Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gay and Lesbian escorts

A gay submissive in a ‘prison stockade’ device

Gays & Lesbians as escorts: A long time friend and reader wrote: “While I enjoy your blogs, your training blogs mostly concern women. I think because, there are no men in your escort training classes. Since I am curious on most new things, this image [of a “Prison Stockade” with Fucking Rod is getting a lot of attention. This restrictive device locks the slave(s) hands, ankles and neck in steel completely immobilizing them.] brought on this query. How do you train a man to be a escort slave? Do they use the same machines? or same methods?”

Well, first, we do train both male and female candidates to be escorts. From the males is where I get a lot of my stallions for casual in-house encounters when I need to release stress during working hours. However, the heterosexual to gay ratio of candidates is about 10:1 to cover the far greater heterosexual demand. The Gay escorts are trained using the same training equipment commercially available to the gay/lesbian BDSM community, with the exception of pelvic trainers and strap-on dildos for lesbians. We insist that our lesbians strengthen their vaginal muscles even though most aren’t going to be sucking semen from a penetrating penis. A Sappho-slave being able to crush her Domme’s fingers when she inserts them in her slaves’ birth canal is one of her Signature offerings and our girls are in demand by lesbian CEOs who come to Vegas for conventions. Our lesbian girls are all expert as penetrators as well as being penetrated during dive sex so are fitted with gas guards to protect against water or air being forced into their uteri when penetrated by a strap-on during dive-sex.

Unisex training equipment includes the usual line of punitive collars, cuffs, corsets, gags, butt plugs, steel electro-stim anal plugs, gimp helmets and gasmasks equipped with various sizes of inflatable penis gags and latex rebreather bags and of course ballet boots. And then there are the rubber or leather encasement suits and diving equipment. Even the lowly silicone swim cap becomes a fetish pleasure toy for breathplay.

We have a small team of Gay trainers who take gay candidates through the course. We don’t train many gay men because the ‘accident’ rate is so high for slaves that it’s difficult to find acceptable candidates and the risks aren’t worth the expense. A male escort has to have a huge ego and be a great risk taker – in addition to having a lovely body - to be a gay slave for our clientele which is small but very demanding. They push the slave to edge of endurance for the human body and most gay subs don’t last very long. If they survive three or four encounters w/o being seriously injured they are considered very experienced. Most are so severely injured by their second encounter from things like: brain damage from lack of oxygen during breathplay, or a torn colon when an inflatable anal plug is over-filled, or a ruptured colon from too energetic thrusting from a very large partner using a performance enhancer, or semen in the lungs that causes pneumonia from not swallowing when he should have during fellatio, or their toes are crushed in hydraulic pointe-trainers that 'malfunction'. There are very few gays who need acceptance badly enough that they mind-fuck themselves into believing that they will be safe and that their partner cares.

Lesbians generally are not nearly as destructive of escorts and some strong friendships have developed between the Domme who rented the girl as her slave for the duration of her conference. We have a very popular line of personal assistant slaves for visiting lesbian CEOs. The girls are highly educated with elite social skills and are proficient in general office tasks. They dress in conservative business attire and carry a tote with the CEOs fave sex toys so when they are alone the slave can caress away her Dommes stress or accept punishment between business sessions.

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