Sunday, August 29, 2010

AST and discharge fetishes

Fertile ‘egg white’ cervical mucus

Advanced Sexual Techniques: I’m CD3 and flowing heavily so today I’m practicing (rehearsing) a form of vampire-sex that I will be teaching a few of my AST students at St Lucy’s on the days I’m at full flow. They really have to be comfortable playing with their discharge for vampire-sex to be successful so it’s usually the older students who have been sexually active for a few years who qualify.

Returning readers remember that for the past three years I’ve been having menstrual extractions (MEs) to remove my endometrium by suction which reduced my period to two days. Because I no longer need to have MEs I can resume having my normal six-day menses where days three and four are my heavy flow days and I can use my menstrual flow as a teaching tool. There are various versions of Vampire-sex but the one I will be teaching requires the woman to either have a GyneFix IUD implanted or use two diaphragms so she will have effective contraceptive protection.

Until recently foreplay using a ripe rubber diaphragm wasn’t in the St Lucy’s AST syllabus because it’s a subject that had rarely come up unless women were talking about ways to get rid of the odor, by soaking the D in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. But by introducing the service in the local fetish community we found there are a surprising number of men who find the scent of a ripe latex diaphragm erotic. And developing a vaginally enhanced pungent rubber odor from her gas guard is an easy way for a girl to get and hold a rubber-fetishist’s attention, so it has become worthwhile including ripe rubber foreplay in the course.

Ripe rubber + menstrual flow: Now, combine the ripe rubbery stench of a latex diaphragm that had been inserted continuously for several days with the scent of menstrual flow and you have man-bait that is irresistible to a man in rubber-lust. It’s also the sort of thing a girl can use to separate the men with real rubber-lust from the guys who say they are into a girl’s vaginal secretions just to get in her panties. If a girl is unsure she can test her guy’s commitment in three stages during different times in her cycle.

A caution. If a woman wants something in addition to the heavy rubbery stench of a ripe rubber diaphragm this technique works best for women who are not using hormonal contraceptives, HCs. That’s because generally woman on HCs will be dryer, that is not producing as much volume in their vaginal secretions, lubricant, cervical fluid or menstrual flow.

Phase one: All a girl has to do is wear her diaphragm continuously for two or three days for it to develop a strong funky rubbery scent from her vaginal secretions interacting with the latex or silicone of her diaphragm. A latex diaphragm (a Reflexions flat spring is the only latex model generally available now) is best for this because the latex develops a strong scent quicker. If you are going to try this as foreplay, be sure to insert the diaphragm ‘dry’ (without spermicide) because the taste of chemical spermicides (using Nonoxynol-9) is horrid and interferes with the taste of a girl’s natural secretions. I’m teaching a series of encounters in three phases to introduce a partner to a woman’s vaginal fluids.

In the first phase she wears the diaphragm for three days during her luteal interval, after the woman has ovulated, when the D can develop a scent but there will be minimal discharge collected by the dome. Then the woman lets her partner remove her D and sniff the scent before he licks her secretions out of the dome. While he is enjoying the taste of her feminine discharge if she isn’t wearing a GyneFix she applies spermicide in her second diaphragm and inserts it so she is protected for the penetrative sex that will follow.

Phase two: If letting him lick out the dome of her luteal interval diaphragm goes well then she has two other discharge options, filling the dome with fertile cervical mucus (FCM) during her mid-cycle fertile days and menstrual flow during her period. If she is still unsure of her partner’s enthusiasm for consuming her discharge she should try him next with her FCM. This can be clear thick (the consistency of egg white) and very stretchy and sometimes brown in color. The brown is from a few drops of oxidized blood from spotting because of the woman’s high estrogen level just prior to or at ovulation and is called ovulation spotting. If he enjoys licking the fertile cervical mucus out of her diaphragm then she can move on to phase three, ripe rubber plus menstrual flow.

Phase three: For phase three she wears her ripe rubber diaphragm during her period to collect her flow. This phase, wearing a diaphragm while menstrual, requires a warning. DO NOT FORGET YOU HAVE A DIAPHRAGM INSERTED! For women on HCs or who are near the end of their flow it is possible that there will not be enough flow to fill the dome and she can forget she is wearing the second D and forget to remove it. Forgetting and leaving old blood in an inserted diaphragm can cause a serious infection or even Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) so a woman using a second D for protection should have some way of reminding herself that her D is still inserted. What I do is leave the empty case for my D on a shelf in plain sight in my bathroom so I see it every time and am reminded.

Ok, so an hour or two before she is to meet her phase three partner she insets her D, if she isn’t already using it for flow control. Then when she has gotten him into an intimate setting she lets him remove her D and drink her flow. I’ve found it’s best to use a dark rubber sheet on the bed and to minimize spillage I lay on my back while my partner is carefully removing the D full of flow. There will be some spillage (blood trickling down my perineum tickles) but with practice that can be minimized by timing, not letting it fill to the rim before removal and care during removal to compress the rim as little as possible, which is a trick most men seem to find difficult to learn. I can tell if he likes drinking my flow if he licks the clots out of the dome then licks the blood off his upper lip, smiles and winks at me. If he does I’ve made a vampire conquest!


  1. Thank you so much Jill for this trick. I wondered for a couple of years now, what was the magic scent in a woman. Now that I finally learned, I will happily find out, with your advise. :)

    1. Hi Arturo, welcome to my world! I hope the methods I teach work well for you and your partner.


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