Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pointe Shoe Quiz

Bloch Pointe Shoes

Pointe shoe Quiz: Another in an occasional series. These shoes are made by the Australian maker Bloch. As with other makers Bloch has names for its different styles: Alpha, Aspiration, Balance, Serenade, Sonata, Synergy to name a few. What is the style name of these shoes?


  1. My sweet Ballerina... Felling your taste in points I would say these point shoes are the Suprima Point by Bloch........ Or 2nd choice the Signature point! :) xx Kyle

  2. Hi Kyle... sorry, they are neither of those.

  3. Jill ,
    It is model ESO170 The B-Morph Pointe shoe .Made By Bloch

  4. Yes! They are B-Morph pointes With the new thermoplastic paste box and a polymer shank. A pair break in in about 2 hours rather than over a few days to a week! All a girl needs is a hair dryer and a fridge...


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