Sunday, June 21, 2009

Encasement training

Gas-girl in a Succubus Orgy suit

Seconds: Alan did really well getting Taryn out of her rubber suit during his first counseling test. He managed to get past her smelly diaphragm to minister to her physical needs while being gentle. Actually, it worked so well that we had him go through it a second time, the next morning. This time peeling Taryn out of one of Gepetto’s $3,500 ‘Succubus’ line of disposable shrink wrap latex encasement suits. The wearer uses a hair dryer to shrink the special latex formulation to her body so it fit’s like a coat of paint! As you might imagine that makes her very warm inside the suit! But she cools off under a cold shower after being completely encased. Taryn wore a succubus that had a minor manufacturing flaw – the welded seams around the crotch zipper were discolored - and with so much emphasis on the crotch of a suit like that it wasn’t a saleable item, so we got it for 90% off. Gepetto was glad to give us the discount because the suit could still be used for training. There hasn’t been much market for something that extravagantly expensive, because it can only be worn one time, since the economy tanked. Men would buy one for a rubber-chick and watch her and a team of women helping her put it on then spend hours peeling it off her. But since the first of the year the kings of Wall Street have been encasing their rubber-chicks in reusable latex suits.

Encasement training: Fortunately Alan isn’t very claustrophobic because later in the day I sealed him into an encasement suit fitted with a rebreather then had him strapped into a dungeon harness and fastened to a wall. Actually, it was the wall at the deep end of a children’s pool, about 8 feet of water. Just deep enough that he was held totally submerged while upright. He was wearing a home-made rebreather to clean his air of CO2 by chemicals in the bag below his mask. As the CO2 increased more air was added – by a hose from the surface - to the suit and the old air released. The suit wasn’t designed for immersion but as long as he didn’t struggle the neck, mask, ankle and wrist seals held so the suit didn’t leak very much. We only left him there for an hour, but he said later it seemed like years. For the last few minutes he really thought he was going to die because the water kept leaking around the seals and the air pressure wasn’t high enough to keep it out so by the time Taryn went down to unfasten his harness from the wall and we got him to the surface he was almost panicking. We did that to get him euphoric from having (seemingly) narrowly escaped drowning. He was in no real danger because, we were paying close attention to where the water was in his suit, but he didn’t know that. So getting him euphoric was to see how he would handle a contraception failure when coming off an adrenaline high. Taryn was sent down to release him so he would bond with her as the woman who saved him and afterward she offered sex with him in a condom. Immobilized encasement while submerged is SO not Alan’s thing! But he's ok with it being done to women... Go figure!

A Birth control failure: She quickly fitted a cock ring over his shaft while he was still small enough for her to get it on him then when he became fully erect rolled a textured condom on to him. She positioned herself on her back on a table with a folded blanked under her and spread her legs. When he stepped between them she put her legs on his shoulders, spread her labia and helped him insert himself. He held on to her hips to hold her in place and she had a pillow under her head so she could watch his shaft as he moved in and out of her burying himself until their pelvises hit then withdrawing until he almost slipped out. She is no fan of condoms, but said later that the ribs of the textured latex added to the thrilling tingle she enjoyed from his powerful thrusts as he stimulated the ring of nerves around her oculus. She loved feeling the intensity build until she was gasping as he took her to a G-spot orgasm and when the muscles in her vaginal barrel spasmed she gripped his shaft so tightly that the condom burst just as he reached orgasm, exactly as she intended, and he filled her with hundreds of millions of highly motile sperm. Only after he withdrew did he realize his condom had torn and he had emptied himself into an unprotected 17 y/o. He had not been told (and still hasn’t been for training reasons) that she was quite safe, protected by a GyneFix IUD implant and was in no danger of conceiving even though she was fertile and would ovulate in 2 days.

Oops: This was the point we were trying to reach in Alan’s training to see how he would handle a serious contraceptive failure with a woman who was in grief therapy with him while he was still high on adrenaline. Still playing the unprotected 17 y/o Taryn pointed to the ruined condom forming a latex ruff at the base of his erection and began screaming that with a burst condom she was fucked for sure and started crying and he panicked! He didn’t offer her Plan B or tell her about the availability of other options; a chemical termination (Mifeprex) or that she could have a menstrual extraction after ovulation to remove any possibility of implantation. He said afterward, that his mind just went blank. It didn’t help that the cock ring was so tight that he couldn’t get it off so Taryn used a pair of small snips to cut it off him. He was terrified that she was using cutters that close to his manhood after he filled her with sperm but she had calmed down and was careful so he was quite safe.

Sweating it: All he has to do is have gentle sex with them and if something goes wrong explain the options, and he panics! Sheesh! What a disappointment! I’m not sure what we are going to do now. It has scared him badly because Taryn (still in the role of the counseled woman) refused to take Plan B when he (much later) remembered to suggest it. So now he thinks that the teen he bonded with and who saved his life by getting him out of the pool just as he was about to drown may be going to conceive his baby. We will probably let this play out for another week or so while Alan concentrates (if he can) on other fetishes. It will be a good test of his ability to handle stress. Then Taryn will take a Pregnancy test and test negative or her period will arrive – it’s due about July 3rd - and he’s off the hook. Hopefully, Alan sweating out two weeks thinking he might become a biological father will improve his memory.


  1. It seems Alan might need to sweat the details a little bit after that episode. I guess you can call that a stress test. BTW, did Taryn tear the condom on Alan or was the condom flawed?

  2. The brand of textured ultra thin latex sheath she was using is custom made for the casino by Japanese Co and they are a quality product. There is always a chance of having a condom burst so you never know for certain, but Taryn said she intentionally caused it to fail and I believe her. Like me, she can cause a condom ‘accident’ pretty much whenever she wants. She was tightening her grip (the contractions were just icing on the cake) and the condom would have either pulled off or burst. Either way she would get the protection failure she was trying for.


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