Sunday, June 28, 2009

What am I?

A male fantasy image of a Succubus

A succubus encounter: As I have moved into my late 30s I’ve found I’m learning more about my body and some of my skills are becoming far more highly developed. Having been very sexually active since I was 14 I thought, until fairly recently, that I knew just about all there was to know about my body and how I react to men of various types, sizes and personalities. I was wrong. Since I turned 38 in February I have learned there was another aspect in my mental makeup that I hadn’t known was there. I have always been a ‘sensitive’ to the extent that I can communicate (on a very basic level) with spirits if I have something of theirs to use as a talisman to call them or if they come to me. And that sensitivity has on balance been a positive thing since I can ‘talk’ with Taryn’s mom from time to time to get advice about how she would want important choices presented to Taryn. However, only in the past few months have I become able to seemingly drain men of a great deal of their energy during sex.

There has always been an aspect of that during normal sexual intercourse when a man spends himself planting his seed in me. But this, while the same, is very different. I have actually put three very healthy men in their late 20s in the hospital recently because they suffered exhaustion and dehydration after spending the night with me. After the third of those encounters a rumor started that I am a succubus. I’ll have to admit I enjoy repeated acts of penetrative sex with a strong good looking man and I’ll also admit that I do try to exhaust my lovers while testing their stamina. But I don’t think I’m an evil spirit, I don’t have wings and I don’t intentionally try to fuck them to death. Well, not usually. Most of the illustrations of succubi depict them as being beautiful and with wings but I think that is male fantasy. To the extent that there are succubi walking the streets of Vegas none of us have wings, fangs or horns, just an unquenchably need to draw a man’s life force from him during sex. Shedding a bit of a man’s life force happens naturally when a man reaches orgasm even if he is masturbating. Then the energy is burnt up or released into the atmosphere surrounding him but if it occurs while he is unprotected (bareback) in a female partner she can absorb the energy if she is sensitive and wired that way. A condom cuts way down on the transfer of a man’s life force to his female partner so it’s thought that having his penis bathed in our natural intimate lubrication fluids acts to conduct the paranormal mental energy into our bodies. That’s one explanation of why women have such a feeling of wellbeing after an unprotected man ejaculates inside us even if we haven’t reached orgasm ourselves.

I don’t think the rumor about me being a succubus would have started if the problems with the three guys hadn’t all come within a two week period and all three hadn’t been known for their stamina and had impeccable reputations as horn-dogs. After I dropped all three the problem couldn’t have been with them, right? “There’s something wrong with Jill! She’s wet, tight, deep, and insatiable and an unbelievable fuck so she’s a demon!” Right? Perhaps I was enjoying myself a bit too much. I am able to focus a mans interest toward doing what I want him to do so maybe I was mind-fucking them a bit, but we were having so much fun and they felt so good moving in and out of me as I watched. And honestly, I do enjoy feeding on male energy as a man pumps it into me during sex!

Vital signs monitor: I’d hate to think I’d have to hook up my lovers to monitor their vital signs before they have sex with me. Talk about a turn-off! But, so far the rumor mill seems to have sparked more interest in bedding me. The question being asked at bars, auto shops, barber shops and sporting events keeps getting back to me: “How can a 5’2” 100 lb woman lay three professional horn-dogs low?” They all come around to the idea that “If I could ever get into her pants I’d show her who’s boss and fuck her brains out.” Which of course is testosterone or alcohol or both talking. Three of the best guys in Vegas tried and failed, though it wasn’t a test, at least intentionally on my part, so it’s unlikely a pick-up team of good ole boys from a local sports bar would be able to get to me, but you never know. Meanwhile the rumor that I’m a succubus keeps getting stronger. I’m glad I’ll be traveling for the next week.


  1. Jill, if you're looking for a guinea pig to be hooked up to a monitor, I'd volunteer. Of course, Jenny might have to be my partner, or else I'll flatline, but not by you.

  2. I wouldn’t want to intentionally poach on Jenny’s territory and I hope it doesn’t come to my lovers needing vital signs monitors, but thanks for volunteering!

  3. I think you are amasing beautiful woman that has connected with her inner self. Also wish you only the best too


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