Friday, September 25, 2009

Condoms, pregnancy & nitrous oxide

How could I be pregnant? We used condoms!

Condoms and pregnancy: In my advanced sexual techniques class at St Lucy’s I’m teaching the 16 y/os how to burst or pull a partner’s condom off. Actually, there are one or two 15 y/o students in the class as well because they will be 16 within a few months and will need the knowledge when they can be legally hunted here in Nevada. Not that the girls will want to destroy their protection, but they do need to know that they can so that they can avoid doing it accidentally. Every student is proficient in pelvic muscle strengthening exercises so even the smallest girls have extremely strong vaginal grips which when they are having muscle contractions during orgasms can easily pull a partner’s condom off if she is the least bit dry.

One of the things St Lucy’s prides itself on as an elite finishing school is graduating students with the equivalent of at least a BS in sexual technique. Our girls are taught to rely on GyneFix IUD implants or cervical barriers for contraception and condoms only for STI protection when with a partner whose sexual history is unknown. While latex condoms have better heat transfer and sensitivity polyurethane ones offer better protection as they can’t be burst by a partner plunging through the tip, unless the condom has a manufacturing flaw. Polyurethane ones can be pulled off however, as I mentioned above, if the woman isn’t well lubed or if she has gripped him so tightly that his pre-cum was forced up around his shaft to lube the inside of his sheath. It’s very empowering to for a woman to know she has sexual skills most other women don’t possess and is a major building block for a St Lucy’s students self worth along with a good foundation in the classics and arts.

Nitrous Oxide breathing, from my entry for June 6, 2009: Recently, there has been interest from several readers about the use or purchase of Gepetto’s gas breathing equipment for recreational use. Returning readers will remember that in describing its use I wrote:

Recreational gas cylinders: Taryn and I were using our Mestel SGE 400-3BB military grade gas masks with small nitrous oxide (N2O) inhalent cylinders that mate with the standard NATO 40mm filter canister mounting. Gepetto has branched out into supplying recreational gasses as well as fetishwear so we were using an inhalent cylinder of his company’s design with a chip that is programmed with the user’s weight and lung capacity so the correct amount of gas, a mixture of 70% nitrous oxide and 30% oxygen, that is released into the tight fitting oral-nasel unit of the mask is just enough to make us euphoric and pain free during very rough sex, but not enough to put us to sleep. The gas canister transfer unit is really quite complex. It has a small heater in the cylinder mount that warms the compressed gas to about 65° before release into the oral nasal unit to prevent frostbite. There is also a flow monitor in the unit which will detect when the wearer has stopped breathing for more than some interval, the default is 60 seconds, after which an alarm will sound. This feature was added after wearer’s overdosed and stopped breathing or fainted and used up the gas in the cylinder and suffocated.”

Additionally, because of the possibility of causing birth defects screening women for pregnancy before use is necessary, so casual use is something best avoided w/o preperation to assure N2O is being used as safely as possible, especially for women partners. Frequent use of N2O can be addictive and it depletes vitamins B9 (folic acid) and B12, so people into breathing nitrous oxide, especially women, need to be on a good multivitamin rich in B9 and B12.

As I mentioned the gas units mate with the standard NATO 40 mm filter canister mounting on most modern western country’s masks. The Cylinder can mount directly on the mask but is typically worn on the hip or at the back of the neck and is connected to the mask’s canister fitting by a rubber hose. I’ve had several enquiries about the N2O cylinders and the intergral electrinocs unit that warms and controls the flow of gas. The units, chip design and biometric program to control the level of gas released into the mask and the miniturization of the valves are all propriatory and the current units need a tech to program the unit to the person wearing it. The cylinders fill fittings are designed so that the cylinders can only be filled from a special gas transport unit not available elsewhere in order to prevent the loss (read theft) of units for solo play by unsupervised individuals. So using the units away from the software to program them and the special equipment needed to fill empty canisters makes anything other than local use among friends impractical. By requiring that his techs be present to minimize the seriousness of any problems Gepetto has managed to avoid serious gas related side effects and intends to maintain close supervision of his gas breathers as he does for the other high risk equipment he designs.

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