Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Mexico is Miss Universe 2010

Miss Universe 2010, Jimena Navarrete of Mexico

For the curious reader: Last night here in Las Vegas, Jimena Navarrete, Miss Mexico was chosen Miss Universe 2010. Jimena was not one of the Naughty girls the other night. Returning readers will understand what I mean. Jimena is quite lovely. I congratulate her and wish her well!


  1. "Instructor watching student descend in training pool
    " picture should've won if you ask me.


  2. I'm sad to see Miss USA didn't even make the Top 15, but Miss Mexico is good to be Miss Universe. During the revealing of the final places, I figured it was between her and Miss Jamaica, an all CONCACAF final two.

    On a side note, it was great to see Brett Michaels doing well after his medical scare a couple months ago between when they taped the final Celebrity Apprentice challenge and the live finale. Of course, when they were giving all the acknowledgements before the Price Waterhouse Coopers guy came with the final results, he was really brown nosing Mr. Trump. Then again, he's the co-owner of Miss Universe and picked Brett over Holly Robinson-Peete in the finale.

    BTW, have you personally met either Brett or Mr. Trump? I would love to pick Mr. Trump's brain, or maybe even try to get on the regular Apprentice sometime.

  3. Hi Eric, I’ve met The Donald several times. He wanted me to go in with him on a joint venture but we could never agree on the terms. Alone he’s fun to be around as long as he thinks he’s in control, but that’s true of nearly all the powerful men I’ve met.

  4. Hi Paul I agree "Instructor watching student descend in training pool" is awesome, but the contest rules would have to change and the show moved to a pay-per-view channel. Sigh!

  5. "Alone he’s fun to be around as long as he thinks he’s in control, but that’s true of nearly all the powerful men I’ve met."

    Well, that sounds like every alpha male in the world.


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