Monday, September 13, 2010

Taryn’s flight east

Marshall Airport Cambridge, England (CBG)

Taryn flies east: Taryn emerged from her triple penetration – her intimate going-away party last night - in good condition; no tears or bleeding though her cervix was battered a bit. Her anal sphincter is tight, a good thing because while the man who went up her anus wasn’t too large he is known as a ‘heavy hitter’ pumping about 10 ml of semen (about twice the amount most men release) into her colon. She will be shitting cum all the way to England. And of course she is draining coitial discharge from her vagina too even though she Kegeled most of it out so she’s wearing a pad and will be sitting on a towel so she doesn’t stain the leather seats.

Tanaquil is using the corporate G550 that she picked up almost brand new for 1/3 list price 2 years ago when the economy was in free-fall. The long range cruising speed is Mach 0.80, approx 530 mph, and the straight line distance between Las Vegas and the (privately owned) Marshall Airport Cambridge (CBG) is approximately 5216 statute miles, but with a fuel stop at Teterboro, NJ (TEB) to top off fuel it is about 5600 miles to Cambridge. The G550 could have made the flight non stop, but because the owner is on board the pilot wanted a larger fuel cushion in case they needed to divert for some reason. Figuring an average of 500 mph it will take a bit more than 12 hours (11 + 1 for refueling) on the east coast) less any tailwind going east. The UK is eight hours ahead of Vegas (on PDT) Leaving at noon here (8:00 PM GDT) and traveling for 12 hours they should arrive about 8:00 AM Monday morning, earlier if they catch the jet stream. The seats make up into beds so the three of them should get a good nights sleep and have a full English breakfast before landing.

At the General Aviation section of McCarran where I keep Limnaea and Tanaquil’s Gulfstream was parked security isn’t as tight for people they know (owners and operators) so I got to sit with Taryn and we posted the 09-12-2010 pointe shoe quiz together. She is excited about being in England and at Cambridge. While she teared up a bit as she got settled in her seat we hugged and she promised to keep in touch. I’m counting on Angie (we had a long talk and she is on my payroll) to let me know if she sees any trends that might pose a danger to Taryn and to keep Taryn safe. The G550 was off the ground at McCarran at 12:06 PM PDT.


  1. As it's 1 a.m. Tuesday now in Cambridge, I wonder if Taryn make it OK.

  2. Thanks for asking Eric... Taryn phoned about 6:30 am in the UK to say they had arrived safely and made really good time. They were going out to Milton Park unpack and get settled in.

  3. Jill, Glad to hear that Taryn arrived safe and well.

    Time for a cup of real English tea with a clotted cream scone... dollop of jam on top won't hurt either... now I'm hungry!



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