Friday, June 26, 2009

Generic Plan B approved

Watson Pharama’s Generic Plan B approved

Generic Plan-B approved: Generic Plan B (levonorgestrel) tablets, 0.75 mg has been approved by the FDA for sale by prescription only to women 17 and under for emergency contraception. The Company intends to market the product under the trade name Next Choice.

EC availability: Our ballet Admin office and St Lucy’s student health stocks and dispenses Plan B free to dancers and students on request so a generic will reduce overhead. Two 0.75 mg tablets of levonorgestrel are just as effective when purchased as a generic as they are when branded so we will be switching to Next Choice for women regardless of their age when it becomes available. I think all entertainment venues here supply EC at no cost to performers since it is a lot less expensive to prevent an unintended pregnancy than the cost of other options once the woman is pregnant.


  1. You said the generic Plan B pill has been approved for girls 17 and under. What about for those 18 and over?

  2. In April of this year (2009) the FDA did not contest a court ruling that lowered the age for non-prescription purchase (with proof of age) of Plan B from 18 to 17. Barr Laboratories division of Duramed has the patent on Plan B for another few months so Watson’s generic will not be allowed to compete in the non-prescription Plan B market until the patent expires.


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