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HydroGlove latex drysuits and Blog Stats

Escort candidate in a HydroGlove latex drysuit euphoric on NymphGel

Escort training in HydroGlove drysuits: The new group of escort trainees began last week. Wouldn’t you know everything seems to come at the same time. We are starting out the girls submerged latex encasement training using HydroGlove latex drysuits. HydroGlove is a basic latex suit that is very light and comfortable to wear and it is thin and stretchy enough that it flatters the female figure. It is ideal as a starter suit for use in training pools and sexual encounters. Because it is very thin and can be easily punctured on sharp rocks and metal it shouldn’t be worn in a rough environment.

The HydroGlove is a waist entry suit. The bottom half is pulled on like a pair of very long waisted slacks. Then the long tubular waist is folded down to the wearer’s waist level. The top is slipped on over the head like a rubber hoodie and the tight fitting hood positioned to seal around the face. The upper part has a very long tail rather like wearing an extra large tee as a sleep-shirt and the tail is pulled down and straightened out over the folded down waist of the bottom of the suit. Then the Long waist and the tail of the upper part are rolled together in an inch wide fold up to the wearer’s waist. It folds 4 or 5 times making a water tight seal of the upper and lower halves of the suit around the wearer’s waist.

A flooded HydroGlove: A really nice thing about a HydroGlove is that if it floods while the wearer is using it for buoyancy compensation she isn’t trapped on the bottom of the body of water she is diving. It is relatively easy to get out of a flooded HydroGlove and swim to the surface. That’s a feature more women latex fetish divers are appreciating since it has become distressingly common for men to take out their frustrations on a partner by slashing and flooding her drysuit. They think she will be left helpless to suffocate or drown on the bottom, but if she is wearing a HydroGlove she can survive the attack, unless she has been shackled to the bottom which rarely happens. Then of course she is well and truly fucked in every sense of the word!

There are no fill and dump valves or hose connections to a HydroGlove so it has a clean slimming appearance. The hood seals around the wearer’s face. On the surface it can be inflated by pulling the chin of the hood over the wearer’s mouth and blowing into the suit. Or for compressed gas inflation when submerged the hood can be worn over the skirt of the mask and then by exhaling into the mask air will be forced out the top of the mask and under the hood of the HydroGlove. Or, the mouthpiece of the second stage reg. can be slipped under a wrist seal and the purge button depressed to fill the suit. For deflation a wrist seal is opened a bit to release the desired amount of air.

HydroGlove penetrative encounters: Clients are increasingly asking for dive-sex encounters with a woman wearing a drysuit. A heavy rubber shoulder entry dry suit like an Avon or GNT isn’t suitable for penetrative dive-sex as the zipper is under her tank and she has to take off her breathing equipment to get out of the neck seal. Though a client into technical diving might want exactly that! More typically a man just wants the thrill of seeing his partner’s protective drysuit flood leaving her vulnerable to the ambient water temp, even though the water is a comfy 85 degrees. I think it’s important to keep in mind that the brain is a person’s most powerful sexual organ! Men who have talked to me about their reasons say they enjoy the thoughts of endangering their partner during sex. I would say that is misogynistic except that there are a lot of women in my circle who enjoy the thrill of having their protection compromised every bit as much as the guys enjoy doing it. Estrogen and testosterone getting the two sexes to the same kinky place! Go figure!

HydroGlove is ideal for submerged penetrative sex as all that needs to be done is unroll the waist seal. Of course once flooded it is difficult to purge the water from the suit. It can be done not quite completely (but more than enough to use it for buoyancy control) with a HydroGlove by resealing the waist and introducing gas into the suit by inserting the mouthpiece of the reg under a wrist seal with the wearer’s feet higher than her head so the air flows to the feet of the suit while the water is pushed out through the same open wrist seal as the suit fills. The problem with that is that it is a tricky process and the wearer needs to be tethered to the bottom to prevent an uncontrolled ascent to the surface. So in practice after foreplay while the escort is still in her in inflated HydroGlove she lets her partner unroll her waist seal and flood her suit and she lets him penetrate her after checking that her gas guard is in place and she has enough DiveGel inserted. She wears a short tank so she can be taken conveniently from behind and she lets him finish inside her planting hundreds of millions of sperm deep inside her up against the stretchy rubber dome of her gas guard. After he withdraws she removes the upper half of her HydroGlove, drops her weight belt and they head for the surface together.

Submissives in HydroGloves: We are holding a class for a few of the Local rubber Doms favorite Submissives to train them to use the HydroGlove as an encasement suit as well as to use the suit for dive sex. The girls are enthusiastic about wearing HydroGloves because of their lightness, the flattering fit and ease of movement when fully encased. For fave Subs they have a lot of spirit, but perhaps that’s because they are in one another’s company and all have repressive disciplinary regimens they live under. And while in training they are out from under the discipline of their Doms. All the costs for equipment as well as room board and tuition, covering instruction expenses as well as cost of the training facility, are paid for by the Dom sending his Sub for training.

