Saturday, August 7, 2010

A thank-you gift and menstrual-sex

A BDSM encounter thank-you gift

Hans’s thank-you gift: Returning readers will remember that Anya and I helped Adolph meet the special needs of a visiting German friend a few days ago. For more about that see my entry for July 26, 2010 ‘Pussy whipped by latex vixens’. Yesterday a courier delivered a package from him and when I opened it there was a French antique ruby and diamond bracelet with the eagles head hallmark on the clasp signifying 18 karat or higher gold purity. It is a lovely thing and such a thoughtful gift! It fits me perfectly! The rubies complement my auburn hair which Hans was so complementary about before I covered it with my rubber hood as we began our BDSM encounter. He said he is planning a return visit in the fall and hopes we can get together.

Back to the 50s, menstrual belts and pads: I’m preparing to teach a menstrual-sex class. The first one will be on August 27th when I will be CD1 again. So I’m no longer going to have routine menstrual extractions (MEs) on CD1. Returning readers will remember that I started having MEs at the first of every cycle because they shorten my period to two days which meant that I could wear a tiny Oves cervical cap and have deep dive-sex (below 10 meters) for 26 of the 28 days of my cycle. Now however, since I discovered that the Reflexions flat spring diaphragm doesn’t distort at depths down to 200 feet I can safely wear a Reflexions as a gas guard while I’m menstrual and know I’m well protected during dive-sex at any depth at least down to 200 feet. Not having routine menstrual extractions will allow me to enjoy my flow with partners who like menstrual-sex and use my menstrual discharge as a teaching aid for lecture-demonstrations when I’m teaching menstrual-sex classes.

The contraceptive safety of totally protection free sex during my period (since I don’t have a GyneFix implanted and I’m not on hormones to suppress ovulation) is still pretty high, but it depends on the stability of my cycle. Because I have very regular 28 day cycles I should be safe even on CD6 when my period ends since I regularly become fertile on CD9. Statistically the likelihood for someone in my age group (35-39) getting pregnant from a single act of unprotected intercourse on her most fertile day is 30%, but I think it’s probably higher for me since my Gyn says I have the reproductive hormone levels of a 28 y/o. That probably means that my chance of becoming pregnant from unprotected IC during my most fertile day is 40%. If I’m off a day or two I could be in trouble so I won’t go unprotected beyond CD6. I go unprotected only when menstrual and with screened and carefully selected partners so if something happens I will know who is responsible. I would still terminate and wouldn’t give the man the satisfaction of letting him know his sperm had not only fertilized my egg but that it implanted and his baby was growing in my belly.

I will probably use a Cooper Surgical (Milex) Omniflex for flow control (rather that a Reflexions) when I’m not diving because it has a slightly deeper dome so it can be worn longer between emptyings. But of course for a partner who enjoys the heavy rubbery musk of ripe rubber I will wear the wonderfully pungent ripe latex of a Reflexions. The menstrual belt and clip-on pads will only be worn while teaching menstrual-sex class and for encounters with men with menstrual-sex fetishes who like to see their partners wearing belted-pads before playing with their flow and penetrating them bareback for a swim in the red sea.

Menstrual mementos: A really fun thing about menstrual pads and tampons is that the used ones make great inexpensive and very personal mementos for guys who love menstrual-sex. I keep a few small Ziploc bags in my dancebag and at my bedside so if I feel my partner is pad-worthy enough for me to give him a keepsake of our encounter he has something to carry it in while it’s still soaked. Several partners to whom I awarded bloody pads told me they have opened the bag and masturbated to the scent of my flow while in business class returning to their wives in the east.

The absorbent menstrual protection products I wear during menstrual-sex are disposable so unlike giving away a gas guard or a pointe shoe to a favored partner the used pad is a sunk cost. There are problems with intimate mementos if the recipients aren’t careful with them. A pointe shoe is a common memento from a favored dancer or available from ballet boutiques and can perhaps be successfully explained if his wife or GF does not wear pointes herself. It’s another thing entirely trying to explain successfully a gas guard given as memento. A wife, fiancée or significant other who finds her lover’s erotic talisman and who uses a different size, style or method of contraception rightly feels betrayed. And cervical barriers are expensive gifts unless giving away the old ones with tears or thin spots which have been fully depreciated.

A used menstrual pad is a far less expensive memento, but is another unusual item for a man to have (unless it had belonged to his partner) so it is still nearly impossible to explain to a curious wife who finds my heavily used Kotex pad in her husbands travel kit or brief case. Regardless of how expensive the discovery of my used pad turns out to be for the man the gifts cost was very inexpensive for me.

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