Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inflatable toy accidents and incest

Bulb pump for inserted inflatable dildo

Dildo puncture embolism: I’ve written about the dangers of using inflatable dildos before, but the devices are still available and there are still accidents. This incident was an avoidable tragedy. A 16 y/o was playing with her mom’s sex toys while her parents were away for the weekend. When they returned home they found her in her room wearing her own gray latex encasement masturbation suit from our BDSM boutique – the upmarket model with nipple vacuum cups - and corset that she was so proud of. They had given it to her for her 16th birthday as an age of consent present. She was also wearing her mom’s SGE150 gasmask with a canister attached so if she had called out her cries would have been muffled under the mask. She was still breathing but unresponsive. She had inserted then inflated one of her mom’s old latex Rubber Ram dildos and it burst at the tip. From the look of the ruined dildo her mom had apparently used a petroleum based lube, like Vaseline, on it because at the tip what was left of the rubber was hard and cracked and the pieces had jagged edges. The ME said when the dildo burst the hardened tip shattered and the pieces of hard brittle rubber shredded the tip of her cervix and the compressed air was forced into her uterus where several air bubbles entered her bloodstream. She was still bleeding from her uterus when the EMTs rushed her to the ER where she flat-lined. The doctors think she was unconscious from the bursting of the tip and bleeding out when one of the air bubbles reached her brain and stopped all brain activity. Her parents kept her on a ventilator for several days then shut it off and she stopped breathing a few minutes later.

I tell my escort candidates and the students I teach at St Lucy’s not to use inflatable toys in their vaginas as a puncture can lead to very serious injury or death. But if they must then high quality silicone inflatables are safer that latex ones. And oily lubes should not be used as they deteriorate latex and some silicones rapidly. If a woman must use an inflatable toy she should wear a gas guard to protect herself in case of an ‘uncontrolled puncture’ better known as a blowout. Only one of the toy manufacturers mentions the possibility of an ‘uncontrolled puncture’. That’s like calling a plane crash an ‘uncontrolled descent’.

Penis gags in gasmasks: We had another somewhat similar case a few weeks back where a gay bottom was tied to a bed in his latex encasement suit while wearing a gasmask that had been adapted to include a penis gag operated by a bulb pump that hung like a goiter from the front of the mask along with a three liter rebreather bag attached to the side. It was the bottom’s mask and he was new to encounters with this Dom who wasn’t familiar with how far the gag could be safely inflated. Not only did he over inflate so that it completely blocked the bottom’s throat but the gag burst sending bits of latex and latex dust from inside the gag into the Submissives lungs. Even with the gag deflated the debris from the burst gag had clogged his lungs so completely that he couldn’t inhale and suffocated in his mask before the Dom could unlock the releases on the head harness to get it off.

Pelvic training and incest: We have a 6th form girl at St Lucy’s (she will be 18 early next year.) who transferred in from an elite girl’s school in South Carolina. She said she transferred to St Lucy’s to take my Advanced Sexual Techniques (AST) course and I think that is partially true. She has been paired – by having compatible pelvic anatomy and mutual likes/dislikes- with a 25 y/o UNLV student in the psychology PhD program who is also a full-time escort trainee. He is registered at UNLV and for escort training under a different name, but we found that he is her biological brother. We check for that sort of thing. With both men and women in the entertainment world performing under stage or professional names it is not all that unusual to find siblings working together using different names. But as sexual partners it can get complicated. It’s already obvious to her teachers that she almost certainly relocated schools with the intent of having him as her stallion of choice for AST lab exercises. And we matched them up w/o any overt lobbying on her part.

I don’t plan to have him reassigned to another AST student as they do make an amazingly handsome couple radiating sexual tension and their pelvic anatomies are perfect for each other. However, I did let her know that I knew she and her stallion were brother and sister. She was shocked and then so relieved when she found I was on her side and approved of what she had been able to do, though all she really did was keep quiet when we assigned her brother as her sexual partner. I told her that I expected her to keep her grades up and to be conscientious with her birth control. She agreed and that day I went with her when she had a GyneFix implanted (our clinic keeps a few slots open for immediate GyneFix implantations) so she should be quite safe from pregnancy and be able to let her brother shoot his wad as deep as he can plant it confident that she is virtually impregnable.

Incest and me: I’m not totally in favor of incest. But, I think it can have a meaningful place in some families. God knows, I tried hard enough, when I became of age in NY, to get my father to overcome his grief at my mother’s death by screwing me because he said I was so like her physically. I thought by fucking his brains out I could give him something to look forward too rather than staring into the bottom of an empty single malt bottle most days. I was wrong! Sigh! As beautiful as I was in my teens and early 20s he wouldn’t touch me! So, assuming mutual consent, I’m rather in favor of incest if close family members want to escape from loneliness or take out their frustrations by going at one another during intense sexual encounters. Children from such a relationship is an entirely different thing and totally out of the question because of passing on genetic abnormalities. But then that’s what Mifeprex or a menstrual extraction is for if a girl has a contraceptive failure.

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