductive movement used in the bedroom can be used equally effectively on stage. To entice a partner to new heights of technique as he loses himself in showing off his ability for a woman who has made herself supremely desirable to spur him to new heights of ardor in his quest to possess her is the height of drama which can leave an audience spellbound. If applied with the wrong man or in the wrong ballet that sort of vamping can be a disaster, but with subtly and in the right roles it can cause an audience to sweat with desire almost as much as the dancers performing the steps.

And so it was that when Anne became fertile this cycle she came to me for a brief immersion course in seduction and confidence training. It was two days of in-your-face mixing with heterosexual male dancers. An accidental hand on the thigh, buttock or the back of his neck, or, brushing his crotch with her dance bag as they chat before class is the sort of thing male fantasies are built on and she led them on to wanting her. Letting a partner see her putting up her hair and adjusting the sheer mesh ‘invisible’ dance bra she wore. It didn’t take much to let the men I paired her with know that she was not only interested in perfecting her ballet technique, but also the deepest form of intimate partnering. Fortunately she has a GyneFix IUD implanted and so there was no real concern about the possibility of her becoming pregnant from the encounters.

And she got a valuable refresher on the technique for inserting and removing her Reflexions gas guard for dive-sex which she found she enjoyed a lot more this time than when she first had dive-sex as part of her advanced sexual techniques class. She says she loves the feel of her partner thrusting into the stretchy rubber dome of her GG and knowing her upper reproductive tract is safe from harm from sex underwater. Each day after a full day of technique encounters she thanked me for the opportunity to practice the skills she knew she could use with male partners during a performance to take her artistry to new heights.

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