Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pointe shoes for pony-play


Pony play in pointes: I’ve been chatting a friend who is into Pony Play. His Domme wants him in pony boots, bit, blinders, butt-plug with a real horsehair tail… the works, but he is looking for something a bit more adventuresome in footwear as her Sub, so I suggested a pair of black or brown pointe shoes. Pony boots [see the image above] are just 4 inch heels on a modified wedge platform which takes no skill at all to wear, which is probably the reason for that design. He is a masochist. Well, he says he is, but a lot of guys say they are then when pain is applied they decide otherwise. But he says he is, so I suggested he be fitted for a good supportive pair of ballet-boots, as an interim measure, so he can get used to the weight of his bod taken on his toes while giving his ankles support of tightly laced leather boots. Wearing Ballet-heels first also gives him a chance to learn how to trim his nails and tape and pad his toes correctly and learn how to ‘set’ his pointes by pushing his toes into the blocks of pointe-boots and walk around en pointe before zipping them up to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Of course after 20 minutes or so standing en pointe ones toes go numb, so the trick is learning how to gracefully walk in boots when you are some distance off the floor balanced on a 1 ½ x 2 inch diameter platform. That’s where the 9 in heels of ballet-boots come in handy for beginners. The heel is rather like training wheels on a bicycle, providing some measure of confidence and stability while the wearer accustoms him or her self to balancing and moving en pointe. While his ballet heels training is going on our student should also be taking ballet class at least three times a week to build up the strength in his feet and ankles so he will be able to actually walk confidently in pointe-shoes rather than be like so many men who aspire to wearing pointes but who can only pose in them.

Gaynor Minden pointe shoes with suede platforms

The Best pointe shoes for pony play: Once he is confidently walking around in ballet-heels he can then be fitted for a good supportive pair of pointe shoes – with his toes taped and while wearing the toe padding he normally wears with ballet heels. Gaynor Minden pointes with suede platforms for traction would be an excellent choice as first time pointes for a fetishist because a pair of properly fitted GMs will last a long time especially with suede platforms, take a lot of abuse and are very hard to destroy. Once the correct size is determined the pointes can be purchased and dyed black, brown or gray as necessary to go with the rest of the wearer’s pony tack.
Out here, in the clubs we seldom see female subs in full pony-gear, boots and full tack. There is a private pony club but it is very exclusive and all the men are quite old so the girls mostly parade around in an enclosed arena in full pony gear and occasionally race for their Masters pulling sulkys, light racing carts.


  1. That ought to be interesting for that friend to get into pointe shoes for pony play. I wouldn't expect him to have the gait of Secretariat or even Mine That Bird.

    I was wondering how pointes can be made to fit a guy's foot. Looking through dancewear catalogs a few times, the largest I saw would fit maybe a men's 6. I wear a men's 9 to 10, depending on the maker. I would suspect the normal pointe maker would shy away from a foot as big as mine.

    I'm not suggesting I want to get a pair now, but just as a hypothetical.

  2. Very interesting info concerning pony play. Preperation for pony boots with point shoes has a great relationship too

  3. Hi Eric, The Trocks (Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo) can be fitted with pointes so I’m sure someone your size could be too. Dance shops in the large East and West Coast cities – and possibly elsewhere, Chicago or Houston - carry larger sizes, though, with the economy in the tank even they may have trimmed the seldom sold sizes in stock. But I’m sure any guy who seriously put his mind to wearing pointe shoes could be correctly fitted but it could require traveling to find a supportive fitter.


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