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Men and pointe shoes

Sweaty Capezio Glisse pointes

Fetishes - Men and pointe shoes: A few posts ago I offered to write about aspects of fetishes that members were particularly interested in that I hadn’t written about before. One subject requested was my experience with men and their fascination with pointe shoes and how they change the male view of a woman. From my experience men seem to think that once she puts on a pair of pink satin pointe shoes a woman changes from just another pretty girl with lovely long legs to a magical creature with a dual personality. One that is beautiful, soft, and feminine, the epitome of grace and strength commanding respect and admiration while at the same time being strong, smart and without shedding a tear capable of breaking him in half with her legs while he is having sex with her.

In pointes she can at times be exquisitely virtuous or unbelievably cruel depending on her moods and men in pointe-awe are in her thrall. To a male in pointe-awe a women en pointe seems infinitely desirable and forever unattainable and he longs for the touch of her fingers or the brush of her lips against his own. He dreams of fondling the engorged shaft of her clitoris nestled in the cleft of her mons veneris to get her aroused wet and ready for penetration as she balances on the platforms of her pointes. He brings her along gasping and quivering as his fingers stroke her raised clitoral shaft while she moans “Take me now” in his ear. His fingers move to the softness of her labia, feeling their warmth and fullness, wet with her natural lubricant as he spreads her inner lips to position his shaft for the thrust that will drive him deep into her hard flat belly. He dreams of driving himself into her depths, impaling her on his massive rod as surely as a butterfly is impaled by a pin to its specimen card in a museum while her legs are wrapped around his waist. And, inside his fantasy ballerina he plants his seed up against her cervix giving his DNA a chance at immortality if he can defeat her contraceptive precautions and impregnate her.

Two endings to a ballerina fantasy: Here I think male fantasies diverge. Some men are just happy to have been given a tight, hot, wet, deep vessel in which to release their seed while others want to dominate the ballerina of their fantasies by getting her pregnant despite her best efforts at contraception, proving (in his mind anyway) that he is a dominant male and since she carries his child she is his property. I think if pressed most men would deny they have any secret wish to impregnate their sexual fantasy, but if it should happen and she told him she was pregnant by him I’ll bet he would smile, give a fist pump and a Shout, “YES!” as that would be proof of his potency. Only then he would decide what to do about his fantasy ballerina’s situation before she got her baby bump and she was forced to take a leave of absence from dancing if she wasn’t fired. Of course left to make her own decision a woman having devoted ten or fifteen years of her life to a successful career as a ballet dancer would almost certainly terminate any accidental pregnancy and continue with her career showing her lover the indomitable and perhaps darker side of her being.

Men have confided that another common masturbation fantasy is having sex with a ballerina in a tutu and pointe shoes. Special thong-back fetish tutus are made for escorts or girlfriends who want to cater to this male fantasy. The tutu when viewed from above represents a seemingly impossible barrier to get past. However, when viewed from below the thong panty covers her vulva when she raises a leg in développé, arabesque or attitude, but when she raises en pointe and bends over her partner can ease the thong to one side exposing her vulva, spread her labia and penetrate her fully with a single massive thrust.

Toe-shoe scents: Then there are the more kinky aspects of pointe-shoe worship. Things like smelling the aroma of a dancer’s estrogenic sweat soaked pointes with the scent of damp leather, fabric and melted paste. That’s why so many men with pointe fetishes like their favorite fantasy dancer(s) to wear shoes made of traditional materials; satin, leather, paper and paste. High-tech pointes like Gaynors have their own fetish following, but the scents from a pair of sweat dampened GMs is nowhere near as rich with the full-bodied mixing of scents as are a freshly used pair of, say, Freed Classic pointes.

Semen and pointe shoes: Another kink in pointe shoe worship is ejaculating in a favorite fantasy ballerina’s toe-shoes. There are several ways to do that. If the man has a pair of his fantasy ballerina’s pointes purchased from one of the ballet company boutiques or just bought a pair from a local dance shop to use as a pleasure talisman he can ejaculate in them directly with no consequences other than his own sexual pleasure. If however, he wants to come in a girlfriends pointes that she is still using for rehearsals and class then she may let him squirt semen directly in the boxes.

Silicone toe pads

Toe pads: Or, she might want him to fill her toe pads with semen. Pointe shoe toe pads are made from a number of different materials, lambs wool, acrylic fleece, gel between layers of fabric and silicone gel pads among other things. Different dancers prefer different materials for toe protection during performances, but one thing most of us agree on is using silicone gel pads as containment vessels when semen is involved. With silicone gel pads no semen is absorbed by the material, the semen pools in the bottom of the pad and there is no evaporation as it mixes with the dancers sweat and toe cheese (the paste of skin cells that are rubbed off calluses and the lint from tights mixed with blood or puss from injured toes).

For the rest of this toe pad discussion I’ll be talking about a dancer using silicone gel pads for her lover to come in. Filling a ballerina’s toe pads will concentrate the man’s load (about 5-7ml a bit more than a teaspoon full) in a pool at the bottom of the toe cup so that when she pushes her toes into the pad his semen squishes up between her toes. The toe pads are worn under convertible foot tights so once a lover fills her pads with semen it is easy to slip her bare toes into the fluid filled pads and then pull the foot of the tights back over the pads to hold them in place.

Silicone pads under tights has become the preferred method of wearing pointe shoe ejaculate in Vegas if the man wants his ballerina escort to dance in semen filled pointes. His load contained in her protective pads might lengthen the life of her shoes a tiny bit as it is less fluid softening the boxes. However, a far greater advantage of ejaculating into silicone toe pads is that after she dances the pads can be used as part of a gag (for either him or her) or as part of an erotic strip-tease after which the man can suck on her sweaty pads tasting his lovers estrogenic sweat and toe cheese as he thrusts into her G-spot or cervix. A clean set of toe pads should be used for each client. Any dancer using a topical anesthetic like Nupercainal cream should be sure to keep these medicated pads stored separately to prevent giving her lover toe-pads to suck on that had anesthetic cream in them.

Dancers with lovers into toe-play need to keep in mind that calluses on a girls un-taped toes immersed in semen filled toe pads will soften quicker so that sort of game should be played only briefly or when she has no major performances coming up so that if her calluses deteriorate she can recover before she needs the toe protection her calluses provide.

Toe pads as souvenirs: I know we are talking eroticism here, but from an economic standpoint the substitution of toe pads as souvenirs rather than the pointe shoes an escort was wearing during a commercial encounter has certain advantages. First it makes the souvenir less noticeable when the TSA or his wife is searching a clients luggage and second it reduces the cost considerably as there was often a lot of life left in an escort’s pointes that were being given away after a 5K encounter. However, if the client asks the escort will give him the shoes she was wearing when he inseminated her.


  1. Hey Jill! I always enjoy what you have to say about pointe footwear. I think one thing that should be mentioned is that did you know most mammals tend to engage in sexual activities on their toes? True. I believe that this is a prime motivator behind many men's lust for women in pointe shoes.

    I'd love to hear what your thought are on ballet-heels. This footwear isn't disguised in any way! It's 100% total fetish stuff. Do and of the clients you or your ladies deal with ever request ballet-heels?

    Your blogs are great stuff. Please don't stop writing them.

    1. Hi Ben, if I or my girls are performing in a club we will wear ballet-boots if asked. Usually that request comes from a client who wants to cum in the laces. But if we are out clubbing on a date pointes are preferred as they are usually more comfortable, easier to travel in and they show off our legs far better and it’s much easier to get pointes off if a date wants to suck our toes. Although in pointes there isn't the much stronger bondage aspect that wearing ballet-boots conveys.


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