Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taryn leaves for Cambridge

Wren Library Trinity College across Neviles Court

Taryn leaves for Cambridge: Returning readers will remember that Taryn will be entering Trinity College for Michaelmas Term beginning October 1st. I wrote about some of the preliminaries in my May 23, 2010 entry: ‘Taryn and Trinity College Cambridge’ She is being accompanied by Angelica (Angie) a 25 y/o Brit-chick who has been with her since April and is a licensed bodyguard. Angie was selected by Tanaquil for her intelligence and martial arts skills and will be Taryn’s bodyguard and fellow student at Trinity College.

I wanted to Fly over with her and make sure that everything is perfect, but my schedule won’t allow it. I feel so guilty about that. However, Tanaquil, who has been overseeing the details of Taryn’s relocation to Cambridge, has flown in from Germany on her corporate jet (Adult Media is very profitable) and will take Taryn and Angie back with her this weekend. Taryn is in very good hands with Tanaquil looking after her. We had intended to have Taryn relocated to and settled in the manor house at Milton Park by the end of August but she was involved in business negotiations here and couldn’t get away so with long phone conversations and video links she, with Tanaquil as the sharp end of the spear, has everything in place including the deep enclosed pool for dive-sex and the pelvic training gym. It was first thought that the stone for the pool wasn’t going to be available in time but money can work miracles at times and the stone and the master masons to place it miraculously appeared when the right incentive was offered.

Milton Park’s slang name: The stonemasons saw the equipment being installed in the pelvic gym, and one of them is quoted as saying “This place is going to be a boinking cunt castle”. And, since that sort of thing spreads among men so quickly it caught on and then it got around the village. Tanaquil says that now the unofficial name of Milton Park is “Cunt Castle” even though it’s in no way a castle but an 18th C hunting lodge. Actually, it is a much truer description than the stone mason knew given where the money to pay for all the renovations and additions came from. And I’m sure the name will get around Trinity College if Taryn’s tutors don’t already know. The Dons at Cambridge are remarkably well informed. I think they like a bit of insider spice as long as it isn’t flashed about. Since the UK has strong Anglo-Saxon roots a good Middle English descriptive term can be a plus in institutions as sexually repressed as Oxbridge.

Taryn’s Going-away party: Her celebration is going to be very low-key. After a light supper here at my place she will retire to her suite for an intimate encounter with three of her fave stallions. She's going for triple penetration which she has been practicing for a week now. I may look in on her afterward just to make sure everything is ok. Triple P can be dangerous for women because it can lead to pelvic problems with sphincters not closing and occasionally something tearing. It is a high risk encounter, but she has been rehearsing with partners in condoms. Tonight though, everyone is riding bareback.

Contraceptive use in the U.S.: In August 2010 the CDC published a document “Use of Contraception in the U.S. 1982 – 2008”
I mention it here because in a comment to my post ‘Fertility Awareness Method of contraception’ on 8/8/10 I asked if anyone knew of a recent study that provided statistics on the use of Natural Family Planning. This CDC study provides those figures in Table 4 on page 21. In summery:

Natural Family Planning: In 1982 0.3% of the 54,099 women in the study used NFP. In the most recent study period, 2006 – 2008, only 0.1% of the 61,864 women in the survey were using NFP.

The diaphragm: Diaphragm use dropped from 0.4% of the 54,099 women in the 1982 study to less than 0.05% (considered too small to measure) of the 61,864 women in the 2006-2008 study. This is a ‘pure’ diaphragm figure as cervical cap users were counted under ‘other methods’. The decrease in users accounts for the decrease in the number of makers (only three Ortho, Cooper Surgical and Reflexions are available in the U.S.) of diaphragms except for custom made ones. Even with the increased interest in the cervical barriers FemCap, Oves and the flat spring Reflexions diaphragm as gas guards for dive-sex we are unlikely to stop the decline of cervical barrier use.

Body esthetics and pelvic contact at St Lucy’s: Every student taking ballet and on the swim team has had their initial semester full body waxing. Everything goes except eyebrows and scalp hair. For returning students it’s routine. For new students it’s a rite of passage. And for young transfer students their first body waxing can be a breathtaking experience having their thick pelt of pubic hair ripped out. But it’s necessary if they are to be properly fitted for Penetrator plugs because the head of the plug has to suction over the wearer’s clitoris and labia if it is to provide the pelvic protection of a Jill-cup. Other schools use bulky external pelvic protectors that fit into a belt or shorts.

St Lucy’s has found that far fewer of our students have pelvic injuries from contact sports when wearing a Penetrator plug than other schools students wearing Jill-cups. A student can be confident she is protected from a blow to her pelvis even when she is wearing a thong bikini, tights or a leotard when a Penetrator is concealed beneath it. A standard pelvic protector can work well for sports, but not the arts or while modeling. Of course Penetrators are excellent training for ballet because working en pointe, jumping and splits with a Penetrator inserted strengthens the pelvic floor.

And because so many of St. Lucy’s student leaders come from ballet students a Penetrator plug and therefore the need for routine full body waxings have become esthetic must-haves for most of the fashion conscious students.

A reader asked: “Is it safe to use Ben Wa balls with a Mirena IUD.” If the balls are metal (stainless steel or chrome plated) or stone (Jade) then it’s quite safe to wear Ben Wa balls with a Mirena inserted. The problem arises with Mirena and ParaGard and any other IUD with strings that descend from the cervix into the vagina, when the strings interfere with the seal of a cervical barrier such as a diaphragm or cervical cap or stick to the rubber device causing the IUD to be pulled out when the diaphragm or cap is removed.


  1. Best of luck Taryn.

    I had to laugh at 'Cunt castle'. lol


  2. You were talking about the St. Lucy's girls getting total body waxing, and you had said in the past that waxing is a bit painful at first with all the hair being ripped out of the skin, but after a while, it's not so bad. I'm wondering how those girls felt initially when their pubes got waxed. That oughta hurt!

  3. I crossed my legs at that part Eric. If my balls got waxed I'd ask for a bungee cord to be attached to the waxing strip... then pulled by a car travelling past me at 80mph to minimise the pain.


    Regards/Crying at the thought.


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