Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why I wasn’t at Astor Courts

Astor Courts Rhinebeck, NY

My invitation to the Rhinebeck, NY wedding: I’m not upset that I wasn’t invited to Chelsea’s and Marc’s wedding. I understand why I wasn’t. I do clean up nicely so I’m quite presentable in Armani and Jimmy Choos (actually, at 39 I’m still gorgeous) but if I had been recognized my reputation would have possibly made me a center of attention, or at least a distraction. We all know how terrible the tabloid press and paparazzi have become and on Chelsea’s special day that’s something that none of us wanted. I’m more a friend of Bill’s than anything and I do get to see him occasionally. I’m proud to say that I’ve helped him relax during some very high stress times in his life. I’ve met the family and even coached Hillary a time or two suggesting some things she could do to relax and enjoy time with her husband. I sent Chelsea and Marc a nice gift. At 30 Chelsea is a lovely lady and I don’t think she completely approves of me. If my gift isn’t returned I’ll consider that she may have forgiven me, or not.

A plus for me in not being invited is that I didn’t have to fight the traffic in the village and be pre-positioned a day or so in advance like the other guests. The closest ‘Limnaea’, my G550, could have landed is an old military base now called Stewart International Airport (SWF) which is 40 miles and an hours drive down river from Rhinebeck so it wasn’t a convenient location, but then I wasn’t consulted about that. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to fly commercial since that would have required me not diving a day or two before flying to minimize the chances of getting DCS. Had I been invited I would have had to attend since it would have been an offer I couldn’t have refused so I think it worked out best for everyone. I know Bill and Hill are relieved that everything went well and I hope the newly married couple will be supremely happy together!

Cyndi and Natasha: In a comment posted on my July 30 entry “Cyndi’s Cycle” Eric wrote: “I have to wonder why Cyndi would have been fretting about being pregnant when every test showed up negative! Maybe she heard all the stories about the late Freddie and felt he could bypass copper IUDs. That would be unlikely.”

I’d like to expand on my reply (on that entry) to say that I think Cyndi was fixated on pregnancy because she and Natasha have bonded and Cyndi sees her is being an expert on birth control, overlooking the fact that one of Natasha’s four recent lovers (including Freddy) managed to get to her egg and impregnate her. Natasha is a risk taker with contraception so she doesn’t mind cutting corners or taking a lot of just-this-once risks and one got her in trouble. With Cyndi I’ve tried to protect her as best I can so that with a GyneFix inserted she can have as much bareback sex as she wants w/o having to worry, as long as she stays within the pool of screened lovers we use for training escorts and St Lucy’s students.

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