Monday, September 6, 2010

Tying up lose threads

Victoria’s Secret Model Doutzen Kroes Pregnant! Oops?

Plastic surgeon dies in car accident: In my entry for August 7, 2010 entitled Therapy with Mack the Knife I wrote about some of my therapy sessions under the knife with a reconstructive surgeon who liked to cut rubber suits off his female partners. He missed two therapy sessions with me so I called his psychiatrist (who I was assisting on his case) to find out where the patient was. The shrink had been on vacation in Europe for three weeks and apologized that no one on his staff knew that I was assisting so didn’t know to tell me that the patient had driven off the road and over a cliff and was killed several weeks ago. I guess that explains why he missed our appointments. In the few times we were together he must have cut at least $6,000 worth of Sailfish wetsuits off me. It was a form of foreplay for him and he was amazing in bed after he cut me out of a Sailfish. Sigh!

I still have three new Sailfish wetsuits that we never got to use. Three weren’t enough for a single afternoon of therapy so I was looking forward to him taking me shopping for sailfish again. It wasn’t as though we didn’t know what size I took. It was the thrill of him groping me in public as he ‘helped’ me into and out of the wonderfully tight German neoprene that we both enjoyed. The looks on the shop assistants faces were priceless as they watched us in the wall mirrors – and one was even filming our reflection in the mirrors with her smart phone - as he inserted two fingers inside me and nearly made me come while supposedly adjusting my crotch. And we did that for every suit and bought at least six each time we went shopping. I think their sales increased by 5% in the few weeks we shopped there. I’m expecting an attempt at blackmail from the girl with the phone-cam because while all the wetsuits were paid for with a corporate CC they were shipped to me so she knows my name and where I live. If she had known who he was the pics would have probably ended up in a tabloid, since I think they are probably too explicit for People Magazine.

Natasha’s eggs: In my entry for July 11, 2010 I mentioned the possibility of harvesting my Russian dancer’s eggs to pay off her gambling debts which I bought to get her to dance for me here in Vegas. I thought we had moved closer to making that happen by having her DNA tested for suitability. No problem I thought since she is a gorgeous woman. How wrong I was! It has taken weeks to have her DNA tested for mutant genes that cause breast cancer, autism, MS and a long list of genetic defects that can, but not always do, appear in carriers. Sadly Natasha’s eggs are not of harvesting quality. Actually, if I were her, I would have my tubes blocked to make certain I had no children. So at this point I’m looking for other ways to make my money back with her. She is still a powerful draw on stage as her erotic classical ballet performances are hugely popular with the high rollers especially the Asians - who fantasize about having gorgeous round eyed Russian ballet dancers as mistresses - go wild at the tables just to get a seat in the auditorium. Perhaps that’s enough. At the current rate I will have my money back in about four months anyway. I was just hoping to speed things up a bit.

Ginny and rubber lust: The 19 y/o Who came out for the St Lucy’s Ballet SI (in June and early July) and who developed rubber lust and stayed the rest of the summer has returned to college on the east coast. I was amazed that her father was as accommodating with her desires as he was, but that made things easier for me. Returning readers will remember I found her a gig as Adolph’s Pool Assistant and latex arm-candy while Abi was recovering from a YI – see my post for July 10, 2010 – and God knows that broadened Ginny’s sexual experiences and her circle of rubber fetish friends immensely! She wanted to stay and transfer to UNLV, but Abi has fully recovered and is back as Adolph’s number one girl and Ginny’s father wanted her back in school on the east coast so she left last week.

As a going-away present she was cluster-fucked by Adolph and four of his closest German friends. It took them three hours to finish with her and I don’t think she could have enjoyed anything more! It will be an encounter she will remember fondly all her life! Actually she finished them. The men were exhausted and even with performance enhancing chemicals they couldn’t mount her any more. She told me later that she was determined to out last her lovers and she did! She could hardly walk the next day and is on 800 mg of ibuprofen every six hours for the next few days until her muscles stop cramping. I upgraded her ticket to first class and she wore a pad since she will be draining German sperm for days. She has amazing pelvic stamina for a 19 y/o and wants to come back next summer. All her lovers had been screened and were free of STIs and fortunately at my insistence she had a GyneFix implanted so she should be quite safe. If she still wants to work in Vegas next summer I’m sure I can find her something she will like and be good at.


  1. Jill, sorry to hear about your friend.


  2. Hi Paul, Thanks… He was a great guy, just a bit kinky. He was funny, generous and considerate he just liked to cut the clothes off women, sometimes total strangers or friends at very inappropriate times. He said it was good training for cutting through muscle during surgery and was proud of the fact that he never nicked a woman while he was cutting her clothes off. That was what his psychiatrist though I might be able to help him with. The theory was that if he was with someone who didn’t freakout when he undressed her with a scalpel and he did it frequently enough the thrill would wear off for him and he would revert to more traditional dating techniques.

    We never had enough time together to fully test the theory. Actually, we were getting more excited each time he filleted a new Sailfish while I was wearing it. His psychiatrist said it would take time and that his symptoms would become more intense before they decreased and we never got to the point where he began to lose interest in knife assisted-nudity. He was in his early 50s, not married and was in good physical condition with an awesome six-pack and marvelous stamina! He was so sexually experienced he could sense what I needed and started giving me wonderful vaginal orgasms from the very first time he entered me. So while he was a client and I was his sexual therapist in the strict sense of our relationship, I developed a real fondness for him and will miss his smile and our encounters.

  3. My condolences on the loss of your friend.

  4. Jill, think I posted a message int he wrong thread, was meant to go on the post before this one!

    Sorry, Paul.


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