Thursday, June 25, 2009

The disappearance of latex diaphragms

A 70mm latex Ortho All-Flex (arching spring) diaphragm

An All-Flex for Dive-Sex: Eve is now back wearing her 70mm latex All-Flex, but only for protection for dive-sex. Returning readers may recall that shortly after her arrival here to accept and bond with Adam, she was fitted with a GyneFix IUD, but she needs over-pressure protection for dive-sex and it has been long enough after her termination that she can wear a diaphragm again, but only for over-pressure protection down to 10 meters. Diving below that can cause the spring rim of a diaphragm to distort so the only safe cervical barrier for deeper dives is a FemCap or Oves and it is too soon after her abortion for her cervix to have returned to normal so she can’t be properly fitted (yet) for a cervical cap. It’s unlikely that she will be having sex in water deeper than 30 feet so she should be quite safe relying on the All-Flex for protection.

The vanishing latex diaphragm: Ortho McNeil has converted from manufacturing latex diaphragms to making them of silicone. The conversion started last fall when they also reduced the number of sizes of All-Flex diaphragms available to four: 65mm, 70mm, 75mm and 80 mm. And, at the same time they discontinued their line of coil spring rim diaphragms entirely. The only latex diaphragm that is still being made is the Reflexions which has a flat spring rim. A flat spring diaphragm has a smaller more delicate rim and was designed for women with a shallow pubic notch so isn’t suitable for most women. Eve found that while silicone lasts much longer, is less likely to be harmed by oily meds and is less likely to contribute to infections the silicone does not transmit heat as well and is not quite as stretchy as latex.. This week Eve had her diaphragm fit checked at the clinic and bought the last four latex Ds they had in her size. Her milk finally came in fully last week so she is producing more than enough for Adam and Peter, who began as Eve’s Vegas boy-toy, is pleased to take the rest.

Going home: Eve and Adam will be traveling east with us on Limnaea, my G550, this coming Monday. They will stay with friends in the Hamptons while Anya, and Chris, Taryn and Chuck and Pirate and I are attending Anya’s cousin’s wedding. As his gift Pirate is providing the sex for the wedding party. The Duchess was invited but she said that it was the bride’s day and that a breast-feeding infant at the wedding would be too much of a distraction especially if someone should recognize her. She isn’t ready to go public with the birth of the heir to the duchy so she will be content to just send a gift. Peter has become Eve’s main squeeze and he is going back to live with her on Virgin Gorda and then England when she decides it’s time to return to the Duchy’s estates there. She says he is the first man she has had unbelievably intense sex with in years – she can’t seem to get enough of him - and the two of them have fallen deeply in love. Peter really is a sweet and gentle lover and he has bonded with Adam. I wish them both a lifetime of happiness.

After the wedding we are all going down to Virgin Gorda for a few days to take Eve back home and to relax a bit in the cove and possibly dive the treasure cave. We have sent all our dive gear ahead so the girls will just be bringing our bikinis and slit-kits with us. Chris has sent all the Gyn equipment and supplies we might need and stocks of diaphragms and FemCaps. We will al be menstrual over the 4th of July weekend, ‘Independence Day’ for sure, so Chuck will give me my usual menstrual extraction on CD1.

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  1. Looks like you're going to have a lot of fun coming up. Wish I could come.


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