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Therapy with Mack the Knife

In German Sailfish neoprene, meditation before penetration

Reconstructive surgery, neoprene and French lingerie: I have a friend who is a well known plastic surgeon. He takes me lingerie shopping and pays a fortune for expensive French lingerie. When we get back to his place, he watches me put it on and then cuts it off me with a scalpel. Talk about a hobby! OMG, is he ever intense! I said he is a friend and I guess that’s true, but he is new to my circle. I first met him when he did the cosmetic restoration of Anya’s arm after she was dragged along the cove bottom by a dolphin she was having sex with. [For more about that see my entry for August 3, 2009] It turns out he is in therapy to try and understand and minimize his need to cut young women out of their clothing before having sex with them.

He was nearly caught when he surprised a teen in a dressing room one night on the beach at Santa Monica and slashed the crotch of her black O’Neill wetsuit. Her rubber suit was still wet from a night swim and she managed to squirm out of his grasp and escape. After that he recognized he needed therapy and started seeing a psychiatrist for his addiction.

Returning readers may remember from my Blog on Yahoo 360 that when I lived in the east I was able to help my psychiatrist with some intimate therapy for men convicted of sex crimes. I’m told intimate physical therapy to treat mental conditions is considered controversial and pretty rare within the psychiatric community and in addition it requires a third person so that the psychiatrist can remain detached and unbiased so there is the added concern about patient confidentiality. My east coast psychiatrist was called to consult on this surgeon’s case and his psychiatrist learned of my help in successfully modifying male pathological urges to the point that the patients were willing to take their stabilizing meds. So she asked if I would be willing to work with this patient to minimize his sociopathic tendencies. I agreed and my sessions are billed as physical therapy on the surgeon’s case.

Treatment plan: His psychiatrist says he isn’t a full blown sociopath and can still feel guilt and remorse. He just doesn’t see anything wrong with cutting off a woman’s clothing to have sex with her. So her treatment plan is to have him cut the cloths off a willing volunteer (that’s me) often enough that it is no longer such an erotic thrill for him. He doesn’t seem violent, so far and she says the greatest safety concern for a woman with him is that his knife will accidentally slip and cut her severely. OMG I love kinky men! Especially very rich ones like this A-list surgeon who I’ll call ‘Mack the Knife’ or Mack for short. Mack loves arousing me and then slitting the cup of my thong when my labia are engorged, parted and slippery wet with my natural lube. The man is way scary because he is so intense when wielding a scalpel, but he is a considerate lover. When he enters me through the ‘incision’ (his term) he made in my thong he gives me my pleasure before he takes his own. At $350 for a thong he will cut up $1,500 worth of lacy silk during a three hour encounter. We only had two therapy sessions that were, lingerie encounters, before he wanted me in different clothing. I could tell he had been giving the change in clothing a lot of thought because he knew exactly what he wanted me to wear.

I questioned his psychiatrist about his fixation with cutting women out of our clothing telling her that it had increased because he has now started taking me shopping for diving gear. She seemed unconcerned saying that his escalation is a good sign. That he is opening up and sharing more of his fantasies with me and there is nothing to worry about, but a girl has to wonder. I still sleep soundly at night, but when I’m with him my adrenaline is pumping like you wouldn’t believe! Which of course is what makes him so much fun! He has a place in the hills west of town. It is a lovely large single story home that he got from a bank that foreclosed on the property.

The practice theater: He has several rooms that he has dedicated to his obsession. I was somewhat relieved to discover one of the rooms is what he calls a ‘practice theater’ where he dresses manikins in the clothing he intends to cut off his women so he can practice the knife strokes needed to give him access to their bodies safely and with the minimum number of strokes. He showed me the seams in the crotch of a Sailfish G range wetsuit similar to the one he had on a manikin and lectured about the difficulty of cutting through the different types of seams, welded, glued and glued blind stitched which are the most difficult to cut through w/o endangering the wearer. Of course the Sailfish G range racing wetsuits he buys me all have glued blind stitched seams! Sigh! I was relieved to know he had been practicing and knew what he had to cut through and what it felt like to open the crotch for penetration before he sliced open mine.

The operating theaters: Part of Mack’s fixation is going with me to buy diving rubber, watching me while I try it on in my LDS and paying for it with his Amex Centurion (Black Card). He has started buying four of the Sailfish suits at a time so he can get a 15% discount. He has a large bedroom, another room he had converted to a small ballet studio with barre and mirrored wall for me and a standard size indoor swimming pool with a 15 ft dive well that he calls his operating theaters. We haven’t progresses to dive-sex yet but I know from the questions he’s been asking, that it’s coming. He is a PADI certified diver and has his own SCUBA so I won’t have to teach him to dive, just how to have dive-sex.

He watches me put on one of the Sailfish G range suits and then pushes me up against a wall or the barre in the studio and cuts his way through the protective rubber to get to my breasts and vulva. He isn’t much into footwear and doesn’t seem to care if I wear pointes or ballet boots so I wear Gaynor’s which are comfy, give me the most ankle flexibility and I can go on and off pointe so he can feel the difference when my vaginals tighten their grip so much that he gasps and actually smiles! The first time, a few days ago, he bought me three of the €450 German Sailfish (back zip) wetsuits [like the one in the image at the top of this entry] and destroyed them all in a single afternoon, one per penetrative encounter, as he carved chunks out over my breasts to get to my nipples to milk me and then slit the crotch carving a lozenge shaped reinforced piece seams and all out of it in order to penetrate me while I was otherwise fully zipped up encased in high quality German neoprene. It was creepy watching him work after he had cut away the neoprene as he used hemostats to pull the micro-sheer fabric of my thong and cups away from my skin so he could slit the bikini fabric to get to my nipples and engorged labia to penetrate me.

For these encounters I wear a Penetrator plug so that while he is cutting the crotch out of my Sailfish my vulva has some protection if the scalpel slips when cutting through a thick stitched seam. Then after he has cut through my thong I let him pull the release tab to break the vacuum of my plug and pull it out. He had never heard of, much less seen, a Penetrator plug before so I had to teach him how to break the vacuum seal and pull it out. Even with the vacuum released the anti-dislodgement ridge behind the pubic bone will prevent pulling it straight out. The trick is to pull down and forward so the ridge will slip under the pubic bone. And that has to be done quickly or the vacuum will be reestablished because of the precision fit. I just hope his hand doesn’t slip once and sever a femoral artery.

Therapy goals: When you meet him he seems a really nice normal guy, but he has this slasher side and he is super intense when he is slashing lingerie or carving up dive rubber while I’m wearing it so he can have sex with me. He is a lot calmer after he gets off inside me during our encounters...Go figure! What his psychiatrist and I hope will happen is that his therapy sessions with me will allow him to feel comfortable enough with his destructive urges that he can enter the fetish community and find a lovely girl who is looking for a man to be so dominant he cuts her clothing off to get to her. I know one or two like that who otherwise seem normal, but can’t find men dominant enough to satisfy them so I’m hoping I’ll be able to eventually pair one of them with Mack. It would be a great match for her since he is very rich.

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