Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pointe shoe Quiz 09-12-2010

What is the style name (or number) of this pointe shoe?


  1. Hi Jill, Hope you are well.

    I'm going for.... Legende 909?

    I can just make out the word 'Legende' on the heel part of the shoe. Plus the '909' markings on the toe area.


  2. This is too easy. Blowing up the photo, the heel has the word "Legende" and the midsole has the number 909. It's a Legende 909!

  3. Sansha "Legende" 909

    Sansha "Legende" offers hard 2/3 shank, traditional hand-stitching & whisper quite toe. This model shown is sold in eroupe and france by the sole marking . America model has no markings on the sole. I show you the differince .
    First Japanese model

    USA Model

    This photo was taken on April 21, 2009 in Marcillé-Raoul, Brittany. France web site
    Dans EP Hot O Located in north-western France.Which is within Brittany region .AKA Sold in FRANCE.
    How did I do?

  4. It looks like the "Légende" 909?

    Cheers, Joe

  5. Yes! Everyone got this one. Good for you! It's the Sansha split-sole piointe Legende 909


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