Costs: The cost of a HydroGlove dive sex encounter with a commercial escort is very expensive because of the additional training. It also includes the cost of a hooded HydroGlove ($170 USD retail) from or a distributor. That’s because clients are so anxious to flood their escorts suit that they often tear it and while a torn suit can usually be repaired you don’t want to wear a repaired suit for an encounter that has cost the client thousands of dollars. However, we do use the repaired suits for training and our own in-house BDSM encounters.

Blogger Stats and Latex Lit: I’ve been looking at my blog stats from the new Blogger Stats feature that was just activated and guess what the eight most popular entries on my blog are. In order of popularity they are:

Open water bondage Apr 3, 2010 707 page views
Snuff videos and heavy rubber Nov 30, 2009 501 page views
Gasmask-sex underwater April 14, 2010 364 page views
BDSM Fellatio collars July 17, 2010 308 page views
Gas masks, rebreather bags and heavy rubber September 7, 2009 225 page views
Heavy rubber and rebreather bags August 5, 2009 191 page views
Ballet-boot maintenance and etiquette September 6, 2009 181 page views
The Sybian machine July 20 2010 145 page views

So Eric, while I’m not a Geek Goddess I have, without even trying, seem to have become an ‘author of explicit rubber narratives’, better known as Latex Lit. Or perhaps it’s just that a lot of my readers think I am. Not that I mind. I think someone should be writing about what goes on in the local BDSM community and behind all the glitter and glamour of Vegas. I think the greed, envy, and psychopathic violence in the fetish community is fascinating and being a part of it keeps my adrenaline pumping and my skills well honed. Given that I’m a ‘Rubber Slut’ (the highest position a woman can hold in the local latex fetish community) and having insight into what is happening out here I suppose, for now, that someone is me.

Thanks and call for requests: I want to thank all the members of the U.S, and European fetish communities who are reading my blog. [Though I don’t think they read my general posts like this one.] There are aspects of the D/S BDSM community here that I haven’t written about because they don’t interest me. However, if a reader has a particular fetish that s/he hasn’t seen mentioned please let me know (by leaving a comment) and if it’s happening here I’ll post about it. Ok?


  1. Well, you are a goddess in your own way.

  2. Ohhh Eric! What a sweet thing for you to say!

  3. Jill's Blog ~ Like making love to a beautiful woman :)


  4. I also like the hydroglove suit too. You know, a regular open face seal is the standard hood.
    There are also other hoods with smaller openings. Have you or your trainees already tested any other options with the hoods?
    The blank hood is very interesting, mostly for the "sensory deprivation". It helps at the training of trust and obey or as discipline suit.

    Also this suit is a nice BC-toy for the Domme, if she was asked to swim in handcuffs with this hood and dive mask.

  5. Hi Mark. We have been using the integrated hood that comes with the suit. There is enough rubber to contain our long hair and completely cover our chins and we love how snugly the hood seals around the face and a FFM seals perfectly over it. I always try to wear a hood to keep my long auburn hair from tangling in my reg and hoses. The hood also keeps an attacker from grabbing my hair.

    Do you have a link to an image of the blank hood you are talking about. That sounds as though it would be fin to try.

  6. Hydroglove Face seal options

    Do you want to selftest this suit ?

  7. Thanks Mark! We are using the standard face seal. The blank does look like fun for breathplay. I think it might take a bit of getting used to but that shouldn't be a problem. I’ve always been pretty good at spatial orientation so it would be fun to see if I could be disoriented by just wearing a blank hood.

  8. You're a breath control fan and adrenaline junkie, i know. Which breathplay games would you like to play or test out with the blank hood suit ?
    Every blank hood has nostrils !? This suit is only usable for dry-scuba and in shallow water ?

    I hope we get a blog post after your tests ...

  9. I think the first thing I want to try while wearing a blank hood is orientation or should it be disorientation exercises to see how badly or if I become disoriented. I understand that a blank hood will come with nostril holes.

    I see no reason for there to be a depth limit wearing a HydroGlove if the diver is willing to learn to inflate – using the purge button on a second stage buddy reg attached to an octopus and shoved under a wrist cuff - and to vent it by opening the seal on a wrist cuff. I taught myself and it was a bit hectic at first until I got the hang of it in a shallow (15 ft) pool. You have to have a fast finger on the purge button to prevent over inflation, but that’s part of the training.

    After a girl learns to control her buoyancy down to 60 feet in a HydroGlove conventional inflate and vent valve drysuits are a snap to wear.

  10. It would be interesting to hear about the exercises. Wearing a blank hood + hydroglove suit combination sounds very interesting. I would think about apnea dive exercises as well.

    best regards

  11. Jill, did you ever overinflate the suit? And if you did did it get huge? I kind of gets off of women in inflated drysuits

    1. Hi Anon, welcome!

      While learning to wear drysuits I’ve over inflated but not to the point that they got huge and not a HydroGlove. Buoyancy control can be a huge safety problem if you are diving any appreciable depth and duration so I tried to learn to use the inflator and vent controls quickly to avoid DCS.


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