Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ballet glamour, readers questions

Glamorous Ballet: backstage at Swan Lake

Glamour and the ballet: Most non-dancers think of ballet as glamorous and the few minutes when performing on stage is and can be addictive. But being good enough to be a professional ballet dancer is the culmination of years and years of very hard work and discipline and the intangible of having good genes. Very little of it is glamorous and even the after-performance parties are work where the dancers are tired and hungry and want to get off their feet, not meet donors who for most ballet companies keep the company solvent. A dancers life is both routine and a series of challenges: the daily classes, the injuries, learning to use your menstrual cycle and periods to advantage or at least mask any discomfort, the closely watched diet to keep up strength while not putting on weight, avoiding eating disorders, the use of a contraceptive that fits your lifestyle so you can enjoy intimacy with the opposite sex with no complications, the constant scrutiny of your performances as you compete for jobs or roles within a company, the selection and preparation of pointe shoes and the list goes on and on. But the lucky ones are girls who have dancer’s bodies, not too tall, not to heavily boned, not too big breasted. Though, for a girl with a voluptuous figure I will make an exception if she meets my other needs because she can dance with her breasts bound so she doesn’t look as though she should be performing at the Folies Bergère.

My company was auditioning last week for three women and two men. Dancers move around a lot or are injured and can no longer dance or as they age they decide to settle down and have a family and many move away from dancing full time and find work in a different field. As Balanchine said “I don't want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance.” I look for girls who are driven to dance, as was Victoria Page in The Red Shoes, because they must. It’s a bit different for men because there are so few who are good dancers. In men I will overlook some minor discipline problems and the ones with raging libidos can add spirit to a company as long as the girls are careful to always use contraception. The results of last weeks auditions were disappointing. We had more than thirty-five dancers show up for each of three auditions and I didn’t see anyone with the spark, the hunger, the attack that I’m looking for. I still have plenty of time, but it would be nice to give new dancers time settle in.

A reader asks: Do you teach how to bubble fuck in your AST course? The answer is, not usually at St Lucy’s because even with a properly sized and positioned gas guard it still can be dangerous to intentionally insert compressed gas into a woman’s vagina. If the GG were to displace or tear there would be no upper reproductive tract protection which would almost certainly result in an embolism and death.

If we have a student who shows enough sophistication and maturity to use her equipment properly we will if, after the risks are explained – and with her parent’s permission – she still insists on being taught to masturbate by ‘Vaginal Breathing’ the schools name for bubble fucking. The additional equipment cost is minimal, just an octopus and the custom modified regulator mouthpiece that can be inserted into her vagina. The insurance rider to cover the training is prohibitively expensive, but must be purchased as a pre-condition of the training.

We do teach vaginal breathing as part of our escort training curriculum for women eighteen years or older. And it is a plus for women who do well in the specialty when recruiters come looking for beautiful, young, well educated, adventuresome women with specialized training. Several recruiters for large well known organizations, and one that is large and not at all well known, have told me that it isn’t that they are looking for women interested in self-pleasuring with compressed gasses, but they have found women interested in doing that seem to have the interest and ability to excel in other risky activities for which it is difficult to recruit high quality talent.

Gardasil for men: A reader asked if we recommend men getting the Gardasil vaccine. Absolutely! My escort training classes include vaccinating both male and female candidates with Gardasil, for HPV protection. That way the men are protected against anal cancer and genital warts and it minimizes the possibility of their transmitting HPV to intimate partners. There is a lot of discussion in the U.S. about the cost effectiveness of the series of Gardasil shots for men, but if a guy can save himself the possibility of getting anal cancer the cost is worth every penny.

DiveGel prefilled applicators: A reader asked what a DiveGel applicator looks like. Actually it is identical to the disposable applicators used to package the commercial chemical Nonoxynol-9 spermicide Conceptrol. A DiveGel applicator is 5.75 inches long (w/o the plunger inserted) and .5 inches in diameter so they are handy to keep several in a girl’s dancebag, gasmask bag, dive-pouch or purse to have some handy when she needs it. I always keep a few in all those places in addition to at my bedside. If I want a particular partner to wear a condom then DiveGel is a must for protracted encounters otherwise I can burst his condom or pull it off

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