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Latex encasement STI protection

Total latex encasement vaginal and anal entry points

Latex catsuit protects against STIs: A woman wearing a form fitting encasement suit is said to be wearing a catsuit. A man in a form fitting encasement suit is said to be wearing a Gimp suit. Encasement suits are used in BDSM to objectify the wearer, or ‘gimp’, and reduce him or her to the status of a sexual toy, rather than a sexual partner. That sort of encasement fetish can appeal to wearer’s of both sexes. A frequent reader, Mark, gave me a great idea during a lovely chat the other day. He showed me pics of a HW Design Latex (an Austrian Company) catsuit in black latex with gloves, hood and booties that had molded vaginal, anal and oral inlays (molded penis form sheathes) that insert into the wearer’s body cavities for totally encased sexual penetration. Suits with this sort of body cavity detail are preferred by men and women who need total encasement in rubber during sexual penetration.

I think that’s so ironic! Men hate condoms, but when a guy designs externally accessed condoms for vaginal and anal penetration of a woman in a catsuit guys line up to fuck her! How weird is that? Go figure! I know, it is a mental thing that has to do with her being absolutely totally encased in latex and under his control, but still… The good news is that being sexually penetrated while encased in a suit like that a woman should be totally safe from STIs and being visited by the hCG Fairy.

Labia Labs: So, here is my idea. I think a suit of that sort might be just the thing to fill the needs of a niche market, members of the BDSM community here, both men and women, who have incurable STIs, who until now have been shunned (for sex) by other members of the fetish community and commercial escorts because of the likelihood of becoming infected themselves. I was going to email HW Design who made the suit shown at the top of this entry, and ask if the style suit I’m interested in is still available, because I didn’t find it in their on-line catalogue. A lot of HW Design’s encasement suits can be seen on the Austrian rubber fetish site (in the free tour section) which is where I got the Images to illustrate this entry. I was also going to ask HW Design about how the seams in their latex suits are sealed with glue or welded, but then I thought rather than dealing with a European manufacturer I could get Gepetto’s latex shop, Labia Labs, to mould me a catsuit (they already have my measurements) with the new super stretchy surgical latex formulation from Jeff’s labs. [Returning readers will remember that Gepetto and Jeff partnered (through Labia Labs) to create the GG+ armored gas guard after some guy in the Vegas area recently began wearing a ‘Shredder’ Prince Albert piercing.] A nice HW Design latex catsuit from their current catalogue costs more than €500 EUR, about $675 USD. Since Gepetto has my measurements and since I own a significant percentage of Labia Labs the cost of any design work should be competitive and I could go in for fittings if necessary.

Vaginal sheath opening through latex encasement suit

I’m thinking that a .5 mm suit thickness would be awesome, but I’d want concurrence from the designers and chemists that .5 mm is the optimum thickness for protection against STI viruses. Then if we have any problems with the design I can just go across town not ship the suit back to Austria. Of course being fucked while wearing a .5 mm thick condom, even with marvelous heat transfer properties, will decrease the sensitivity, but I’m thinking that by putting a velvet surface on the side against the vaginal walls that should convert what little movement there is into a caress as well as pressure. And an added safety feature no one but Labia Labs has is treating the inner surfaces of the vaginal, anal and oral inserts with the scratch and puncture resistant nanofilament mesh just like is used on the puncture resistant GG+ gas guards to protect against a man wearing a Prince Albert shredder, and to prevent accidental punctures resulting in HIV or HSV positive semen deposited against the wearer’s cervix, up her anus or down her throat. Punctures of oral sheathes are especially likely from getting caught on the sharp edges of the wearer’s teeth.

Wearing comfort: I think it will be interesting to see how comfortable the wearer’s pelvic area will be with the heavy rubber condom sheathes inserted in both vagina and anus and how tricky it will be to get them inserted unfolded so they don’t twist and jam when penetration is attempted. I’m planning to use a small training dildo inserted in the well lubed sheaths to get them inserted correctly w/o getting them twisted or folded over in a manner that would block total penetration. I think a critical dimension of the suit will be the waist and how snugly it fits the wearer’s hips as that will control how well the crotch – and therefore the body cavity sheathes – fit and if they tend to pull out if the wearer moves too much. Ideally the vaginal and anal sheathes should stay in position even if the wearer exercises in the suit. If that turns out to be a problem I can have an anti-expulsion ring fitted into the vaginal sheath. The vaginal sheath itself will have to be at least 9 inches long to permit deep penetration when the woman is aroused and her vagina tented. For women used to wearing a Penetrator plug during their daily routine there may be little difference except that her vagina won’t feel as full, until a man or dildo enters the sheath. For men the anal condom may not be objectionable if they are used to having a butt plug inserted. I know some gay men who go to work with butt plugs inserted just like girls who wear their Penetrator plugs all the time. Guys who routinely wear butt plugs shouldn’t have a problem with the anal sheath. Of course discomfort from a heavy rubber condom in the anus could be one purpose of having the person wear the suit. It’s certain that for the safety of the wearer s/he should use a good long lasting lubricating gel in the vagina, anus and applied inside all three sheathes to lessen the friction of a penis or dildo. One down side of this type of double penetration suit is that it takes a long time to get out of it to go to the bathroom and to reinsert the pelvic cavity sheathes and become totally encased again afterward.

