Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Shut off her air"

Dead diver – Breathplay at Lake Tahoe

Popular queries; “Shut off her air”: “Shut off her air” is an amazingly popular search query that brings readers to my blog along with search terms like: ballet boots, anal hooks, heavy rubber, encasement suits and bondage. But it is “shut off her air” that I want to write about in this entry because it’s not only a popular query, but also a very popular method of breath control. Certainly it’s popular with men in the fetish diving community (and some few women) but shutting off a partners air can also be used effectively for breathplay in other hazardous environments such as evacuated hyperbaric chambers and toxic gas filled rooms or chambers.

However, I want to write today about shutting off a woman’s air while she is wearing diving equipment and using it for SCUBA while submerged under water, as opposed to dry-scuba where she is wearing a FFM and breathing compressed gas through a demand valve while in bed or in some other location nowhere near water.

I think having my air shut off is such an elegant way of a partner temporarily dominating me by exerting maximum control over my life with minimal effort. I find it most effective when I’m on the bottom of a pool on my knees with the crotch zipper of my House of Harlot latex catsuit open and a well hung man (a maxi-male) thrusting inside me doggie style. He penetrates me from behind pushing deeper and deeper and as his thrusting gets me ever closer to orgasm by thrusting into the stretchy latex dome of my Reflexions gas guard I begin to come! Then is when he shuts off my air intensifying my orgasm unbelievably!

And, if I’m left submerged with my air shut off, if I’m not in restraints (just weighted to hold me on the bottom) , by adjusting my tank harness enough I can reach the valve and turn my air back on. I can hold my breath for about 2.5 minutes, so if he wants to stay inside me enjoying the afterglow after he gets off I’m really anxious to have him pull out and will contract my vaginal muscles to help reduce his size and force withdraw.

For other women having their air shut off can be anything from traumatic if they are novices to pleasurable if they are well experienced in breathplay. If a woman isn’t expecting a shutoff she could lose any breath she has by struggling, usually w/o success to get away from the man dominating her. She only has a minute or two before a lack of oxygen to her brain will begin killing brain cells. So breathplay by shutting off a diver’s air can be extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be done w/o rehearsing in shallow water how it will be done and agreeing on safe words or signs that the Sub can use if s/he wants to stop the encounter and have her air turned back on.

Dead diver: And no the girl in the image at the top of this entry isn’t dead. She was reenacting for friends what happened to Tina Watson during her honeymoon. On October 22, 2003 while diving with her husband off a dive boat on the Great Barrier Reef she sank to the bottom at 100 feet and died. The coroners report gave the cause of death as drowning. Her husband, Gabe, is serving a sentence in an Australian prison for contributing to her death.

An accident during discipline training: Adolph had an unfortunate incident the other week at his 200 ft deep discipline training facility. A 24 y/o Austrian Sub who had been sent for breathplay training panicked when her air was shut off during a training exercise at a depth of 20 feet. She was wearing a HydroGlove latex drysuit, which she had just been qualified to dive, and most of the air had been vented from it so she was a few pounds negatively buoyant and she was wearing no swim fins. When she panicked she pulled free of her minders and weighted down by her tank and weight belt which she couldn’t unfasten she began to sink. The air in her suit compressed as her depth increased decreasing her buoyancy so the deeper she went the faster she sank. Her minders did their best to reach her and saw her loosen her harness enough to be able to reach the valve and twist it to turn her air back on and the knob came off in her hand. Returning readers will remember that a HydroGlove has no inflation valve and she continued to sink. Without air the buddy-reg on her octopus was of no use to force air under a wrist seal to inflate her suit and she was in an uncontrolled descent. She had been breathing regular air (21% oxygen) and was at 140 feet when she pulled off her Interspiro FFM, probably in a fit of nitrogen narcosis and drowned.

It turned out that she had been sent to Adolph for disciplinary training because she was newly pregnant and wouldn’t terminate the pregnancy. She had what she thought was enough compromising evidence showing her Dom, an Austrian businessman, in some very unflattering candid pics that would keep her safe. Apparently she hadn’t thought her plan through enough to put copies of what ever evidence she had where it would be released if something happened to her. The incriminating evidence was on a flash drive she carried around in her purse.

Adolph had the Subs body cremated and sent it and the flash drive back to his Austrian friend by courier. His friend was very pleased. Adolph was pleased as well because he got an HD Snuff video out of the accident. He had set the cams to track the girl in her deflated HydroGlove as she sank and has a wonderful set of pics especially of the last 70 feet of her descent after she pulled off her FFM. The air inside her suit was at only one atmosphere and the surrounding water pressure on her HydroGlove crushed her chest cavity. You can see her ribs collapse, her chest flatten and her lung tissue being squeezed up her throat and forced out her open mouth. In Asia there is a huge market for Caucasian girls being crushed or drowning in dive accidents while in rubber encasement suits and this video will have both.


  1. "In Asia there is a huge market for Caucasian girls being crushed or drowning in dive accidents while in rubber encasement suits and this video will have both."


  2. WTF as in why? I've wondered that myself. Asian men who are into snuff vids seem to be kinked that way more so that European men. I have no idea why...


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