Monday, June 22, 2009

The Semina and its followers

A Semina silicone diaphragm

The cult of the Barbie Barrier: There is a small group of ballet girls at St. Lucy’s who have started a cult around the wearing and use of the Semina diaphragm. Semina is very popular with teens because of its attractive color (Think pink!) and design as well as being quite rugged while looking delicate which is just like the young women who revel in wearing it. Because of it’s color the girls call their Seminas ‘Barbie barriers’ but they all know wearing one is a very adult thing to do, taking responsibility for protecting themselves from pregnancy.

Returning readers may remember that all St Lucy’s ballet students are urged to avoid hormonal birth control if possible because of its dampening effect on the senses as well as the imagination and creativity that comes from our cyclical hormonal surges. Some older girls have had GyneFix IUDs implanted but the younger ones whose uteri are too small for a GyneFix are fitted with Diaphragms. Cervical caps are available but Oves is too difficult for a young teen to insert confidently and FemCaps are often too large for the dancer’s anatomy at their ages. Semina, made in Brazil, is in clinical trial here at our clinic and is the fave protection for young students. It is easy to insert and because of its coil spring rim is so comfortable to wear a girl often forgets it is inserted. And it is very effective when used with spermicide. There have been no pregnancies when using Semina at St Lucy’s in the four years it has been available.

Most of the cult members wear their Seminas continuously and use them for over pressure protection during dive-sex as well as for contraception during normal barre sex. Continuous wearing – wearing with spermicide for 24 hours then removing no sooner than 6 hours after the last act of IC to clean the device, reapply spermicide in the dome and reinsert - affords 24/7 protection because the ballet girls are very spontaneous and can’t afford to be caught unprotected. With growing girls the fit of their diaphragms is checked every 2 months because not only are they growing but the vagina gets larger (not looser) with use. St Lucy’s ballet students are known for their ‘steel trap grip’ as more than one man has described it and are highly sought after as girlfriends and later wives for that very reason, among their other fine qualities of course.

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