Vaginal sheath with dildo inserted

Testing for leaks: The labs will make over-pressure tests with both air and fluids to see if they can get the three sheathes themselves and any sheath seams to fail. And each suit’s sheath-set will be inspected by high intensity light to look for thin spots and pin holes in the rubber before the woman or man puts it on for an STI positive encounter. There is a small but very wealthy group of HIV or HSV positive fetishists in Vegas who have been interested in being sexually active with STI free members of the fetish community, but until now there were only the traditional male and female condoms that offer only marginal protection at best from genital secretions and none from other bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, anal waste and vomit. Of course once used the STI positive client has effectively ‘bought’ the suit since it can not be disinfected for use with another client so it will be saved in a virus proof storage bag for reuse if s/he can afford another encasement suit encounter.


  1. I've seen this kind of thing in Japanese zentai fetish videos, only the fabric is spandex and not latex. I'd love to be able to do it like that.

  2. Jill, Can you actually buy the encasement suits online? I can't seem to locate on HW designs website...?

    Must admit, they look kinky as hell...

  3. Hi Paul, The link for HW Design is: Google “HW Design latex” and it’s the first listing. You can buy catsuits and other latex clothing from their on-line cat. But I didn’t see what I’ve come to think of as the “condom suit”. I think that may be because it is a several years old style.

    A user tells me that if the wearer walks around in it the condoms tend to come out and hang out of the suit! I’ve spent too much time keeping my body svelte and toned to be walking around in a latex skin with sheathes hanging out of my vagina and anus. That’s not good! I have an image to maintain! For that reason and the others I mentioned in the entry I’m going to have Labia Labs mould a custom made latex condom suit to my body dimensions Gepetto has on file. Then we can add an anti-expulsion ridge to the vaginal sheath and work on something to help keep the anal sheath inserted while the wearer struts her stuff.

  4. Hi Jill,

    Thanks :) Most shops can do custom one offs or old styles I imagine?... I'd be interested to hear how you get on with the inserts for the sheaths...

  5. > I’m planning to use a small training dildo inserted in the well lubed sheaths ...

    Hi Jill,

    have you tested this suit?

  6. Hi Mark. No I haven't tried it yet. I ran into a problem when the entire output of Jeff's new latex formulation was redirected to a government contract, so it will be some time until they have spare product that I can have for fetishwear. Sigh!

  7. I need a great movie with this

  8. Your all fucked up. Get yo head checked! Crazy ass ho

  9. Awesome praise indeed! Thank you discerning reader! LOL!

  10. ive been trying to find videos online footage of women getting fucked in these but cant find any. any ideas?

  11. Hi Anon, welcome! It's good news that you can't find any on-line. Here we do try to keep videos to a minimum (once one copy gets out they seem to reproduce faster than rabbits) and in this case I think we have been fairly successful.

  12. HW Design has a GREAT product - they need to market it ! ! ! I would LOVE to have an excuse to go to Austria


  13. I wonder what you look like jill

  14. Hi Anon, welcome!

    I’m 5’4” 110 lbs, have red hair, green eyes and am left handed. I’ve never been preggers, but am lactating and when engorged my breasts are 32Bs. While lactating is high maintenance especially for a dancer I enjoy being milked. For contraception I wear a 80mm diaphragm or a 28mm FemCap or a 26mm Oves cap. My fave cervical barrier is the Oves cap a tiny bit of transparent silicone that sucks tightly on my cervix. During my period I like to wear a Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragm for flow control because the flat spring rim is nearly impossible for a playful partner to under-thrust the rim.

  15. Hi James, “About 10 years ago Harald Wilfer, the owner of Hw-design and creator of the 'alien' catsuit, founded a rubberist interest group on yahoo called 'colorful fetish'. The suit then, had gathered a fair amount of interest in the now defunct yahoo group. Perhaps if one were friends with this man, he might offer to make the alien suit for a reasonable price of course (probably in the range of 1 to 3k).”

    Thank you for the history of the Alien catsuit.

  16. I totally want one of these!!!!! best invention :)


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