Sunday, June 21, 2009

Uterine rupture and Asphyxia sex

Britney Spears showing her C-section scar tat.

Death during asphyxia dive-sex: Last week, at another training facility, a 25 y/o model died during asphyxia training when her uterus ruptured. It ruptured along the C-section incision she had the previous year (she had a small pelvis) to deliver her daughter. It occurred while she and an instructor were at the bottom of a 20 ft practice pool. He shut off her air as she approached orgasm and she had a super-intense climax with no air. The massive orgasm caused a rush of oxytocin so high that it caused cramps intense enough to rupture her uterus along her C-section scar which was the weakest spot in the walls of an otherwise perfect uterus. The ME said she was the third local woman she is aware of who had died from a C-section incision rupture during asphyxia sex in the past several years. The complicating factor in this case was that she was 20 feet below the surface when it occurred. It took time for her trainer to catch her – she had pushed him away from her and curled into a fetal ball on the bottom of the pool - turn on her air, inflate her BC and get her to the surface. And, though it was all on the security video no one alerted the EMTs until she was pulled from the pool. No one considered from size of the cloud of blood in the pool that she was hemorrhaging so badly. Instead of a helicopter they asked for an ambulance. Even so the ME said it made no difference since she probably bled to death shortly after reaching the surface.

Our training staff has been aware of the increased likelihood of uterine rupture during very intense orgasms in women who have had C-sections. Which is why I insist at the very least on an ultrasound of prospective dive-sex students uteri to insure there are no weak spots in the walls before accepting them into training. We will not accept a woman who has had a C-section into surface asphyxia training much less the far more intense dive-sex asphyxia classes.


  1. Is so unfortunate for that girl to die from a ruptured uterus on her Caesarian scar, but she took the chance when she signed up for the training, and no one thought that would happen to her at the time. At least you are taking precautions now about C-sections and other possible hazards. The kind of sexual activity you and your group do are so out there that all the precautions you take are needed.

    BTW, on the photo of Brittney Spears, is her C-section scar about a couple inches above her belt?

  2. I think you can see part of her C-section scar running from the top of her belt buckle to the tat cross on the right as you are looking at the pic.


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