Saturday, September 25, 2010


The Mantis position using a Jilling-chain

AST: I'm starting to teach Advanced Sexual Techniques next week so I’m previewing the lessons using Cyndi and Gigi with some of the senior male escort candidates. The girls are 16 now and legal in Nevada so that makes meeting new men easier for them which is so important in broadening (and deepening) beautiful teen’s sexual experiences. In the past we had often used UNLV grad students as the girl’s partners. They were enthusiastic, but many lacked the skills to provide the sort of intense encounters we want St Lucy’s girls to experience. This will be the first time we have had escorts work exclusively with St Lucy’s students to explore the depths of their passion and if Cyndi and Gigi are any indication the joining of the groups will be a huge success. Everyone is screened and free of STIs so it’s just the hCG Fairy to be wary of and all my AST students are familiar with the needed precautions to keep her away while allowing their partners a deep finish bareback encounter.

Since our male escorts are very familiar with dive sex using the young men to train St Lucy’s girls to reach the proficiency needed to be safe and confident during underwater intercourse is a perfect fit. The students already have the guys head-shots pinned to their dorm walls and are dreaming of toe-curling sex while sucking gas twenty feet below the surface of a training pool. They will train wearing only bikinis and gas guards at first advancing through the skills needed to be penetrated comfortably while wearing latex DiveRubber. Then they will move on to masturbation in encasement suits both solo and with a partner.

Jilling off: The vibrator and female masturbation are intimately connected at St Lucy’s. We teach a multitude of ways to Jill-off and recommend using extra long life cadmium batteries in vibrators so as not to have a power failure at a critical moment. And a girl should always carry extra batteries in her dancebag or slit-kit. I covered masturbating while submerged in a drysuit in my entry ‘Drysuit masturbation’ for January 27, 2010 so I won’t go over that again here except to say that drysuit masturbation is covered for St Lucy’s girls in my AST course and comes at the end of the course when the girls are familiar with using different vibis and grope cups.

Jilling-chains: A particularly creative method of clitoral masturbation and one often used by lesbians in the BDSM community here in Vegas is by using a Jilling-chain. Regular Jilling-chains are highly polished links of stainless steel and come in all sizes. A wide selection of Jilling chains is available in the masturbation supplies aisle at Fasteners our Bondage boutique where fitters can advise women who are selecting their first Jilling chain or have problems using a Jilling chain that they would like to overcome.

St Lucy’s beginners typically start with ¾ inch links of 2/16 diameter chain. As they develop their chain skills students graduate to both larger and smaller links depending on their individual needs at the time so there is no right or wrong size. Bigger is not necessarily better. Larger links are heavier, but slide in the mons veneris pubic cleft and over the clitoris more easily than smaller links which are used when a girl wants a less granular masturbatory experience. The Jilling-chain is attached to the users slave collar and weights can be attached to the end that descends along the pubic cleft, over the clitoris and between the labia to hang between her legs. Movement of the chain in the pubic cleft, against the clit and between the labia is obtained by the woman nodding her head moving her neck which moves the slave collar fastened snugly around it (to which the Jilling chain is attached). Another method of getting movement of the chain across her pubic erogenous zone is by thrusting her hips while she has them raised off the bed – called the Mantis position - as shown in the image accompanying this entry. Using a Jilling chain in Mantis is something that takes a lot of training to accomplish successfully because the muscle toning and stamina needed for pelvic thrusts in that position are considerable.

Jilling chains in public: As tokens of lasting affection silver or gold Jilling chains are given between committed lesbian couples who are out to society and can be worm as belts or chatelaines in public. If worn in public by a couple the size of the links are representative only of the size that pleases the wearer and has nothing to do with skill level. Usually the more delicate chains are made of gold or platinum and the larger linked chains are made from silver, but not always. Lesbians who lose their partners by death are entitled to wear a Jilling chain entwined with a string of black onyx beads and when she is no longer in mourning and looking for another partner she removes her onyx widows Jilling chain. Though that is the custom you rarely see a widows chain being worn, at least around here. In lesbian circles it is a gross breach of etiquette for a young lesbian (outside a committed relationship) to wear a Jilling chain in public regardless of how skilled she is with it. Making that great a social blunder in a Sappho’s sisters club can cause an ‘enforcer’ to drive the 7 inch spike of her boot through the laces and instep of the offender’s ballet boot.

A reader’s question: “Would you ever teach ballet to students in all latex?” I do occasionally teach pointe class with a few St Lucy’s students in latex catsuits – a standard suit is the latex House of Harlot DiveRubber - as an elective in my Advanced Sexual Techniques (AST) course. It is an exhausting class because the heat generated by exertion while encased in rubber is excessive so very few students are interested in taking latex-pointe. Only ballet girls in rubber-lust apply. To prevent collapsing the studio is chilled to 65 degrees and the girls take a break every 20 minutes and drink sports drinks like Gatorade to replace electrolytes. An advantage to taking the course is the latex-points students can get modeling jobs with ancillary benefits from the local BDSM community for charity events.


  1. I am a widow at 65. I did not think i would want sex. I found i got sexual turn on. I would find I want to touch my vagina. one night I found a real real desire to touch my vagina. I touched it and started to rub it. I came to a climax in minutes. I did it about five time that night. I have been doing it ever since. About twice a week. Am I a bad person?

  2. Hi Anon, welcome! No you aren't a bad person. Everyone should take pleasure where they are able to find it. Jilling off is safe, convenient and can be done with a partner, a machine or with just your fingers so it can be as simple or elaborate as you like, or can afford.


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