Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eye drops, nipples and gasmasks

Refusing latex encasement training Eve is given time to reconsider

Eye drops on nipples: I helped capture a rapist the other day. He is very fond of milking lactating women so an undercover cop with whom I have an occasional intimate encounter thought I might be used as bait to catch him. I was told that the rapist had been stalking me because of my Balanchine body and B-cup breasts and because I let my stallions breast feed in public, at Naughty’s, so it’s not a secret that I’m lactating. I thought I should do my bit for law enforcement since I so often bend if not break one law or another, not to mention he is suspected of raping a friend of mine.

He has a nasty temper so I thought it would be a good idea if he was taken as quietly as possible so I tried what I was told is an old prostitute’s trick, putting special eye drops on my breasts that he would ingest when he milked me. If you get a large enough dose it acts quickly to disorient the person and put them to sleep. The problem is that the drug, Cyclopentolate, can be absorbed through the skin as well as the mucus membranes. I’m not sure how working girls prevent drugging themselves when they paint their nipples (none would admit to me that they do it or know anyone who does) but what I did to prevent drugging myself was I applied a coating of liquid-skin bandage around my nipples. As long as my breasts were filling the coating stretched and matched my skin perfectly. When I knew he had followed me into Naughty’s I went into the ladies room unzipped the neck zipper of my black latex body condom and painted the medicine on to the liquid skin around my areolas and carefully kept it off my nipples, positioned the girls back in their cups and zipped up.

Show time: Then it was time for my act and I went into the Meat Market so he could find me and make his move. It didn’t take him long, which was a good thing since by that time I really needed milking. He groped me right there in front of God and the rest of the aroused crowd of singles, fondling the cleft head of my pelvic plug and pinching my nipples to make them erect to push hard into the latex membrane of my body condom. I took him to a secluded booth in the back and we ordered drinks. The anesthetic side effects of Cyclopentolate are greatly increased when the person has alcohol in their system. I had my usual which is a nonalcoholic beverage tricked up to look like a regular cocktail while he had doubles. By the time he was on his second drink he had my neck zipper down and my breasts exposed. He also opened my crotch zipper and was obviously experienced as he expertly removed my Penetrator plug commenting on how strong the vacuum seal was before he broke it with a juicy sucking sound. Then he kissed my left nipple and began to milk me. He squeezed my breast, gave the nipple several hard sucks and then switched to my right breast where he did the same thing then alternated back and forth. Within two minutes he was unsteady and not swallowing. The milk he was sucking from my breasts was drooling out of his mouth. He slowly rested his head on my breasts and began to snore.

I had been wearing a wire in my fetish hood and told the Casino security and the LVPD waiting in the service area their package was ready for pickup. They came through the back cuffed him and carried him off on a gurney. I zipped up and carrying my plug in my hand went to shower and have my body condom cleaned before my breast milk that he had spilled both on the inside and out turned rancid. I carefully washed my breasts getting the Cyclopentolate off first then used a solvent to remove the liquid-skin and changed into a fresh black latex body condom and matching pleasure boots before meeting one of my stallions, Peter, for a proper milking and an awesome doggie fuck orgasm in the same booth where I anesthetized my first lover of the evening.

Gasmask encounter fatality: A returning third year UNLV coed drowned in her SGE 150 gasmask over the weekend. She was using her own filter canisters rather than rent one from the fetish club she belonged to because she thought it was less expensive to provide her own and the one she screwed on to her mask had been tampered with. Someone added crystals that dissolved giving off nausea gas when moist breath was drawn across them. She vomited into the small tight fitting oral-nasal unit of her mask and drowned in her own vomit while she was being penetrated from the rear as she lay sprawled across the island in the kitchen of her own small apartment. Her partner (well connected to the movers and shakers in town) called for a cleanup crew. Fortunately she was wearing an FC2 condom. He said he thought her struggles were to adjust her position to enable her to take his full length since she was petite and he was very well endowed. He said he never heard her vomit or scream as he had his ear buds in and the volume up on his Nano listening to The Rolling Stones ‘Satisfaction’ which he calls his pussy song.

That sort of thing happens more often than you might think. Everyone assumes gasmasks are life saving devices and used for their intended purpose, to continue breathing in a hostile gas environment they are. But used by the Fetish and BDSM communities as devices for breath play gasmasks can be extremely dangerous. And, because there is so much jealousy within the local BDSM community between rivals for the favor of particular partners they are becoming more commonly used for murders dressed as unfortunate accidents

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